The First Ever Annual Dental Dinner

After months of postponing the dinner, we finally got it over and done with last Saturday night. It was a miracle that everything went so smoothly. It’s even a few notches better than all the IU and Installation events that I’ve attended back in high school. It even beats my lousy school prom hands down in terms of entertainment. The company was great as everyone made it a point to attend the event, unlike my high school prom when there was a misunderstanding between the cliques and a lot of people decided to fore go the prom. Then in college, some people thought that the choice of venue was too low class(poor Holiday Villa) so prom was canceled.

The two weeks leading up to the dental dinner was rather relaxing compared to all the hassles that usually comes with these kind of events. We had performance rehearsals, last minute meetings and make-up rehearsals as well. Hehe. I had to make up for four of my friends plus myself.

Anyway, before proceeding, please please layan me by watching the videos I poured my blood and sweat into while working on it for 5 hours(it involved the sun rise as well.) It’s a video showcasing what the dental students have been up to all these years. I’m happy that everyone who watched it liked it. Maybe that’s because they are my classmates. Oh well, plleeease layan. It would mean alot to me!

My Class'( batch 1) Video

Batch 2’s Video

Batch 3’s Orientation Video

Brenda’s, Lie Yuen’s and my make up collection.

I’ve just discovered that false eyelashes can work on me!

This is Nien trying out my false eyelashes. It’s so natural looking right? Plus, it opens up our eyes and gives us double eyelids. It’s a freaking miracle.

Just look at that.

Brenda was saying that the (aesthetic) preparations leading up to big night is even more fun than the dinner itself. I couldn’t agree better. This is a last minute dress that I bought from Queensbay. Only RM100! Shoes are from Nose. The clutch is RM40, from Bonita.

After everyone left my room, I decided to have another go with the falsies. My eyes were instantly bigger(by my standards lah T__T) and a nice soft crease of a double eyelid formed above each eye.

🙂 I am using a glue from Cecil, a brand imported in by Sasa, Shins and the likes.

About two days before the dinner, we had a program rehearsal in the year2’s classroom.

Here are some of the 150 door gifts that Lie Yuen and I were wrapping the night before. I’m the one who wrote to Southern Lion to ask for free gifts!! *proud*

About 5 hours before the dinner on Saturday, the whole lot of us went to get our hair done. At first I didn’t recognise the girl sitting next to me at the salon, but after awhile, I realised it was a year one junior! See, everyone was getting their hair done!

There goes my rebonded hair lah.. but I liked it! My hair is back to its usual straightness now, thank god! And do tell me if you think my parting is weird. As of now, I don’t really have a parting because of my stupid fringe which seems stunted. But little did I know that back hair could actually be swept to the front, then sideways to create a whole new parting! Why, how interesting! I’m always deliriously happy when I discover new beauty tips/products. It was the Maybelline Foundation stick in 2001, silicone bra in 2004(THANK YOU FOR THE CLEAVAGE FREE BRA!), it was the Mac foundation in 2006, it was the Bloop eye shimmer-glitter in 2006.. then now the false eyelashes and this hairstyle tip! Woohoo!

I left after taking these pictures because I had to rush back to tend to my other classmates’ make up. Cze-Yin was one of them though she dropped by much later. You can tell by now that things would lead to a mad rush later on.

Nien, before her hair was done up!

And so, the Jolene Make Up Factory(established in 2000. Seriously, almost all my friends(those who can’t differentiate between an eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil) come to me for make up even though my skills are almost non-existent.)

Oklah, to give myself credit, Wuan Phing looks quite nice. This was after I laid my hands on her face. Hehe.

The other side of the factory: Lie Yuen and her wonderful mascara skills.

Cze-Yin was damn cute. When I brought the lip gloss brush close to her face, she pursed her lips instead of opening it slightly. -_- Then she took out a brand new set of Maybelline eyeshadow. I was amazed, “Wah! Cze-Yin bought make up!”. Then I tried to open it but it turns out that the eyeshadow set was still wrapped up in plastic. -_-. She shyly said, “Yesterday only buy one. hehehe.”

