The Flea Market At The Curve

As of late, I seem to be frequenting the flea market at The Curve quite a lot! Due to some time managing efforts, I tried to google the flea market to see what time they start. Strangely, there isn’t much results regarding the flea market. I thought to myself, what better way to combine my two loves? So I decided to take my camera and made a trip to my current favourite shopping haven so that I can come home to blog about it.

I know the flea market is old news but I would be happy to be of service to those who don’t get to frequent the Klang Valley as much(out of towners and overseas Malaysian students). Just imagine how grateful some lost tourist would be if she googled “The Curve Flea Market” and found this entry. It’s like I’m guiding them by their hands to go shopping with me.

I literally leaned into every stall to snap a photo of their goods. I got some evil glares but some didn’t even mind. Honestly, what’s so wrong about taking photos? I can’t exactly explain the concept of a blog to a bitchy storekeeper can I? So I resorted to saying how INCREDIBLY sorry I was about not knowing that photos are not allowed, to the nicer ones and to the bitchier ones, I jeling-ed at them and walked off. To those of you who forgot your BM after SPM, jeling means glaring at someone, then closing your eyes and turn your head away arrogantly. Like those bitchy housewives in Hong Kong dramas!

But honestly, after running this blog for about four years now, I’m kind of blasé when I get told off by sales assistants who tell me off for taking photos. I just pretend that it’s my first time and that it was an honest mistake. I once nearly got into a fight with this fucking bitchy salesgirl in Singapore who tried to tell me off, like seriously giving me a lecture after I took the picture. I threw the shirt back at her and told her “I DON’T WANT TO TRY ALREADY LAH” with a wtf-are-you-talking-so-much-to-me-for look. If it’s a high end boutique I understand lah, but this was some lala boutique in some hidden corridor okay? As if my measly photograph will cause the whole world to copy their brilliant fashion. If someone wants to copy your fashion, they can do it without the aid of a camera.

Anyway, some history on the flea market if there are actually visitors who came in from Google: The flea market has been running for about two years now and it opens from 10am-10pm on weekends. The stuff that can usually be found there suggests a clientèle of mostly young women. Flanked by eateries I can only afford to eat at with my parents around, the place is usually thriving with families during the weekends.

If you want to know how to get to The Curve, you must first lift the coconut shell off your head. But you can find this information on google also actually so I don’t have to take the trouble to type it here. I’m a woman. I’m bad with directions. But being a woman also means that I’m good at shopping! Let’s proceed!

Unfortunately, one of the cons about shopping for clothes at the flea market is that you can’t try the clothes. Unless you don’t mind stripping in public. I hope I don’t contribute another keyword for perverts to come in here. Dah lah with the blog title of Little Girl In A Reverie, I’ve been getting my fair share of paedophilic google visitors.

The place might be deemed slightly upmarket but if you look properly, you can find the same things at the mushrooming boutiques around town or even at the forever trusty Sg. Wang. (your one stop shopping heaven for everything nobody ever thought of.)

This bag had a nice furry feel to it! They were selling a lot of hobo bags too. I just ordered one for myself for RM30 off eBay. πŸ™‚ You gotta love hobo bags.

Granted not everything might suit your fancy, but the fun part about flea markets is the trawling and the sifting!

This is the first of many photos of trinkets. Interesting hair ties! Can’t find these designs at Sinma.

My current jewelry obsession is vintage gold heart pendants. The one that I bought from the flea market tarnished a few months ago. πŸ™

Earrings! As usual, 3 for RM10 or even better, 4 for RM10.

They were also selling cupcakes there! Lie Yuen, who was with me, bought a pecan filled chocolate cupcake. She allowed me to take a few bites but was devastated when I accidentally chomped off the entire middle part.

So pretty right? The icing was actually quite nice! This coming from a person who loathe birthday cakes with plenty of creamy icing is saying something. (But I do love cheesecake. January 16. Thank you very much.)

I want to buy the cupcake stand. πŸ˜€

Rm3 per cupcake is quite okay, right?

There were even scorpions on sale!

And hamsters too!!

