So Your Modem Will Die, Get Over It Part 2

I’m updating this blog at a damn pathetic rate.Here are PHOTOS from the beginning of January. I’m ashamed to even admit that. In a way at least it will make my friends smile as they go, “Oh yeaa!*smacks head* We went there! I almost forgot!”.

For the whole of January and a small part of February, I’ve been meeting a lot of my old high school friends. Funny that it’s always the high school friends that you make an effort to catch up with the most. 🙂

l-r: Ada, Justin, Daryl, Chee Kiang and me
It was a rainy Christmas day. My family was away in Vietnam. Remember the Malacca-PD post? Yeah. Very strange of me to forgo a holiday out of the country.

l-r: Evelyn, Joshua and Abby.
We went to Swensens because Abby was back from Melbourne and would be going off to work in Singapore! These photos are SO old that Abby has even come back for Chinese New Year after working for one month down south. I’m SO behind. My Chinese new year resolution would be to blog more often.

l-r: Sush, Jiun Jeh and Esther.

L-r: Dennis, Karen, Myself

In this one, Dennis looks like he’s saying, “Makan lagi…..” (in reference to me in the background).

Abby and Sush. 🙂 The two of them have not seen each other since three years ago when Abby left for Australia. She was the first among us to leave. I remember we were crying buckets at the airport. When everyone started leaving soon after, we were already numb by then.

l-r: Esther, Sush, Abby, Liss, Me.
We adjourned to Melur in SS19 soon after! Melissa here is SUPER funny. Wait, Abby was too. After we left Swensens, Abby leaned in to whisper, “Hey, Dennis is with karen ar?” and I was like, “Wtf? You were sitting in front of them for so long and you didn’t know?” We thought that was bad lah, but nothing beats what happened next.

We went to Melur and Dennis and Karen were already there with Liss(who came later). They were talking merrily, perhaps catching up on old times. After awhile, I told Dennis and Karen about Abby’s adorable mistake. The expression on Liss’ face was priceless, “THE BOTH OF YOU ARE TOGETHER?!”. A revelation after sitting in front of them for about 15 minutes without us there.

A bit of history: Dennis is our really really good friend, almost brother like to us girls because of Interact Club and Volleyball back in school. Karen is another good friend of mine, Esther and Mun Teng. We knew her through tuition classes and stuff. It was only recently that the two met and got together, much to all our delights. Though Melissa’s and Abby’s delights were a tad bit delayed. -__- So what’s new huh? ;P

Elaine came by on New Year’s Day with a thank you gift from her friend Karen Marie, whose cupcakes website I pimped. 🙂 So sweet of her. Just a mention of the website and I get such a generous gift!

So beautiful! I think the stars are made of Marzipan! Is it even called Marzipan? Correct spelling ar?

It wasn’t too sweet.. though I scraped off the icing for a few of the over the top ones…but they all tasted so fluffy with a hint of vanilla essence. Mmmm.

Sometime you wish that cupcakes are not meant to be eaten. They should be kept as mini decorative items.

On the 2nd of January, it was another night of catching up with the gang before everyone gets too busy with work/goes back to uni.
l-r: Sush, Mun Teng, Esther.

Chee Kiang in a tough position.
L-r: Me, Chee Kiang, Min Dee. Damnit, Min Dee! I still haven’t returned your mum’s tray! 🙁 🙁 Sorry!! I will okay? Even if you’ve gone back to Brisbane!

I think this was Sake or something.

Mun Teng bought all of us a fan each! Chee Kiang’s just accompanying me to act demure. ;D

l-r: Nigel and Ji Yang looking smart!

A view of the overpriced Japanese food.

l-r: Ji Yang, Kwo Kuang, E-Guy, Nigel, Sush, Mun Teng, Esther, Me, Chee Kiang, Min Dee, Su-Chien, Mel and Tim.

Now this is quite ancient too. From a time when all of us were still wishing each other “happy new year”, a few of us old hags met up with our Interact juniors. So big boys and girls lah now. All second year of uni now. Sigh. *wipes tear from eyes*

Gotta love this photo of Mel and Tim. So nice and bright!

Mmmm! Medium rare beef! Just a tad bit bloody.

l-r: Sze-Ping, Amanda, Me and Wai Ping.

Esther with the young ones.