Oh yes!! Another lovely beauty product that I’ve come across are what I call marshmallows. You know foundation sponges? I love those things to bits! So easy to use! Everything has a smooth finishing when you use a marshmallow to apply the foundation. It can also take away the Monkey Backside Syndrome that usually comes with too much blusher on the cheeks. I dabbed a small dot of foundation on the side of the apples of the cheeks and make a sweeping C-motion towards the sides of her face. It makes the cheeks glow gradually instead of two pink Clown-like circles on the cheeks.

A few quick photos before we left my room for Cinta Sayang, where the dinner was held. Poh Yee and her professionally done make-up. Brenda and her are on a different level already. Too used to their own make-up skills day in day out, they took to it a whole new level by going to a professional to get their make-up done.

And myself? About 15 minutes of fingers crossing while applying foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyeshimmer, eyebrow colouring, lip gloss and some blusher and more foundation. I’m quite happy that I look more fair than white. There’s a difference between fair and white. Really.

Lie Yuen looked really beautiful that night too. Her eyes were done by Brenda and she curled her hair herself.

Oh shit, the false eyelash was curling down. Can we all pretend that it did not happen and just move on, and close one eye if you see it happen in the next few photos? 🙂

My new friendster, facebook and MSN display photo. <3

Upon reaching Cinta Sayang, the rest rushed to the toilet to touch up their make-up while I connected my laptop to the projector for the video presentation that I had to do later on during the dinner.

The toilet was obviously a must-go before entering the hall. That’s Brenda and I with unsatisfactory camwhoring skills.

This photo was unintentionally set to 500px in width, but oh well, at least it serves its purpose. 😀 A dress in my favourite colour is so hard to come by.

Ah Thong and Praveena were manning the registration table.

Ei Leng and a few of the other Year2 juniors painstakingly decorated the souvenirs. It’s simple but really really beautiful. Oh! And the labels were printed by my Aunty Susie! 😀

Oh crap, this was before I changed the flash settings on my camera. This is Alex. If you don’t remember him, he’s one of my year 2 juniors.

And here’s Kenneth! Like wise, if you can’t remember him from the Orientation post, he’s a year one junior!

Effin’ flashes. Jimmmmmyy..not a junior. Haha.

When I look better, he doesn’t look too happy. When I looked in the mirror, the eyelash didn’t curl down. Hmm. 😐

Aww, Zhu Zen looked so beautiful that night too! As did everyone else!

After entering the hall, I ran around the hall taking photographs of all the tables. Maklumlah I’m like the unofficial photographer for my course. Just in case these photos would be needed for a yearbook/magazine later on. Better to be safe than sorry right?

Samantha, Oi Leng, Amelia and other year 2 juniors.

Maxis(far right) with the year 1 juniors.

Year 1 juniors too.

Year 2.

Year 2.

LOL, the table that apparently consisted of the guys who sit in the back row of the Year3’s class. My dean called them up on stage and gave them the Golden Pillow award. It’s a known fact that they sleep in almost all his classes. Hahaha. The Sleeping King was actually sitting at my table. Maxis was trying to hide behind the menu when my dean gave the “awards” out to the guys. I was apparently the Sleeping Queen too. I can’t help it. Luckily my dean didn’t call me out on stage. Hahaha.

Year 1 juniors.

Year 1 juniors. 🙂

Ah, the three beautiful ladies. L-r: Narjit, Jamie and Wuan Phing.

Ah, the 5 beautiful ladies and one lost looking one. l-r: Lie Yuen, wtf was I doing, Brenda, Narjit, Jamie and Wuan Phing.

Lishen and Yan Rui.

L-r: Lie Yuen, Brenda, Cze-Yin, Zhu Zen, Nien and myself.

l-r: Melvin, Tee Luun and Me.

Father Shu and myself. Not bad ar this Andy, everybody wore a blazer and he HAD to come differently.

Tee Luun and myself again. One without Melvin jumping in! Btw, Tee Luun, I think I probably have my eyes closed in the picture in your camera. Same goes for everyone who took a photo with me inside without using the red-eye removal flash function.

