The Art Of Letting Go Aeroplanes

“BLOODY HELL 11 AM!!” I screamed as I rolled over, away from the sunshine(afternoon sun). I frantically reached over for my handphone(still charging) and made apologetic phone calls only to find out all females involved were not going to midvalley. Then I realized that i kept thinking oh ya oh ya.. the whole world is going..but i didn’t keep track who was cancelling out and was still left with the idea that “the whole world was going”.. Jorrr.. Poor Kevin was waiting all alone at the KTM. Barry was all showered and dressed when I called. Once again we don’t meet.

As soon as I slipped back under the covers Abby called me. Had such a nice time chatting to her whilst I was still semi-asleep.. was rudely awaken by Dad to go see who was at the door. A malay neighbour was outside with a tray of rendang, some gravy, some fried chicken, some ketupat..:) so nice of them! Kejiranan!

Made more konyaku jelly(everybody loves jolene’s konyaku). Then ate my Pak Cham Kai Fan and slipped back into the covers at 2pm.. woke up at 5pm. Walked around the house meaninglessly and then stepped into the showers at 6pm to get ready for the infamous Welcome Back Ben Shyen dinner at TGIF.

Ben Shyen. I felt like crying when I saw him. Not because that I miss him SOOOO much(of course I do miss him~) but he has changed so much. He was so quiet in the beginning. Un-ben shyen. That should sum it up. But thank god for Stupid Jokes and Ben Shyen was back! Not to the horny extend. But Ben Shyen was the man who single handedly transform my innocent demeanor(???) into this ass-grabbing(though retired)-(un)lady. Not that he did it on his freewill, but I felt like I needed to be someone who wasn’t too shy, and that was the path I took. After 4 years of flaimboyant attitude, it is quite a blow to see your predecessor changed but I suppose he has his own very understandable reasons. And I respect him for it of course. But alas, I still have my own student.. KOO WAN QI.

All of us had SUCH a great, she dee, benshyen, dennis, esther, munteng, joshua, vernyang, jiun jeh, melissa, su-hsien and abby! 🙂 From eating unable-to-finish-yet-pricy-yet-semi-nauseating dishes to gushing about fire-on-ice-creams at Swensens! Joshua entertained the horny side of me and Vern Yang did contribute too but pulled out after hearing the Shower In Villa story.

She Dee and Jiun Jeh are sooo mad about Ragnorok. Someone asked Jeh what he’d be doing during Christmas. “Playing ragnorok, Christmas special!!” LOL…

Abby and I were sooooo fascinated over the Firehouse Birthday Special icecream at Swensens! We really saw a flame on top of one of the ice-creams in the menu. But as it was, it came with a super pathetic pinkandwhitestriped birthday cake type of candle poked into a slice of banana. Then we just pretended it was our birthday and we sang “Happy birthday to *jumbled up*.. happpy birthday to you/me/he/we…Happy birthday to you/me/he/we.. happy birthday to me.”The kind Indian lady at the next table smiled at us. Abby and I were like “Let’s blow the candle together..1..2..3..” and then we got so depressed that our candle was no longer lit up. So we were like, um, eat ice cream with the candlelight seemed more fun. So we mustered up what was left of our (non-existent) dignity and asked the smiley waiter to light up the candle again. Then we ate.

Vern Yan and Joshua said that if a person can tie a cherry stalk with their tongue that means the person is a good kisser. Right. So there I was trying trying.. got so fed up I took the damn stalk out tried with my fingers.. if i can’t do it with my fingers..then how am I supposed to do it with my tongue?

On the way back, Dennis and I saw this poor lady in a Pajero or MPV who was cruising around SS18.. looking lost. Dennis, the kind soul, wanted to help the poor lady out. So we went towards her car and gave her a few apparently friendly horns.. but the poor lady must have freaked out as she sped past us. Oh well. Malaysia is not safe these days. And the time was 11.50pm already.