Beach shorts for only RM15! I’ll be going to Langkawi next week(with a self declared 2 days holiday plus the weekend! whee!) with Chee Kiang and his Asean gang.. I feel like slapping myself for not buying these shorts! But fear not, I managed to buy reasonably priced substitutes at Jusco in Pyramid from this brand called Orange Sorbet. The clothes are DAMN pretty and cute! At a glance you might have thought that they are selling children clothes but the stuff actually fits! It targets pre-teens lah. But if your preteen is 169cm and is a size’s quite strange. I would have gone crazy trying on every single thing (pastel coloured mini skirts for Rm25! Somebody pinch me!) if only my brother wasn’t grumbling about wanting to go home.

Lie Yuen was impressed. (see her lips going, “oooo!”)

There were so many nail art booths too.

RM10. Cheap wei. But I don’t know if the designs are individually priced or not because they usually are.

Mmm. Not quite to my liking. A good sifting through might reveal better looking bargains!

A stall selling figurines for those anime fanatics.

This is apparently from some anime called Evangelion.

There were puppies from SPCA up for adoption as well. πŸ™

It makes me wonder how the poor workers set up and take down the stalls every weekend.

Sexy lingerie! Ooh-er. Two years ago I saw a Santarina negligee at Blush. I was damn tempted to get it. πŸ™‚ But luckily Esther stopped me in time. It was red(duh), satin and had snow white fur lining the hem. πŸ™‚ Makes me smile just thinking about it.

You can seriously go crazy choosing necklaces, bags, earrings and other knick knacks.

Okay, don’t gasp, but patent shoes for Rm35?! BUY! BUY! (The mother of all patent shoe shop just opened another outlet at Sunway Pyramid 2. I think it’s called Tang or Tangs. So. beautiful. okay. Photos later. Let me concentrate on this entry first.)

A closer look.

I guess some people might be interested in these things.

Cis! This would probably be my stall if I bothered to make use of the wire mesh I bought two years ago, which is still sitting in my cupboard at home. So what do you think? Earring towers or earring wiremesh hangers? I’ve done the corkboard routine too. I think the earring towers are more elegant though. My earring tower in Kedah is more populated compared to my earring tower in Subang. ;\

More nail arts!

Lie Yuen trying out some plastic bangles.

A transparent red heart! So pretty!

Beautiful skirts! I think it was around RM25. I like to wear these kind of skirts to class. It’s nice and doesn’t get me into trouble with the fussy security guards. (Ya, back in the old campus we used to get stopped by the security guards for wearing anything above knee length. It was DAMN annoying.)

Candy coloured retro-inspired necklaces!!

Whoever who came up with the idea to use a black background is damn creative.

Whoever who came up with the price is loved by me.

Over at another stall, the creative air doesn’t seem to dwindle. I wish they would stop seducing me like that. I cannot resist pink fur. Mmm.

More shoes, more bags. I didn’t quite like the section in this stall. But the hobo bags hanging up there are worth a look.

The sign deserves no further explanation. I bought a top from there.

Satin tunics! For that price too!

Faux nails on the go! *hearttt*

More selections to trawl through!

I can’t exactly lift up each and every piece and go trigger happy, right?

The brown tube is kind of sweet.

Look at the little bags! So cute and unnecessary.

Novelty t-shirts!

The collection of eyelashes gives Xiaxue’s a run for her money.

A set of eyelashes can set you back about Rm13.

I wish I could own them all. And then I’ll promise to start wearing falsies. πŸ™‚ It’s no crime to wear falsies these days.

Did you see the ones on Kinkybluefairy’s blog recently? The ones from Shu Uemura?? I absolutely love the ones with little diamonds on the lash tips! I don’t know if I can pull that off. If only I can find a cheaper alternative.. maybe I should head back to the flea market the next time I’m back in town.

Little cans of I don’t know what. Probably more t-shirts? On the right are lego calendars. Go figure!

Suicidal bears!

Gotta love the latest in earring towers. Bet you’ve seen your fair share of over priced hour glass figurines in beautiful fashion togs and vintage looking metal swings or carriages to hang your accessories.

Metallic hair ties!