I don’t remember her name but I thought this random photo is pretty nice!

Kenneth and myself again.

l-r: Ee Chean, Myself and Maxis.

Ebby’s the man! He’s the main driving force behind the success of the dental dinner. He’s like our freakin’ prime minister. Thank you Ebby!

Bala and his friends tending to the PA system. The poor guy didn’t even get to eat the whole night.

Magesh. Watch his killer dance moves later. 🙂

Most of the girls in BDS Batch 1. 🙂
L-r: Brenda, Lie Yuen, Xin Yi, Pei Zhi, Nien, Sock Nee, Zhu Zen, Poh Yee, Cze-Yin and the girl who has her eyes closed forever.

The first performance of the night.

Another prop to Ei Leng for the brilliant idea of typing helium balloons to the chairs. I think I really lost the 5 year old in me because I forgot to grab a balloon(or balloonssss) home. I was crazy about helium balloons as a child.

Another view of the crowd. Just imagine when I’m in year 5 and all five batches would come together for a night of socializing, we would need a much bigger hall. I would be a happier person that I already am. 🙂 It’s nice to have events in university aside from the usual exams and classes. 🙂 I’m glad that things are looking up.

Hahaha this was when they were called out to receive the golden pillow award.

Soon after, dinner was served. I didn’t really get to eat a lot as I was running up and down taking photographs.

Ah Thong wanted one too!

L-r: Sook Mei, Ei Leng, M yself, Amalina, and Brenda.

Cassandra and Desmond, the two emcees for the night.

The Year2’s band. Constipated Rockstars apparently!

A lovely photo of Brenda. So ladylike~!

Since I’m part of the Aimst Dental Student’s Association committee, I was up on stage with the rest of the committee on Saturday night as well. It was sort of an installation for us as well.

Pinning corsages.

l-r: Me, Lie Yuen, Shin Yiin, Brenda and Amalina.

Since the theme for the night was “The Teething Years Gala”, we had a Gala Queen and Gala King selection. Six from each batch were sent up on stage to contend for the titles.

The guys. Quite dark though.

Andy being his usual self.

Next up was Cassandra’s performance. A medley of Disney songs with Ei Leng, Stephanie and Charise.

Her voice is really really powerful. It reaches to the back of the hall and that’s saying something!

The rest joining her on stage. I thought they all did really well! 🙂 So nice to see all of them working on this together happily and singing together on stage. 🙂 I know they’ve been practicing really hard together. Phebe and Gabrielle were on the keyboard, playing beautifully. They complemented each other so well. Each of the girls were so graceful even though there wasn’t enough mikes to go around but nevertheless, each sang so well and the song flowed from one to another seamlessly. Great job girls! 😀

Now for my moment of glory. I took videos of my classmates and got Ei Leng to compile some materials of her classmates to do a video as well and with videos from the juniors’ orientation, I made it into a 17 minutes long video.

The sound system was from my laptop to a microphone held towards the laptop speakers. -_-. But I’m happy that it was not muffled as the songs were carefully chosen for each video as well!

Here I am, trying to get my VLC player to start.

I just did the video in my usual style of captioning photographs, with some videos thrown in. It’s almost like having a blog entry viewed by a large crowd all at once. The feeling was indescribable when people laughed at certain parts. 🙂

But the best part was when they cheered as the credits rolled. I was really really swelling with pride!!

After my video, the Gala Queen and Gala King were announced. Phebe, who is in Year 2, took the Gala Queen title and the title of Gala King went to Khim Yik, who is in Year 1.

Andy, Sett, Jimmy, Chee Wen, Ebby and Maxis rocked the house down with their band performance. I’ve never been a fan of bands but I was amazed at how well they pulled it off! Talents sitting right behind me in class!

When I was younger, I always develope 5 minute crushes on guys who go up on stage to perform something. If I was a young unassuming junior, I would have been fascinated by Chee Wen because he was concentrating so hard on his bass to the point of sexiness! Hahaha, I told him that later and he was like quite shy.

Our class pakat to dance while the band performed. You know, to show support and all. And sporting people from Year 2 like Tee Luun, Melvin etc took to the dance floor as well.

