The GymGo-er Who Lost RM2000 In The Gym Locker

Mun Teng showed me this bulletin from Friendster.

Tuesday night i went to california fitness gym at sunway pyramid. As usual i used the combination padlock to secure my locker room. After 2 hours, when i came back, i was shocked that my belongings are gone, just left my t-shirt and towel.I reported to the gym, n they blaimed me for not using the KEY padlock, and there is a notice sticked at the locker room , n it is written in the agreement that i have signed.

I refered back to the agreement(which normally ppl dun care to read- or maybe they purposely make it so long so that ppl wont read)- YEs it does mention that any losses or stolen, they are not responsible for it.

BUt, it is stated that COMBINATION PADLOCK is not RECOMMENDED…. NOT RECOMMENDED i honestly believe that means it is not Suggested, and which means it is allowed! and we can use it! Dont u agree?? And I believe it is their responsibility to ensure that they provide a SAFE and SECURED environment for GymGoers to workout.

BEsides that, it is very inconvenient for us to bring the key along, esp when ur jogging on the treadmill, and the sauna room restricted metal stuffs. How m i supposed to use a KEY Padlock???? anyway, i requested to view at the cctv, and they said i need to lodge a police report 1st.

I DID that, n they asked me to wait,coz they need to seek approval from HONG KONG HQ thru E-MAIL! i was pissed off… it seems like they are not taking any responsibilities and taking this matter lightly. They also claim that there is no point of me viewing the CCTV, coz the angle of the CCTV is focusing on their workers itself.HEY!!! What’s the point of u having CCTV then?? To check whether ur workers are touching each others at the Front Desk??

I admit, i might have neglected the notice, but still…. i strongly believe that they should take responsibility of us consumers. We paid for such environment after all…

I suffered an estimated RM2000 loss. Wallet- IC, credit card, ATM card (The Thief managed to withdraw all my money), Student ID, Cash RM100) Hand Phone. A book i borrowed from the library(AUS200) and brand new Pants i’ve juz bought. misc.

From what i’ve been told, there are many cases like this b4, but none of them made a police report, n i assume they dun care bout this matter.

Do i have the right to blame the gym?

I need some advice from those who have read this and some support.



I’m not going to take sides but in a way it is an issue. As for Mun Teng, she feels that the guy deserves support. Of course I sympathize with anybody who loses such a huge amount of money. As I’m supposed to raise awareness for this poor fella’s troubles(and see if there are any other customers with similiar problems), I’m pretty sure that he will lose in his battle against California Fitness. No offense dude.

Firstly, there was already a notice saying that the combination lock is not recommended. But he used the combo lock anyway. That’s California Fitness’ trump card there already. But he has a point to rebutt as there is also a notice that no metal things are allowed into the sauna. This is a lose-lose situation.

However, California Fitness will still have the upper hand as I’m sure any respectable fitness centre(or carpark etc.. wherever expensive items are temporarily placed), there will surely be a notice that says, “Use locker/Park car at your own risk.” The company is immediately free of any responsibilities. Or are they? I mean to what extent does the company need to be responsible for their customers’ losses?

The guy is obviously frustrated by all the red tape that he had to go through in order to find the culprits(albeit, unsuccessfully.). I would too.

So what do you think? Does it seem as if the fitness centre took the matter lightly or would it still be the customer’s fault?