The Long Forgotten Redang Trip

I know this trip is like damn ancient in internet time but I could never bring myself to sit down and finish typing this entry. I shall try my very best now. I promise normal blogging shall resume soon. Less pointless texts to go with bandwidth killer photos. More texts that make sense. I’ve been too busy(and sleepy).  

During my 6 weeks break, Lie Yuen, Lydia, Carol and I made a trip to Redang. I know it’s a pathetic amount of people for a trip. It was too late to arrange with the rest.

As you know, it IS a beach trip. So, I have to warn you first.

l-r: lie yuen, lydia, me and carol waiting for the Air Asia counter to open. The time was 5am, if I can remember correctly.

The stomach beckoned and we were drawn to this Asian Kitchen place. Doesn’t the food look lovely?

Was friggin’ expensive. RM10 for a loaf of whatever that was. I can’t remember. It’s been 2 months!

But waking up at such an unearthly hour to board the flight was rewarding in a way. At least we got to see the beautiful sunrise. Or a hint of it. Whatever.

Damn jet set wei.

The obligatory aeroplane window photo.

To cut a long story short, we were in the ferry. Carol felt abit unwell. Seasick.

Ahh…Redang, we’re coming!!

Lydia and I making good use of the sunlight.

The sparkling sea!! (through an ugly tinted ferry window, but still lovely!)

I accidentally pressed the zoom function and ruined what was potentially a very nice photo of Lie Yuen and I.

L-r: Lie Yuen, Carol and Lydia.

The hotel served us some asam juice to welcome us.
The beautiful view from the resort.

We loved the beautiful blue sea!

Lydia taking her first step into the Redang waters.

Mad ass waves they were.

We stayed at Laguna Redang.

Lie Yuen would of course want a photo of herself.

Lydia being all romantic..


We went into the More More Tea Inn(which shot to fame in Sammi Cheng’s movie Summer Holiday) which is now converted into a gift shop.

Action la now got sunnies on.

Sunnies seem to make one feel more….lanci.

I actually bought a big pink float for RM25!! It was worth the money as it was so so so so fun.

Posing outside the gift shop.

Doesn’t the buffet area look pretty?

Mmmm!! I’m salivating at a meal that I had 2 months ago. And it’s too late to go downstairs to grab a bite. I scared of big boogey man. =\

Picture perfect. Redang rocks!

Postcard material, no doubt.

Another post card material.

I thought this was a nice photo of Lie Yuen.

Me manjaing at Lydia.

Before snorkelling, it’s a good idea to wash the snorkels. Disgusting things they are.

Hey, hey. Yeah, flabs are there. Right on, you’re looking at it. Me no care. *jiggles flabby tummy*

The boats that took us to the various snorkelling spots.

Some asshole was smoking nearby. Spoiling the crisp clean air only.

Camwhoring before going into the boat.

Making use of the sunlight again.

By now you should know that when given weird head contraptions, I have these irresistable urges to camwhore with it.

The girls were shit pissed at me because I said we didn’t need our slippers. It was like stepping on hot coals when we stepped on four other boat decks(?) to get to the last boat, which was our boat.

We’re going snorkelling! Whoo hooo!!

Cool photo of a guide.

Look at how blue the water is.

OOoo! Can you see the sunrays?

Absolutely beautiful. Like a thousand diamonds scattered on a royal blue velvet cloak.

Wahey! The sun, the seabreeze and Jolene!

Lie Yuen wasn’t feeling too well.

Vomit already still so happy.

Oh eww!

Poor dear.

Came back out to the beach to play.

..with my new pink float of course~!

Lie Yuen is so excited.

I’m too heavy.

Was damn fun to ride the waves with my pink float!!

I’m riding em waves!!

That’s why we never allow medical students to go on trips to the beach. They’d remind you of school somehow. For the record, Lydia and Carol are my ex uni classmates who left to do medicine in IMU and Manipal respectively.

And you dumb dumb, it’s a heart, with the vessels, if you don’t already know!

Camera woman just sit here and watch them have fun.

Trying to be artsy, ok?

Blue Crush!

I love this pic!!

Now that’s a cool ride.

Oh look, I’m in the photo. See those mighty waves? You can’t possibly go against it because it’ll flip you over. They were THAT strong.

Ahhh, good times.

Check our the priceless expression of my face! Hahahhahaa.

Lydia was so excited when she found a heartshape coral.

I thought this seashell looked quite pretty!

Later in the evening, some guides offered to take us out to the sea to see baby sharks. We saw alot of them. I wasn’t quite comfortable with the guides though. I mean, for free???

But after spending three days, we became friends with the guides.. instead of taking them as perverted men.

Lie Yuen didn’t like snorkelling so we had fun with my camera.

Lie Yuen took this.

Lie Yuen camwhored.

Lie Yuen took this too.

A beautiful shot by Lie Yuen.

Another one.

This one is by Lie Yuen too. Very very nice photo right?

The karaoke type of scene.

Sunburnt, can you see?

Such a happy photo!

I regretted not bringing my tripod. Had to resort to other permanent structures around the area to help me balance my camera to get a really lovely photo like this!

Nice or not??

Now that’s what I call a moonshine!

We walked along the bridge to go in search of blue sand. We did see ONE tiny dot which glowed brightly and faded off. and we never saw anymore after that.

Nah, lousy shot. But it shows the entire stretch of resorts on this side of the island.

The resort.