Jimmy and Sett. They were all so good. No wonder they get hired to do gigs as well.

And Andy, the drum maestro.

Maxis and his dance steps.

Oooh, ooh, a medley of four dances. I was in the last one! Narjit’s dance is damn nice. Do play the video of our rehearsals. Seriously nice okay!

And lively too!

I had to change into a Punjabi top for the performance. Since I am obviously not familiar with the Punjabi top, I went out of the toilet ready for my turn on stage and a cleaner Aunty motioned to me, “Girl, come here,”. She tugged at my top and said, “This one terbalik lah!” I went in to the toilet, trying very hard not to mess up my hair and took the top off and put it back on. I went out only to be sent back in to the toilet again by the cleaner Aunty who said that my top was still on the wrong side. I was already panicking and sweating, silicone bra was threatening to fall off my chest. T_T. It was only the fourth time that I managed to get it right and with a swing of her head, she gave me her approval. -_- Quite embarrassing in a way.

Us, up on stage. Do click on our rehearsal video!

The end! After that, we went off the stage and initiated the dance floor as planned. 🙂 The crowd didn’t take long to build up, much to our surprise.

I mean it’s not even a club but yet everybody was sporting enough to come up front. Every single person in the hall was out on the dance floor, grinding and shaking and moving. It was really amazing. Our ‘podium’ was the stage. When you detach yourself from the entire situation, you can’t help but think, “This is happening in Sg. Petani.” 🙂

After the party came to a close at midnight, about 28 of us went down to Penang to prolong the night. It was a good mixture as some of the juniors came along as well.

L-r; Lie Yuen, Nien, Cze-Yin, Praveena and Brenda.

l-r: Me, Kenneth, Lie Yuen, Brenda, Melvin, Carmen.

Just before coming out of Sg. Petani, we passed a road block and to our horror, a policeman flagged us down. We were like, “Oh shit, why why why?” Lie Yuen’s car is not even modified, so it HAD to be the way that we were dressed so late at night. In Sg. Petani some more.

Lie Yuen wound her window down and the policeman said, “Tunjuk passport.”

I was aghast, “Orang Malaysia lah!!”

And he was like, “Alah, panggil je passport. Sama la dengan IC.” Yeah right, sei ham sap lou.

Then he continued, “Ingat kamu ni orang taiwan. Semua macam penyanyi taiwan je,”

Want to say that we look like Pak Ku(prostitutes from China) just say lah. No need to flirt so much.

Then he asked, “Ahh..rumah mana?”

And Lie Yuen was like, “Ada dari KL, dari Penang..”

And he said in a miang voice, “Ohhh.. patutlah pakai lain sikit..hehehe..”

I recorded everything on my handphone and his tone was seriously of those reserved for flirting. Yerr.

We finally reached Penang at about 1am.

l-r: Lie Yuen, Nien, Poh Yee, Myself and Brenda. We were waiting for the rest to catch up with us before heading into the club.

We were getting really bored.

We opened three bottles that night. The bill came up to be about RM900. The guys paid RM50 as they would be drinking and since the girls were not that into drinking, they forked out RM30. I joined the guys as I knew I would drink a little and I didn’t quite like the idea of drinking yet paying only RM30.

Poh Yee and myself.

We were at a club called Glo and it was seriously seriously packed. We couldn’t find a place to sit and we couldn’t even find a place to stay still! The girls were grabbing on to each other for dear life, forming a dancing train(we were bopping to the music as we snaked around the club) looking for any available space. Damn fun!

It’s Alex again!

Myself and a year 1 junior, Soo Huan.

A very nice photo of Lie Yuen and myself.

More year 1 juniors. 1988 boys! Kai and John. Both of them are from Klang! Yay, now Steven has teman to sit the bus all the way down to Klang instead of travelling alone after the bus passes Pudu. And I think I’ve found another person who cannot tahan flash too!

A handful of us that night.

A nicer one.

Myself and Ken. I’ve not seen him in a really long time although he is my classmate’s housemate! As he is doing pharmacy, we hardly bump into each other.