I’ve got a soft spot for metal keychains with a coat of paint.

Magnets done by children for sale. Some kind of charity thing, I guess.

Pens of all possibilities! Very innovative but I’m not too sure if it’s ergonomic.

If I didn’t already own like 6 pairs of bikinis, I would’ve gone more crazy in this shop than I originally did. Of course, my collection would probably be bigger if I had the body to wear bikinis. I bought a tankini set for RM70 from this place. It’s quite reasonable already given that most swimwear can cause you an arm and a leg. I was telling Lie Yuen that it’s almost better than Sheer Romance in Singapore! I’ve bought a total of four bikinis from Sheer Romance over a span of two years! Love love loveee. The shop owner, a man by the way, overheard me and asked, “How much are they selling in Singapore?” I was like, “30 SGD!” and he must’ve been pretty proud of his own prices. Only RM30 for a pair of bikinis and spoiled with such a huge array of selection too!!

I pointed my camera upwards at one point.

More of the beach wear at that stall.

Oh, he said that he gets his stocks from Singapore. Could it be Sheer Romance’s old stocks? Hm. These are the tankinis by the way! I bought a tankini so that I would be allowed to swim in AIMST’s (finally opened) swimming pool. They’ve finally gotten rid of the frog problem. One thing bad is that the life guards that they’ve hired usually have classes(one of them is my 2nd year junior who is a Penang State Swimmer! Hello Ken! He is one of the guys any girl in AIMST would know. :P) in the evenings. Sigh. So the pool is closed when there are no life guards. Hire from outside lah dong!

Bikini strings make me happy. Does it do the same for you? πŸ˜€ I’m not talking to the guys okay.

Statement t-shirts galore! But these weren’t sarcastic enough and were slightly common. The best has yet to come, scroll down!

sunnies! Plenty of sunnies to choose from actually.

More candy coloured necklaces.

At Rm19.00, I think these nighties were slightly steep. I bought RM12 nighties from Kek Lok Si temple! I know, of all places. But if you have the time, do your house clothing(elastic banded shorts) and sleeping wear shopping there! Freaking comfy and freaking cheap. Shorts for RM5 and nighties at Rm12. I bought one of those Ah Ma type of batik nightgown for about Rm10. Actually my mother bought for me lah. I want to go to the temple to SHOP!!! What’s lousy is that the batik nightgown shop is quite high up the temple, hence you might have to hike up quite a bit. But for your t-shirt styled nighties with huge cartoon characters printed on it, it’s not that far up.

Mediocre christmas decoration. But usually The Curve has pretty awesome festive deco. Didn’t go in the main building that day. LOL come to think of it I’ve never ever bought anything from inside the Curve. It’s almost as if the shops inside the Curve is unshoppable! However, it’s a whole different ball game with Ikano. Lovelovelovelove. I usually get arm aches when I leave Ikano Power centre. Arm aches from carrying shopping bags of course. I sound like a horrible person..:( Okay, just exaggerating. I usually get to update my wardrobe for a new school year whenever I visit Ikano.. okay that sounds better!

Eh! more of those stars!

=( Really sad that it’s only when my nail art phase has passed me by that all these nail art material starts popping up everywhere. I come from an era where nail diamentes are RM5 per bag. RM5 per bag can get you so many more nail art stuff these days. WHY OH WHY!

The passion for nail art has pretty much dissipated. :\

Buy 4 free 1, indeed. ;(

OH GLITTER I LOVE GLITTER STILL! I just bought 13 bottles and 12 tubes of glitter from popular just now. It’s good for nails(i still fancy decorating my own nails every now and then) and making birthday cards too!

A fondue fountain!

Scarf head bands! I should really wear mine. Shouldn’t let them ferment in the cupboard.;|

Jammies!! I can’t remember how much they cost but it must’ve been overpriced as I didn’t buy any.

This one was damn cute though.

Ohmigod, earring tower village.

This would make a nice deco. Quite an idea actually! Glass stones, in a glass bowl(somewhat) with just enough water for that sparkly effect.