On the second day, we were brought to Marine Park. I went in 2004, and the water was clearer then. Apparently the monsoon season was coming and the quality of the water was murky as well.

Looks so clean!

There was a turtle hatchery located at the park. So cute!!

So many of them too. I could have just taken one home and no one would be the wiser!

SO adorable!

Lydia looks like she wants to suck the baby turtle.

My baby turtle DOES look like it is saying that, eh?

Carol looks like she’s using chopsticks to hold the turtle.

A little girl shows us the proper way to hold a turtle. She’s so adorable! And so is the baby turtle!

Thought the colour of this scene would make a nice photo.

We were so taken with this little girl who came with her father.

You can see such wisdom in her eyes.

Snorkelling was fun! It’s relaxing to be bobbing up and down in the water…

Camwhoring back in the hotel room!

The bar at the lobby.

A hot day went well with well deserved ice-creams.

Acting surprised because there was a kitkat in her ice cream.

Lie Yuen  and I camwhoring with our icecreams.

So sorry you can’t see her cleavage.

Ice cream on a beach. 🙂

Jelly and ice cream! Mm! (what am I mm-ing about also I don’t know, this was two months ago!!)

I’ve been dying for a photo like that. I couldn’t control my facial expression because the sun was too bright.

Should have untied my hair.

I got buried!

Sun was too bright..see me squinting. -_-

Supposedly some boobs and a straw dick.

Lie Yuen was getting her back exfoliated.

Obviously the big pink float gave us many excuses to take photos. What with the lovely backdrop.

Pink float and pink bikini!

She’s hugging a big pink thing. Ooo.

Carol trying to get onto the float.

I don’t get to see sand often okay. So i have to fully utilize my surroundings.

Lydia looks like a mermaid here.

I love this candid photo of Lie Yuen!

This one looks damn mermaid also. Hahahha.

Mermaid sleepy….or hiao?

Me blowing the big pink thing. Hahahaha.

Lydia enjoying herself on my pink float. I love my pink float.

Thought you guys might enjoy a view of the pool.

I couldn’t possibly get enough night shots of the moonlight on the sea. 🙂

A guide took us to go in search of blue sand.

There’s just something about the water at night, that makes it feel cleaner.

Some money making scheme Laguna Redang had. The computer guy was flirting with lydia SO much.

That’s the guy. -_-

He showed us photos of an underwater wedding taken at Laguna Redang.

Apparently the couple are scuba diving enthusiasts.

They had to remove their mouthpiece to have that “You may kiss the bride” kiss. SO SWEET!!

The girls waving byebye to the sea.

All fail, cannot jump!!

We held hands by the beach. Had to use photoshop to brighten the pic.

That would be me trying to etch out my name on the sand.

Can see or not?

We chilled at the beach bar while listening to the live band.

Lie Yuen damn skillful already! Those are my hands, yes. Damn nice right? Remember that Mickey Mouse cartoon..what’s it called..something and the sorcerer.. where the brooms come alive, and the mops come alive. I think Mickey was the servant of some sorceror. This photo reminds me of that cartoon. I saw it when I was like 3 years old.

Lydia’s one turned out really nicely!

I cannot be left out. No!

A view of the other resort.

Lydia was kind enough to rub aloe vera lotion on my sunburnt legs.

Lydia and I sleeping after three long days of sun, sea and fun!

I woke up at 6.30am just to catch the sunrise!

This figure is Lie Yuen in shape. 🙂 Like the iPod ads!

Now that we’re done with the photos from my digicam, we’ll move on to the ones from FIVE disposable waterproof cameras.

Lydia snorkelling. (photo taken from underneathe)

My feet!

HAHAHA ewwww..but yeah, that’s me.

Sea cucumber or headset? Your guess.

A lovely photo of Lie Yuen and me.

A lovely shot of a clown fish rummaging around the corals.

Oh look! A pissing sea cucumber!….or……a……pissing something else? Once again, your guess! *looks away innocently*

They call it mushroom coral… spiky slimey thing.

I like the way the wave rises in this pic.

A baby shark!

It was so hard to dive into the water by yourself(maybe too salty), the guides had to push us down.

Lydia’s serious snorkelling face.

Some people are so daring.

When we went for that snorkelling trip, Carol and Lie Yuen didn’t follow us because they were too tired. But it was alot of fun!

 A small sword fish near the surface of the water!

The three of us. Don’t know where carol was.

Christmas tree coral!! They came in all sorts of colours(blue and white, yellow and pink, black and purple, brown and green, yellow and orange, red and green… endless combinations!) and would seep back into their shells if you brush your toes against it.

This is a giant clam. Pretty thing!

Can’t remember what fish it was.

The fishes eating the bread that I gave them at the marine park.

It was so geli to have fishes swimming around you and rubbing against your body.

My guide who taught me alot about the marine life. Of which I have forgotten.

A photo of me diving..

And this one I like the most! Pretty that overexposure on the lower right corner though.

A coral that looks like a brain.

A school of fishes, illuminated by the rays from the sun. SO LITTLE MERMAID… ohmigod, I didn’t realise. I’m actually listening to “Part Of Your World” on my media player.


Lydia got herself a huge mushroom coral!

I like this one too because it’s like you can feel the wave even by looking at the photo.

Sitting on the … what do you call it, deck? and enjoying the sea breeze. Felt SO good.

ARGH I FINISHED THE ENTRY! *brings out champagne*