Strange Dreams Again and Again

It’s weird how my dreams always give the same deluded effect.

My grandfather had a few of us over for a dinner at his house. Some how, the people who were there were familiar, but they were not family. The only family member who was there with me was my father. I don’t usually take my camera to family gatherings. But I kept asking my father to help me take pictures of me with my grandfather.

We stood side by side to each other in silence while posing awkwardly for many photographs.

Then I sat down and asked my grandfather about a story of him when he was a boy. He told me how he found a coke bottle and did a school project with it. But as I listened to the story, I kept crying and crying and crying. It was like I knew that he would leave me soon.

Sometime later, he passed away and I felt somewhat satisfied that I’ve managed to at least take many photos with him before he died.

Then I woke up from my dream.

The first thought in my head was, “Ohmigod, that was so sad. I should visit my grandfather more often.”
Then I will gain a little more conciousness, “Wait, he died so many months ago.”

This is not the first time such thoughts came to me right after a dream about my grandparents. It’s like I have temporary amnesia right after my dreams.

I don’t think I’ve blogged this, but once, I even dreamt that Chee Kiang’s grandmother had the same face as my grandmother. This was before I met his grandmother.

In the dream, his grandmother was apparently from Penang too(one of his grandmother is from Penang, but I was dreaming about his paternal grandmother who was from Perak) and that there was a very high chance that she could be my grandmother’s long lost twin sister. (In my dream, I was horrified to find out that I was Chee Kiang’s cousin. Haha)

I remember sitting on his couch and peering at his grandmother’s face and holding it in my hands. His grandmother who looked exactly like MY grandmother had this very innocent and sad and lost and naive look on her face.

My OWN grandmother is anything but innocent and naive. So it was weird to see her looking like a little girl. The expression I mean.

Same thing, I woke up from the dream, feeling guilty about not visiting my grandmother at their house in USJ3. Then I remembered.
However, I’ve also had dreams where I’d see them and KNOW that I’m dreaming and that they were dead.

I was at one of the stops along the North South Highway. There are some other parts of the dream that consisted of strangers, some children asking me to buy things, and a little boy asking me to hold his keys, some adults wanting the key from me, and the little boy making me wait for a little too long.

But that’s not the point, the point was that I came upon this gazebo. I saw my form3 Living Skills teacher sitting amidst a crowd of Indian diners. No biggie, I’ll probably go say hi later, I thought. I turned to my right and I was surprised to see my family there. I mean, why would they be somewhere along the North South Highway?

My Uncle Terry and Aunty Judy were back from the UK and were dining with my family too.

I went up to the table and stood at one end. Clockwise from my left sat: My father, my mother, my uncle terry, my aunty judy, MY FATHER AGAIN, MY MOTHER AGAIN, and oh god.. my deceased grandparents. This time in the dream I knew that they’ve passed away and did not make conversations because I was freaked out.

But I think the freakier bit of my dream was to see repetitions of my parents. I mean, TWO sets of them on the same table?

I excused myself and my Uncle Terry asked me where I was going. I said, “I gotta go to school.”

Weird…….. I had this dream when I was on the bus back from Kedah.

What have I been eating recently???