Super duper old school earrings! I particularly remember those Monday to Sunday one day of the week sticker earrings that I would wear proudly to kindergarten. Then when the lala little girl opposite my grandma’s place started sporting them too, I decided that they were too tacky. Hahaha.

The little girl in me totally adored erasers in cute design! I still think about my set of eraser fruits fondly. Especially that purple rubber grape. πŸ™‚

Biscuit keychains!

It’s so real!!

The ideal shop for a little girl to complete her look for an upcoming costume party. πŸ™‚

Pretty wings that I might just buy for no reason at all. Thank god logic got the better of me.

Tailored shorts. Yum!

Umbrellas for RM15! Lie Yuen bought an ultraman one and I bought a Mickey Mouse one. πŸ™‚ We park really far from our classes and sometime it starts pissing cats and dogs at about 5pm. Which really sucks.

More trinkets! Too many!

Junk food from my yesteryears!

Just look at that will you?! Kids these days really have it all! Ready made five stones!! Part of the fun of making five stones is sewing the little bags of rice yourself! Even getting upset when the rice started to leak out was part of the fun.

This shop has been around for a really long time and I always stop by to look at his little colourful wooden clips.

I asked permission from the owner to snap a picture and he kindly obliged. So so so cute lah the clips. But I have no use for it. Unless I hang photos and stuff from my fairy lights? Hmm. It’s a thought! RM1! I think he should set it at RM0.50 for one. Or maybe do a buy 5 one free promotion.

So many cute wooden animals!

You can’t stop loving the colours.

He also sells these wooden hanging things that you can hang around your home.

Just in time for Christmas too!

They even have some food every now and then. Not just clothes and trinkets!

A coca cola collector’s heaven.

This shop sells really creative greeting cards. It can almost pass off as a decorative item.

And only at Rm5 too! So cheap. I wouldn’t want to write on the card but just open up and look at it every now and then

Damn beautiful!

Flowers to adorn your hair with.

Freebra! My staple!

Naaahh.. the best statement t-shirt shop at The Curve! The owner is a student who has been interviewed by The Star before. He gets his stocks from Thailand and I think he’s planning to design some himself. His shirts are more clever sounding than the other ones and funny too! The price is a little too steep for my liking lah. Rm28 for one. Rm50 for two. ;\

Furry animal magnets and keychains.

Raggedy dolls!

Fuzzy Santa!

Fuzzy Gingerbread man.

Cute bottles..!

Fuzzy Snowman!

More shoes..:) Sigh! But these were a little pricey. You’d expect stalls to be cheaper than proper malls.

But still quite pretty lah.

Oh, during the exams, I got carried away doing some online shopping. πŸ™‚ My mother called me a few times to tell me that there were parcels for me. How exciting! Imagine my happiness when I opened my drawer.

For RM50, I bought a Stila Lip Gloss Palette. πŸ™‚

Stila Lip Gloss!!

An underwater casing that Yee Hou recommended to me! For RM99, it’s better than buying four disposable underwater cameras right? Some more can use countless of times. I got it from this website. I know RM99 is a horrible amount of money at the best of times, but compare it with a real plastic underwater casing which usually costs around RM1000++!! It’s almost like you’re buying another camera.

A zip lock, a few folds and a velcro. Okay ah! Quite innovative!

A halter top from!

And my purchases from The Curve:

My RM30 top from the Flea Market!

My tankini!! πŸ˜€

Statement t-shirts at KL Sentral. Oh yeah, I went to buy textbooks(upper left side corner) in KL on that day too. Photos and what happened in next post.

Dear, I bought four shirts for you. πŸ™‚

Quite a bargain leh! RM10 per shirt and if you buy five you get 1 free! You know the stalls lining the walkway between the main station and the monorail station? It’s there. πŸ™‚

My “Mickey Mouse” umbrella. I felt so cheated when I came home after realizing the actual name of the character on my umbrella. πŸ™ πŸ™ The shade of red and the mouse sure had me fooled. WTF IS A LOVELY RAT??

My cheating umbrella. But kudos to it for being able to fit into my bag without taking up too much space!

Pheww! What a long post. Hopefully most of the photos can load. πŸ™‚