Myself and Kah Kit, another board of director who came into office when the lot of us shrugged off our blazers and red ties in favour of the upcoming SPM examinations. Those were the days eh? Wonder what state is the club in now. Good? Bad? 🙁

Li Ming. President of the 04/05 fiscal year. Fascinated by my gorilla pod. It’s actually a very good conversation starter. Hehe.

Myself and my assistant secretary, Jean Ee. She was under me in the 02/03 Interact Club Board Of Directors. Brilliant little assistant she was, always enthusiastic about her job. 🙂 Remember Valentine’s Day 03? Mad mad mad..

Hahahhahaha, Gaya’s hands move really fast. This was from the so called 5 Zeta reunion. We wanted to gather as many old classmates as possible to come for a drink at Old Town Kopitiam, Taipan. It was too early in the year and everyone else were tied down with internships and the stuff. People are growing up. There were only a few of us..not deviating too far from the usual bunch. Me, Gaya, Chee Kiang, Li Peng(and Edison, who was practically our classmate anyway..until our class teacher thought he was in our class. Edison was in the same class with Liss, Abby, Chien etc.). Justin who is Esther, Mun Teng, Mel, V-ng Yan, Chung Lern, Teng Choon, Huini, Afiq’s etc etc’s classmate dropped by too.

Just throwing in names that are frequently on my blog. Love namedropping. 😀

Us demonstrating how we kiss. Kinda spastic!

L-r: Chee Kiang, Gaya, Li Peng, Edison.

Some lanci bitch decides to spoil the photo.

This photo is really pretty.

L-r: Me, Gaya, Li Peng and Edison. Hahahhaa, damn adorable la the lovebirds.

Erm these two lovebirds not adorable. Bleh. Satu burung saya ok!

Gotta love Justin’s shirt. 😀

Pictures from the sad Ice-Cream deprived night(aka The Night Melody Collected Enough Chops To Get The Starbucks Organizer(TNMCECTGTSO)).
l-r: Li Peng, Edison, Esther, Sush.

l-r: Mel, Chee Kiang, Myself and Mun Teng.

I love Su-Hsien.

I love Esther.

I love Lipengandedison. Faster get married okay!

I love Chee Kiang! Duh..

I love Melody.

I press Mun Teng.

Ah, the fish spa. Here’s a photo of me scrubbing Chee Kiang’s shin before we dipped our feet into the aquariums for our fish spa. The fish spa is located at The Pavillion, if you’re wondering.

He returns the favour soon after so don’t look down on me just because I wash feet. I used to get paid Rm3 per hour at Nail Artz Sunway Pyramid to scrub feet. Damn sad right? It’s true. They only allowed me to do the first half of the pedicure. I think they were taking advantage of me..hmm. Less than minimum wage AND given such degrading work.

My boy and I while fishes nibble at our tootsies.

It takes a little getting used to.

Maybe the fishes thought his hair was seaweed.

When a lot of fishes are nibbling your legs, it feels like you’re enjoying an Osim massage. Constant vibration!

Now the world knows where I don’t wash. 😀

It’s only RM38 for a half hour fish spa. 🙂

These were the smaller fishes. We didn’t realise that the other tank had BIGGER fishes. It was quite scary as they were more aggressive.

Us trying to withstand the ticklishness.

I salute whoever who came up with the business idea. Just have a pond, throw a few fishes in and ta-da, the money rolls in.

After a few self declared holidays post-New Year’s Day, I made my way back to Sungai Petani. This was on Jan 10, Andy’s Birthday. Haiyo so many faces, okay, I’ll patiently name all of them.
l-r: Lie Yuen, Cze-Yin, Brenda, Ee Chean, Thong, Chwan Horng, Andy, Xin Yi, Chee Wen, Pei Zhi, Sett, Jimmy, Ken, Maxis, Me, Poh Yee and Zhu Zen!

On the 25th of January(yes it was a sad day too as Nian Ning passed away on that day. 🙁 ), I came back from Sungai Petani after finishing my Sem 1 dentistry paper. Rushed to Sunway Pyramid because I was supposed to meet up with the usual bunch. Had Sakae Sushi before the lot of them surprised me with a cute cubic-shaped strawberry cake. Awww..two birthday cakes this year! So sweet of them.
l-r: Dennis, Ben Shyen, Myself.

I made a wish this time

l-r: Vern Yang, Karen, Gloria, Manda.

