So Your Modem Will Die, Get Over It Part 1

If you have noticed, I had a post prior to this one. Took it off because from a couple of comments, I could see that it wasn’t going down well with a few friends and fellow bloggers. I just didn’t want to explain my reasons but I accept the comments given, thanks guys. 🙂 Just that people I don’t know might come on and add fire to it thus making it harder for me to reason. So might as well take it off. Plus I had some information in that post that I wasn’t supposed to disclose.

But let’s put that behind us on this blog for now.

Who here agrees that I haven’t been blogging as much as I should be?

It’s scary to note that I have like 10-12 albums of photos not up on my blog yet. And we all know how terrible even ONE album of mine is not up yet.

I can’t believe the photos date back to way before Christmas. Here are some photos from before and during my December holidays. So sorry for the bandwidth overdose but do bear with me!

In this post there are stupid photos but with nice lighting from our first trip to Starbucks at Village Mall. It is a mile stone for this sleepy town that we call our temporary home. A touch of the city to brighten up our mundane lives here in Sungai Petani.

There are photos from that long drive back from Sungai Petani, courtesy of Lie Yuen’s brother, Yan Chuan. Thanks Yan Chuan!! Now only I put the photos up!! 🙁

In December, my cousin Mian Yong and his wife Pearl came home from the States to have a small little makan session cum tea session for the relatives here. They already had their wedding in California last September and this was just a small gesture for the relatives who couldn’t fly over there.

I’m even too embarrassed to say this… I have Christmas photos that I have yet to put up. Photos from the traditional Christmas dinner that I have my Kaima’s place, photos from the spontaneous Christmas Eve Mini Gathering at my place and photos of me making new friends at TGIF! 🙂

I haven’t been blogging for SO long that I’m having a hard time trying to remember why I took this photo or that photo.

I plan to blog till I’m like really old. So imagine this: I’m stricken by alzheimers yet I still maintain a blog with the aid of my long sighted spectacles.

I’d probably do something like this:

Lei hai ping gor? (Who are u?)
Hahaha. That’s what my grandfather said to us last time. 🙁 It was damn sad. This is Lie Yuen with a white moustache by the way.

Zhu Zen looking so demure with the sunlight bouncing off her hair and shirt. 🙂

I love this photo of Nien! So cute and absolutely promoting Starbucks.

Yi gor yau ping kor jor ar? (this one who already ah?)

Emo Starbucker.

Bride before her wedding day. Haha.

We were having so much fun taking portraits of each other. 🙂 Have to make good use of the sunlight to replenish the old stocks in our facebook accounts.

Cze-Yin and part of Lie Yuen.

brenda stoning with her green tea frapp. I think.

Here we are at a petrol station in Ipoh.

While Yan Chuan was filling the tank, we decided to take some bodoh photos. 😀

Doing some stretching for the next jump.

Going into spring mode.

Great success!

Yan Chuan so yau yeng in his sunnies right.

l-r: Yan Chuan, Me, Lie Yuen.
I had the whole backseat to myself!

In December, my cousin brother Mian Yong and his wife Pearl had a small makan session in conjunction with the tea ceremony held at Malacca for us local relaties. 🙂 That’s my Aunty Ping!

Jacqie and I.

Paparazzi hard at work.

So we hope that my grandma can soon become a great grandmother again!

L-r: Aunty Ping, Me, Jacqie and her boyfriend Woon Tian. 🙂

12th Uncle and my three 12th aunties. Their family is really big too (9 uncles and aunties on that side!). But since most of them were in KL, didn’t want to trouble them to come all the way to Malacca.

Aunt Jenny and Uncle Yew Hee with the happy couple.

Aunty Doreen and Uncle Yew Pun with the happy couple. I’m soo creative right. -__-

This is my ancient uncle Yew Leong. 😀 Eldest son of my third 12th aunty resulting in him being younger than my cousin Mian Yong who is like 31 this year.