Pei Zhi and me. Andy looks so cute at the back.

Okay, why are our faces extra fat in this photo?

Maxis and Chee Wen showing the signs that my classmates use to death. Jimmy’s teeth gashing is catching on to.

Now Chwan Horng introduces the Doraemon hand sign.

Such a happy photo! Every single human captured in this photo is not a stranger!

And Adrian is doing his mouth open sign. A sign that was and probably still is Sett’s trademark. Very Slipknot, is it not?(or some other hardcore rock band that I know nothing about.)

l-r: Ken, Jimmy and Chwan Horng.

From the colours of the photos, you can tell that I was a little off already. Hehe. I love the effects though.

Poh Yee and myself. We were all sweating so much after moving around for like two solid hours.

Wahhahaha Brenda looks so cute here. Hahaha.

l-r: Xin Yi, Chee Wen and Myself.

l-r: Me, Melvin and Tee Luun.

Another really nice shot.

Wah sei, this is me being pouty. I’m quite surprised to find this photo in my camera but am equally amused.

LOLOLOLOLOL. Super funny. And see those lights? Credits to my shaky and swinging hands.

Supposed to be a photo of me, tee Luun and Adrian but as usual Melvin so cheekily self invited again. Hahaha.

l-r; Ee Chean, Maxis, Chwan Horng and Pei Zhi at the mamak at about 3am!

l-r: Melvin, Me, Brenda, Tee Luun, Poh Yee and Adrian.

me sniffing Lie Yuen at the mamak.

A better and clearer one.

So apparently I had one too many that night but I was not off my face drunk(hell no!), just whining-like-a-baby kind of tipsy.

But bad enough to raise my classmates’ eyebrows and to shower me with concern the following day.

Apparently I spilled teh ais, like twice. After spilling each teh ais I’d declare loudly in a sing song voice, “Wooohoo no more teh ais for me!!” even though Nien was scolding me because the teh ais was dripping on her. I then tried to drink the puddle of teh ais with a straw.
I er, smiled and waved at the mamak waiter who politely waved back. It’s like the five fingers curving one by one, that kind of wave. Yalah, hau por wave. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Then when they wiped the spilled drink with tissue paper, I wanted to chew on the soggy tissue paper. Then whenever someone took out a camera I wanted to bite it. Haha.

I scolded Adrian for letting people to call him Ah Lian. (it being his surname). He retaliated by making many number signs with his fingers and asking me how many fingers he was holding up. I’m like, “*bad word* lah!! FIVE LAH!” and he was like, “No.. it’s four plus one.” -_-

Ee Chean and Chwan Horng also kept putting up fingers asking me how many fingers there were. I got it all correct, I think.

I took Tee Luun’s cigarette and dragged it across the table, putting it out and shouting, “CANNOT SMOKE OKAY!!!”

I remember catching Sett and Andy looking at me in amusement and called their names and waved again.

I baby talked alot, apparently. Lie Yuen went to get her car(don’t worry she didn’t drink at all) and according to Brenda, I apparently said, “Where’s LIE YUEN?! I want Lie Yuen!!!!!…….” and then pouted. Why am I so gross!! T_T Big girls don’t pout. It’s a general rule. Ugh. So sorry for the trauma, everyone.

Then I turned around and asked one of the year one juniors, “John, are you scared of me?!” and he’s like, “Er..yaaa.” ..Must really smack myself already.

So you see, I can still remember a whole lot of things so it wasn’t too bad. And I was surrounded by people who drive responsibly. Ahem. (this is for the benefit of my father if he reads this;P Hi dad!! I Love you!!)

It was in the car when things got weirder.

Before we crossed the Penang bridge, I suddenly burst out crying after a long trail of whining like a spoiled child. It’s like I absolutely had no reason to cry. Lie Yuen encouraged me to let it all out, “Just cry only Jolene! just cry!!” Hahahaha. She was laughing really hard though. Nien was freaking out because she has never seen me cry or anyone cry like that before for that matter. The way I was crying was as if I was at a funeral of someone dear to me. Extreme wailing.