Ohmygod, the flash was so strong.
L-r: Liss, Mun Teng, Shawn and Esther! Shawn is Esther’s boyfriend from Singapore. 🙂

l-r: Vern Yang, Gloria, Manda, Dennis, 1/7th of Ben Shyen, Myself.

Did I mention that I now have hamsters? I’ll arrange for a hamster photoshoot soon and also a *gasp* Nintendo DS Lite one as well!

Mounting the hamster on Angel.

Angel and the hamster shares a light moment.

Angel’s so cute. She stood on her hind legs and went towards the cage. She tapped it wit her paw, took a few steps back(with only her hind legs!) and put her two paws together, and ching-chinged!(front legs in begging motion – her trademark trick). She either respects the hamsters or wants to eat them.

Went for Mambo the other day with Amanda, Yijin and Nigel. There were a few others there too.

l-r: Adrian, Mervin(I always accidentally call him and scold him about coming home soon, buying lunch etc.. and the poor guy would be like, “Huh?”. After awhile he got used to it and he would then say, “Eh, calling your brother again ar!”), Cheryl.

l-r: Cheryl, Arvind, Nigel and Manda.


Me looking happy!

Manda and I before I had the amount of alcohol needed to prevent me from smiling properly at the camera.

l-r: Nigel, Yijin, Arvind.

Here’s one of me with the green clutch my juniors bought for me for my birthday!

Manda showing Nigel and Yijin some photos.

Aiyoh so cute:) 🙂 🙂

l-r: Adrian, Ming Wei(i think), Mervin, Manda and myself.

Okay, had one too many from here on.=

Can you see my smile, looks different right?! 🙂 Sign of the alcohol taking effect. Haha. No crying this time around, thank god no puking.
L-r: Nigel Me, Manda, Chun Min.

l-r: Me, Jed Chai(is that how your name is spelt?), Nigel, Manda.

l-r: Junee, Myself and Manda.

As Manda stayed over at my place, she followed me down to KL the next day to source for a few things. (Working on a secret! Shh!)

Was walking around the older parts of KL and came across this. Wtf…so unethical. Unlicensed dentists from the Malayan days are scary.

A spontaneous mini SU reunion! It was really really nice catching up with these people. At least something different compared to the usual faces we see every other day!
top l-r: Chung Lern, Me, Tze Leet, Wen Bin, Teng Choon, Pui Min, Pui Gin, Esther
bottom l-r: Justin, Ada, Huini, Krystle, Afiq, David.

Towards Chinese New Year, a few of us met up at KTZ SS2 for some tong sui!

Mel and Esther. Love mel’s hair colour!

Chee Kiang plays hard to get. -_- A little too late now, dear.

Nick, Sush’s boyfriend came along! It’s cool when you can hang out with your friend’s boyfriend. It was as if Sush sent a rep to the meet up that she’s missing out on.

LOL. The boy at the back has a strange expression on.

No trip to SS2 is complete without the Claypot Lou Shi Fun at Murni.
My tofu tissue box came along because some of us needed to wipe our hands. 🙂

Me being happy about Liss wanting a tissue. Can see that she’s slightly weirded out by me.

The curry can spell!

All of us were amazed with that strange letter B formation in the curry dish.

L-r: esther, Mun Teng, Mel, Liss and myself.

Okay, great, I look monsterish here. However, that aside, Liss shows her true blurness once more. She thought that my Nintendo DS lite is a mini laptop. RIGHT LIss!!

I was embarrassed when I called a friend from a far and it wasn’t her.

Since their car was pretty far, I decided to send them to their car. 7 people in a Myvi! Quite a feat don’t you think?

Okay! I’m up to date now! This was on Saturday night.
L-r: Sue Ann, Me, Kwo Kuang.

L-r: kay Hong, Nigel, Myself and Kwo Kuang.

In this photo we look like some mafia family. A good poster for a new TVB drama!
top row l-r: Kwo Kuang, Nigel Me, Marcus, Kevin
bottom row l-r: Abby, Kay Hong, Ji Yang, Yijin and Manda.

My darling Amanda and Abby.

My darling Chee Kiang of course.

l-r: Jon, me, Nadine!

Daryl was there but since he doesn’t have facebook, I didn’t take his photo. Hahaha.

I’ll reply the comments tomorrow. My eyes are so heavy now.