The Magical Rice Cooker Produces Another Miracle! (and so does Mr.Brown)

I’ve brought our relationship to another level…

The magical rice cooker and I have started using oil during our moments together.
The scent of chopped garlic fizzing in the hot oil…mmmmm… my nostrils flare with every breath I take, inhaling the wonderful aroma of burning garlic.

At first the oil seemed very viscous at the bottom of the cooking pot, but when garlic and kang kung was added, the tell-tale fizz of water and hot oil told me that, EUREKA!! THE MAGICAL RICE COOKER CAN BE USED A FRYING PAN AS WELL. WHOOHOo!!

The compulsory garlic. <3


Cheapest bottle of oil with a brand that I could recognise that I could find in Tesco. RM2.90!

Sha..sha….. ok, I will stop making spastic sounds.


There you go! After adding water and salt, it’s starting to look like proper cooked vegetables.

Tada!! Looks good or not?! It was edible okay, and very nice too. 🙂

Coming up next: Meat with Spaggheti.
Coming up nexter: Steamboat Party(a joint venture among all our rice cookers) for the entire Bandar Puteri Jaya hostel people at the guys’ home.

By the way, I was flipping through the Seventeen magazine last night and I saw this new column where they take a guy and give him a make over. I looked at the guy and thought, “Hmm, cute. Nice green shirt. Well done, but who would do it?”


I remember during our trip to Halo Cafe, Dennis mentioned that he would be appearing in Seventeen after being dragged by Mel or Mabel.

He was telling us about his experience during the photoshoot.

The photographer would ask him, “Lei hor ng hor yu siu har?”(can you smile abit ar?)

After some frustrating moments, he said, “Lei hor ng hor yu ng siu ar?”(Can you not smile ar?”

Finally he said, “Um, lei hor ng hor yu man tit ar?”(Can you be more man ar?)

HAHAHAHAHA.. Rest assured. Dennis is all man and he was doing this shoot out of courtesy because he was asked to. Still…*continues laughing at photographer’s comments*

Is it just because my best friend Melody works for Seventeen and hence people I know tend to appear alot on Seventeen or do I know too many people as I grow older?(ahem)

Among the pages I found..

Jasmine Yip.

and Yvonne Foong.

On another note, here’s a hearty congratulations to Singapore’s top blogger Mr.Brown. Another beautiful addition to his wonderful family. I just realised that he and his wife have got the nicest ideas for names. Their first child is named Faith, second child named Isaac and the latest addition, Joy. 🙂

Well, it’s the new generation of names! No more Nicholas, Amanda, Melissa, Jonathan etc. (Sorry to the nicholases, amandas and melissas that I know..just that I know too many liao.:P)