So Can I Be Married Off Now?

I’m horrid at keeping promises.:)

I have lined up quite a number of guys(heck, I even have to divide them into batches… I think 4 guys per post is ideal. Not too few, not too many.) for you girls. It was quite fun going around my MSN messenger and starting off conversations with “HOI..ARE YOU STILL SINGLE?!!”

So stay tuned!

In the mean time, the pimptress(how to spell ah actually? Pimpstress or pimptress??) needs to set her priorities straight. 🙂 Studies come first yeah, sorry girls. (and gay boys, if there are any).

Besides pimping guyfriends and studying, I’ve been experiencing period pains(I have to blog this because I usually refer to my previous blog entries to see when my last period arrived. Very useful.) and cooking dinner almost every other night. Lie Yuen and I even invited Andy, Pei Zhi and Xin Yi over for dinner. Hehehehe.

Pei Zhi posing with the home cooked food.

Lie Yuen cooked her trademark dish. I have to say that it was sort of my fault that she had to repeat it as I used up all the prawns and she wanted to cook some with her eggs.

Four drumsticks.. but paiseh to share among six people. So we shredded the chicken.

Ta-da!! First fry the onion rings with garlic. Marinate the prawns with sugar and salt and after that wash it off before throwing it in to the pan to cook together with the onion rings. A few dollops of oyster sauce is added. Followed by much more tomato sauce to make the gravy. Mmm. Garnish with spring onions for aesthetic purposes.

My mother teach me one. 🙂 *beams proudly*


Nothing so difficult about this. I made mixed vegetables and threw in bits of luncheon meat for that meaty taste.

l-r: Andy who is in doubt of our cooking, Pei Zhi, Xin Yi and fellow chef Lie Yuen.

For desert we had konyaku jelly!!

Blue tray for Longan. Red tray for Strawberry. Green tray for Kiwi. Pure coincidence.

I even bought plastic cupcake cups to make my jellies.

Ready to be popped into the fridge to chill.

After a tiring day at university, cups and cups of konyaku jelly awaits in the depths of the fridge to appease your tastebuds. Ahhh.