In Poh Yee’s words, “Hou chi tong chu kom miong.”(like slaughtering a pig like that!). Derek called her on the phone and he was apparently laughing at the way I cried. Hahhaa. Shy only wei.

Hahahaha. Then Poh Yee and Brenda’s motherly instinct all became more evident as they soothed me and said, “Jolene don’t cry!” and “Jolene, mou ham lah!” One speaking Cantonese and one speaking english. Hahahha Damn funny. And I could still remember to talk to Poh Yee in cantonese. Then they put an arm around me and asked me to look at the bright lights over at the main land there. They talked to me like I was a child. hahahhaa. I never knew they had it in them. According to Brenda, I cried from Penang all the way to Sungai Petani. At least an hour man.

Lie Yuen’s car was littered with tissue papers. Hahaha. Then half way through, Hey There Delilah came on the radio and they were like, “Jolene!! Your favourite song!! Listen!! Listen!!” hahahaha.. I was just off okay, not mentally retarded. But damn funny though. I wailed again, “Wargghhhhhh I miss him~~~~~!!!” Damn long distance relationship song. LOL… and they consoled me again and again, pacifying me. Ahhh, my classmates. What good mothers they will be. 🙂

I was back to being happy when we passed the Sg. Petani toll. Still can come out of the car to open the gate for Lie Yuen to drive in. Hahaha. I think we arrived home at about 5am. It’s quite an achievement seeing that I’m in Kedah.

I fell straight into bed without removing my makeup, changing out of my clothes or taking the pins out of my hair. My arms felt like leads at about 7am. It’s still aching till now, I’ve no idea why though. When I woke up, I was freaking out because I remembered that I fell asleep with my contact lenses on! I managed to pluck my right contact lens out and was groping my left eyeball frantically, fearing that my contact lens dissolved in my eyes because I slept with it or maybe it went to the back of my eyeball(but I’ve learnt in anatomy that there are muscles at the sides of the eyes, so that’s really impossible. hehe.). So yeah, I lost my left contact lens. :\ *grudgingly opens a new packet of contact lens*

And that concludes Jolene’s Annual Alcohol Experience(JAAE!). If you consider this drunk then so be it. It’s only my third time ever and for the past two times I cried too. Oh well, as long as I keep my friends entertained. 🙂 It warms the cockles of my heart. Heh. Oh, if you have me on MSN, I might be able to share another gem of an incident with you. Hehe. Lazy to put up a password protected entry.
In 2005, it was after 6 glasses of red wine with Chien, Mel, Esther and Sush at Asia heritage Row. We were playing a game called Confessions and Chien kept filling my glass up. I cried because I couldn’t think of a secret to reveal. Hahaha. Then the tears just went on and on.

In 2006, it was at the merdeka party at Bryan Chin’s house. On an empty stomach and a mixture of about six different kinds of alcoholic drinks including wine and beer. If you’ve read the merdeka post, I think that was worse than Saturday’s night experience. I did go home to play Mahjong on my keyboard(while chatting on MSN, so imagine the gibberish.) Then I cried on the phone to Chee Kiang and Esther complaining about how I have no dinner to eat and that I’m very pitiful bla bla bla. Imagine that! Pitying myself just because I’ve got no dinner to eat. :\

I’ll surround myself with good friends for JAAE 2008. Satu tahun lagi! Yam seng!

Hehe, just kidding. I’m not much of an alkie. In fact, I’m not sure if it’s only Chivas but that sure makes me nauseous. I think I had something else on Saturday night.

I can even count the amount of times I went clubbing with two hands. (so about less than 7 times). (Ya, this is also for the benefit of my father if he’s reading this. *kisses Daddy*)

Oh yeah, the internet is back! 😀 But I’ll be moving houses soon, so I’ll be internetless for a few more days. Don’t know exactly when. I’d suffer a bit but at least I’ll have my TVB shows to keep me company till I get my connection back. 🙂

Oh, Oh, and I’m finally done with Harry Potter!! The end was very very nice!
And how could I forget this! Mel and I and the rest of the Dahlings appeared in the Star last Wednesday. 🙂 Click click click!