That Annual Family Trip

Every year when my Aunty Judy and Uncle Terry comes home, we try to go somewhere together. Fortunately I had my holidays this time around and I could join them! This year, we went to Fraser’s Hill where the air is so-so. I think the coldest highland is still Genting Highlands.

Initially, we wanted to rent the bungalows that come with caretakers but they were all fully booked. It was quite upsetting because we were really looking forward to chill out at the fireplace and eat scones whenever we wanted. Or even milo and any other delicacies that the caretakers can make. Sigh. The last time I went to Fraser’s Hill, I was five years old. I remember the caretaker showing me a scorpion that he caught in a milk tin. I also remember sitting on the sofa with my dad’s colleague’s daughter and we were watching Casper and drinking milo together. We were both scrambling around the sofa trying to stay away from the fire which was starting to hurt quite a bit. I wonder where is she now. I can’t remember her name but I think she might have went to SMK SS17 and is probably my age or a year younger. Sigh, childhood pals.

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Before going up the winding one-way road to Fraser’s Hill, dad stopped at Kuala Kubu Baru’s water catchment area. Or do you call it a dam? Whatever lah. After learning about it in my school books for years and years (ugh geography), I finally see a dam in real life! It’s huge and so serene looking. A faux waterfall makes it all the more unique!

I’ve always thought of Kuala Kubu Baru as the outskirts and the ulu area of Selangor. I never thought that it would be this beautiful. Speaking of Kuala Kubu Baru, my grandfather was born here! He never told me about it when he was alive. I wish he had told me more stories. To those of you with remaining grandparents, get them to tell you as many stories as possible. You don’t want to regret it.

l-r: Aunt Susie, Grandma, Mum

I bet this will go up on a frame at home.

Mervyn and his current wife. He is damn action you know. I asked if he could take a picture for me with my camera. He refused to touch it because it was deemed lower than his new toy. 🙁 Once you go Sony Alpha, you’ll never go back.

I’m not sure if the National Service’s KKB camp is anywhere around that area.. but if it is, I’m damn jealous of those who managed to get that camp. Such a beautiful lake to go canoing. The one at my camp was more like a hole filled with muddy water that stank to the high heavens.

Shevie and me.

My dad and his trademark mole and clipped on sunnies.

My Aunt Susie is damn layan right?

I don’t know what my Uncle Alex and Shevie were taking pictures of dad’s car for.

Uncle Terry and I camwhoring. He just turned 60 but he said everything after his 30th birthday doesn’t count. Forever 30!

Dad said there would be a photography competition but on the last day we fell asleep instead of comparing photos. This is why I ended up with weird macro artistic shots on a holiday. Sigh.

We stayed at The Pines Resort. It was only Rm300++ per night for a 3 bed-room apartment. I was quite worried that it would be shabby because I was the one who did the booking. (it makes me feel matured when the family trusts me to make this kind of decisions.) It’s actually not bad at all. Though little can be said about the buffet they served for breakfast. Can you believe a breakfast buffet without cereals?

The amazing view is The Pines Resort’s pride and joy. Or so the website was raving lah.

My only complaint about the place was the dingy staircase that led up to the apartments. Luckily for the resort my grandmother is a very healthy 78 year old.

Siti the Tofu came along as my trusty pillow. That’s why Hannari Tofus are the best soft toys.. they look SO cute and at the same time you can even use them as pillows on holiday. Oh, and camwhoring props.

Shevie looked cute doing it. I just….failed.

Mr. Muscles strangling my poor Siti.

Ju-On’s got a new bob.

Stupidest fireplace in the world. -_- They lapiked the floor with carpet.

The balcony didn’t disappoint at all. We sat out there at night and played games like Chinese Whisper.

Funny how the prettiest flowers grow in the most disgusting corners.

I realize that rhinoceros beetles are a common sight in colder places.

More pretty flowers lining the balcony.

L-r: Aunt Judy, Uncle terry and Dad chilling after a long drive up.

l-r: Uncle Alex, Aunty Susie, Part of Shevie, Mervyn

Shh.. they don’t know that I took this.

During lunch, I thought Uncle Terry how to use his macro function. That’s him trying to get a shot of the ants.

Here’s one of my uneaten chili. Because of my grandparents, they have spoiled me throughout my childhood so much that I can’t stand spicy food to this day.

My Uncle Terry wanted his beer back. I thought it made for good photography.

Me squinting at the sun.

Because dad didn’t go up with a full tank, we had to walk most of the time to conserve energy. It was nice to be near nature and see things like these mushrooms here.

All of us were having a camera in hand.

L-r: Aunt Susie, Myself and Shevie.

This is a buttercup right?

I’ve always found it fascinating that the flora in the highlands differ greatly from what we get down there.

Here I am with a sad excuse of a rose bush.

And here I am again looking satisfied because there’s are some rustic steps for me to have a self portrait.

There are many bungalows at Fraser’s Hill which belongs to many big time companies. Here’s probably one. My favourite bungalow will always be the one atop Bharat Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands. The wooden bungalow looks out into the rolling hills where the tea plantation is. The hills have shallow valleys and they look like green electromagnetic waves that stretch into the distance. The best part is, the bungalow has an Astro satellite dish and I can only imagine curling up in a nice cozy sofa with a blanket and mug of hot hot chocolate while catching up on my chinese shows. But perhaps if I were to set the mood more appropriately, I’d put on some western tv-dramas.

The look of envy.

Smoking morning glory is bad ass.

