Sick/Jolene The Fool/Frankenstein In Love

Royalties must be given to Lainie for the, uh, “titular” style.

I’m having a very very bad bout of cough, flu, sore throat and jammed phlegm. Fortunately my period cramps are not THAT bad given the first day is almost over already. Four Active-Fast panadols throughout the day works wonders for my cramps. Just a nagging hint of a pain every now and then, but other wise I’m cool.

I can’t seem to get my trachea to unclog. Breathing’s such a bitch.

My wantans are special. They are twisted at the ends to make myself sneeze.

My voice is hoarse and barely audible. Brenda made me sing naughty RnB songs in class. Think Sexy Back, My Humps, Milkshake etc.


Despite my sore throat, I could still make a fool out of myself in front of my dean. (the other time was when he came into the classroom and saw me standing on top of his chair at the front of the class stretching my camera wayyyy above my head just so I could get a good shot of the entire class pretending to sleep. We do stupid things as a class).

Seconds before my dean opened that green door.

He asked the class to get some extracted teeth from (other) friendly practising dentists.

I raised my hand and said, “Sir, I still have my deciduous teeth,”

Now now, which weird 19 year old still keeps her baby teeth in a jar?

My dean said, “No, no.. I want extracted permanent teeth!”

I raised my hand again and said, “Sir, I have four permanent teeth in a box at home. I took them out when I had my braces.”

Trust Jolene to remain the weirdest of them all.

I keep four of my premolars in a nice silver box. And er, I had really long nails in form4 and wanted to keep some when the prefects made me cut them. So yes, you’re looking at four year old nails.



Since I was back for the entire week, I would be able to catch Frankenstein In Love at KLPAC. I was supposed to go with Calvin originally but he pulled out on me and had to do a favour for his friend. So I dragged Hsin along instead.

Calvin’s punishment was to teach me how to go to KLPAC but he sounded abit frazzled on the phone when I didn’t even know which highway he was talking about. He even wanted me to drive down to HELP and he would be there to lead the way to KLPAC. So kind, yet so mafan.
I was at my wits end because I didn’t know if I had enough confidence/sense of direction to get myself and Hsin all the way to KLPAC. Taking the train might mean having to fork out RM30 later on for a dangerous cab ride back from Sentul to Subang.

I even changed my nickname on MSN to beg for directions to KLPAC.

The night before the play, I was yamcha-ing with Dennis, Mun Teng, Tze Ching(I FINALLY GET TO MEET YOU!!!!), Eugin and Joshua at Suku.

Obviously I’d ask every single human being for directions to KLPAC. Dennis tried explaining to me many many times but failed to get anything into my thick woman skull.

Hsin and I discussed the possible routes and methods to get to KLPAC. She confidently said, “Don’t worry! Dennis Chan, man of precise direction, will help us!”

I replied, “Dennis Chan, man of precise direction, is sitting next to me. And believe you me, I’ve obviously asked him,”
hehehe. I don’t know about you guys, but I found it so funny that the one person she had so much confidence in was sitting next to me at that very moment and was unable to give me exact directions to KLPAC.

Dejected, I smsed Hsin, “Do you think we can pay a cab so that we can follow him from behind all the way down to KLPAC?”

Hsin replied, “Sometimes, you’re just so cute. Cuter than me.” If she could have used some MSN emoticon to illustrate her expression, she’d use the sweat emoticon.

I came up with the most brilliant idea. Well, more of like a last resort.
I turned to Dennis and said, “Why don’t I follow the KTM tracks??” I beamed at how clever I was.

Dennis beamed at me and said, “Awwwwwww, that’s a brilliant idea. But tell me, what happens when the track splits to the Rawang and the Sentul tracks?”


Sorry lo. I thought straight only ma.

In the end, Hsin managed to get her friend John to drive us down to KLPAC. Such a nice guy, I made sure I belanja-ed him dim sum for his kindness after the show.

Hsin and I. We wanted to camwhore around the place but the rain was pouring and pouring..


Pretending to be artsy fartsy to kill time.


Point and shoot. Point and shoot. Digital camera and loads of time: point and shoot. point and shoot.

I pressed my camera against a pillar. Works fine as a tripod. 🙂 Not perfect, but good enough.

The workshop. Do they make their props here?

I went for the opening night of Frankenstein In Love.

A nicer shot.

When you have nice big mirrors…

This is from Hsin’s camera.

Another one from Hsin’s camera.

Point and shoot. Point and shoot.
The play looked promising. Given who the director was, the cast and the set.. I went in with high hopes.

Dennis asked me, “So, let me guess, you’re going for the play because Douglas Lim is inside?”

“ehehehhe”, I replied.

“Even if Douglas Lim plays a tree in the play or even if he was the GUY who made the tree, you’d still go for the play, right?” he asked. This Dennis knows me damn well.

“Damn right you are!” I smiled.

But I quite like the local theatre scene. Just that the choice of play, Frankenstein In Love, is too foreign for my taste. I’m simple minded. I like plays that I can relate to. I read somewhere that Gavin Yap wanted to bring whole new genres into the local theatre scene. He was thinking along the lines of horror and sci-fi. Brave.

But horror and sci-fi is just not the same off the silver screen without the mostly animated props and special effects. This play, Frankenstein In Love, was supposed to be scary. Too bad I couldn’t see the grotesque make up that the zombies wore. What’s the point of selling tickets to rows and rows of seats when most of the props are only visible to the first few rows? I was 5 rows away from the stage and I could barely make out their faces.

I think I’m part of the reason why the local arts cannot fluorish as much as it would like to. I find difficulty in accepting different things, things that I cannot relate to.

…Wait, that’s not true. I enjoyed Cats.

I found the play to be abit of a drag. Though I quite like the play of words the actors were throwing about. I will still continue to support the local threatre scene. (yes, because douglas lim is inside. haha. No, I’m just kidding.) So I will still take time off one day to learn the roads that lead up to KLPAC.