A cousinly photo.
l-r: Hong Weng, Derek, Jacqie, Woon Tian, Me, Mervyn

The delicious catered food. There was siu yok too! *stomach juices rumble at the moemory*

Soon it will be Hong Weng’s turn…soon..

Jacqie soon also. Hahaha.

Derek also soon.

Mervyn still young. Haha.

Uncle Yew Leong also must be soon okay. *stern kepo relative expression*
Poor Yew Leong.. his mother was like, “Yalah, your cousin already got children somemore..”(referring to Ethan’s dad, Hong Fei) and he was like, “OKaaaaay.. byebye.” and ran out of the house to another wedding dinner somewhere in Malacca.

A fraction of the super huge Ho family. The number goes up to three digits when everyone is gathered at one place.

This photo damn cute. 😀 Everyone’s so random!

l-r: Jacqie, Yew Leong, Hong Weng and myself.

Sigh, it’s the reunion dinner tonight. 🙁 My mum don’t want to cook. I’m currently at Starbucks with Chee Kiang while blogging this and my duty is to buy KFC later for tonight’s dinner. :*( FAMILY BUCKET FOR REUNION DINNER. SO SAD!!

My duty on that day was to light up the place with tealights. 😀

My Aunty Ping was pushing alcohol to us as well. Woon Tian is the older cousin brother we never had, teaching us how to burn alcohol and very recently, how to stuff a fire cracker into a mandarin orange.

Wah… *small kid jaw gape*

Strangely, we’re maroon on one side and black on one side!

Aunty Ping had one too many and dad was complaining that she was getting loud.

Me looking at the moon.

There was also a karaoke session, just like a real chinese wedding!

Everyone damn layan. 😀

Grandma was showing us this hand rubbing technique which can generate heat to your thighs and make you sway when you place your heated palms on your thighs.

Gotta love the amount of sunlight that pours into the seating room.

Christmas photos at my Kaima’s. -_-. And to think that it’s already Chinese New Year tomorrow.

Shevie drew this adorable christmas tree into her trademark mash potato!

When I was younger I would stone in front of the christmas tree at my Kaima’s place for the longest time. I’d stare at the christmas presents trying to guess what I’d get for christmas.

We have a relatively small family on my dad’s side. Aunty Judy who is in the UK was feeling rather home sick so we put her on webcam while we enjoyed chinese tea and wine before opening the presents. 🙂

Aunty Judy missing home.

She was showing us the blizzard outside her window.

Never knew we’d communicate this way for Christmas! 🙂 In previous years it was always a phone call and the phone would be passed around.

Oh look! Angel has a christmas present too!

Some bow wow white snacks and a reindeer! Damn cutee! She brings the Reindeer everywhere she goes.(everywhere around the house la).

Aunty Adelin bought mum and my Kaima g-strings. Us younger ones were all “Lalalalala..not listening…..!”

Kaima getting a g-string!

There was a Christmas present for Chazzy as well. Chazzy is Angel’s sister. She will be coming tonight for the reunion dinner as well. 😀

Shevie and I.

More super super outdated photos from the yesteryears.
Esther looking gorgeous with maximum sunlight at TGIF One Utama.

Nick and Sush.

I made a few new friends!
l-r: Tim, Mel, Esther, Cheryl, Foong, Me, Nick, Sush and omg so sorry I forgot his name!

Ah, that depressing Christmas eve gathering at my place. My dog was diagnosed with a growth in her chest(which has resolved now, thank god!) and was staying at the vet’s that night.
L-r: Gaya, Daryl, Karen, Dennis, Tim, Mel, Min Dee(damn girl I’m still having your noodle tray!), Ck and Hsin!

With me in the photo. Notice how Dennis’ smile is brighter in this one?

L-r: Ck, Me, Gaya, E-Guy, Daryl, Kwo Kuang, Hsin, Mel and Tim.

*wipes sweat* Okay, moving on to part 2.