We found an old telegraph pole.

I’m sorry to bore you with my fascination for pretty flowers in the highlands.

And some wilted ones. 🙁

My shoes are SO Jolene. They sparkle.

We ended up at a waterfall after losing our way for abit. Dad said that when he was a cadet back in Bukit Bintang Boys’ School, they came here to camp. This is the road that led into their camp site. I wonder why it’s blocked off now.

I wish someone would have warned me about the distance I had to walk. I nearly died coming back up.

Taking a breather to utilize the sunlight.

Wouldn’t want to get lost in there.

When I was younger, I used to be fascinated by gushing rivers and would quickly jump into the water. Now I imagine myself falling off the rocks and hitting my head on one or germs getting into my skin. Is this what growing up does to you?

It’s very pretty none the less. Would love to fold a paper boat and let it go down stream.

We finally reached the waterfall.

Doesn’t it look like a posing Kuan Yin?

Aunt Susie said that when she was younger my grandparents would take them here for a picnic. And then she lost herself in her childhood memories as her eyes brimmed with tears, like how they always do whenever she mentions them.

The water was cool and was comparably clean to a few waterfalls I’ve seen recently. (as you’ll see later on in my blog. I’m SO behind in my blogging. -_-)

On the way up, Shevie and I saw this.

Scandalous! Furthermore, it looked like it belongs to a very young girl. 🙁 Poor assaulted girl.

I saw some sad looking weeds too.

Dad made us do this.
We look like air stewardesses for some airline brochure.

Even my grandma was sporting enough to join in on the fun. 😀

After dinner, we took a stroll down to the golf course. Oooh, funny story. When we pulled up at the parking lots there the next day, we saw a couple lying down in the middle of the greens. Crazy right? A golfer strode up to them and just stood rooted to his spot, about 15 metres away from the frolicking couples with his club and golf bag in hand. The couple immediately stood up and scurried away to some nearby bushes to continue from where they left of. Must be a new couple.

I tied my hair like that because it was bothering me while I had my dinner.

Dad and me.

Uncle Terry, Mervyn and Dad.

Family photo, lousy photographer.

Shevie and I finding out that we had the same fashion.

Back at the apartment with my nintendo while waiting for the toilets to be freed up.

Dad, Mervyn and I woke up to catch the sunrise. I was a cynic thus I went to bed after two shots. Dad and Mervyn had really awesome shots of the rising sun!

Inilah akibatnya when one wakes up to take photos of sunrises.

Time to see my face, people.

You know lah how it is, when you blow dry your hair, when the skin has less pimples… boleh lah..

The air definitely smells nicer than the one we have back home.

Aunt Susie realized the benefits of sunlight too!

The slightly stained glass door made for good camwhoregraphy.

A happy photo of me.

Many lines on my nose.

Mum wanted some as well.

Showing mum some love.

Aunty Judy, Mervyn and Aunty Susie kept themselves busy with a boardless game of scrabble.

The city girl who hardly sees acorns.

The city girl is flanked by her equally jakun cousin sister.

Then her Godma wanted to take a photo too as she thought it was a very nice shot.

As you can see, an attempt to win the Macro category in my dad’s photography contest.

A horse with bangs.

After the horse stables, there was some land for cricket games. Looks like a slight slope that would make for fun rolling.

The trees seem to stretch high into the skies.

You can’t see, but I’m holding a yellow flower.

My mum tries to balance herself.

Shevie and I standing in the heap of leaves.

Such beauties actually grow in the drains.

I picked a tiny bouquet for myself.

The dandelions in the highlands are also much bigger and fluffier!

On our last afternoon, we went to Ye Old Smokehouse for tea and scones.

Fraser’s Hill’s Ye Old Smokehouse pales in comparison to the one in Cameron Highlands.

The interior is pretty cozy though. Few cafes would think to decorate it this way.

With a tiny bar to boot.

Mum would love this photo and demand that I develope it for her immediately.

And in the midst of all things English, I find something so traditionally Malaysian.

Silly me kept imagining the scones to look like croissants.

MY brother really towers over my grandmother..

After dinner on our last night, the family took a leisurely stroll. Looks pretty eerie eh?

All ten of us did something strange together. We sat at the balcony and watched lightnings streaked across the skies. At first we were quite scared that we’d be dead and charred but we soon warmed up to the lightning that seemed quite far away. This was the best shot that I could muster as I held my camera upwards and had it on burst for like 20 minutes. Imagine the amount of photos I had to delete.

The road leading up to Fraser’s Hill only opens in one direction for 40 minutes as the road is too narrow for two way traffic. Dad brought his book along to pass time.

L-r: Me, Aunty Susie, Shevie and Mervyn.

Aunty Susie squeezing poor Shevie.

The two ladies who were bullied by my dad throughout their childhood.

I shall make it a point to develope this picture for them. 🙂 So sweet looking.

Family photo with an angle.

It happens when the road is empty.

You won’t stop.

And then you get a bit tired.

We end the post with Smeagol carrying Frodo.

I’m coming back this weekend for the Sex And The City movie organized by Working Girls! A lot of people are raving about the event and there is even a theme for the event! We are supposed to dress up as one of the SATC girls. Who should I go as? Hmmm. I have many outfits that dip low, so I’m thinking Samantha. My slinky stuff might make me a good Miranda but who am I kidding. I’m not stick thin. I think Samantha is more my shape. I’ll go with something Samanthaish. Now, to plan my exit from the house…