The Mutated Geisha And Her Viva Examinations

Rolling in bed from 4am-4.30 am, waking up automatically at 8.30am and rolling till 9.30am…argh.

The tightness in the stomach, not knowing whether you need to shit or is it because of period pain or exam tension gets the better of me. Not a nice feeling.

Lie Yuen spent a better part of the night reading out past year questions to make me cry. The frustration! She tried to emulate our biochemistry lecturer’s facial expression… the sarcastic expression and the dramatic pauses if you cannot answer a question. *takes chair and whacks Lie Yuen up*

Apparently it was to prepare me better for my VIVA examinations. -_-

When I reached the waiting room where the other few students were waiting for their turn, I was told by Andy that they were asking questions that I got wrong for in the finals paper. He said, “No worries! If cannot answer, just say “Sorry sir, I’m not sure.” and they’ll give you another question! Don’t waste time by acting blur! You can do it!!!”

So I went in there and was surprised to see one gweilo examiner. Some external examiner apparently. And the thing with gweilos is that they are super super friendly and so he was like all professional with me, treating me like a proper adult and giving me a handshake and smiling at me saying, “Nice to meet you!”

And my Malaysian Chinese biochemistry lecturer motioned with his hand for me to sit down and I extended my own hand….


Someone just chop me into pieces.

Then he realised and shook my hand as well.

I wanna die die die die die die die. I hate it when I thought someone wanted to shake my hand but actually didn’t.

So paiseh wei.

This is the lecturer who comes in to teach us every few days a week….and what the hell was I thinking????? Why would he want to shake my hand??? LOL


So anyway, I decided to put Andy’s motto to good use:

External examiner: So….can you tell me the functions of cholesterol?

Me: *OMFG SHIT SHIT SHIT*.. er…… it builds the phospholipid membrane?

EE: Yes…..and…?

Me: *oh crapppp* …er sorry sir, I’m not too sure.

EE: Well… is involved in the production of some hormones…….


EE: Right….what else?

At this point I had a blank look on my face.

Me: sorry sir, I’m not too sure…….myelin sheath?

EE: Say, In a developing fetus, if there is no cholesterol, what will happen?

Me: Sorry sir, I’m not too sure…:(

EE: Cholesterol is in the brain……….


EE: That’s right.

And there were a few more questions.. basically carried out in the same style where they’d guide me along with hints. Anyway, keep in mind that my answers may sound extra crappy because I’m relating back what I said and god knows, when i’m done with exams, most of it leaves my head soon after.

Oh well, hopefully I’ll pass this last obstacle.
By the way, I had abit of fun last night when I was frustrated with my hair and twisted it into something weird on top of my head.

Check it out.. Kimono, fan, hair, chopstick. I’m so convincing. Mamasan Jolene.

Hai~~~. Somemore the comforter is of a flowery kind.LOL

Lie Yuen and the mamasan.

Since the theme is…

But Lie Yuen’s mamasan was abit busy and a little underpaid. Mamasan had a viva exam the following day. She dressed up as a mamasan to destress from the crazy ass exams.

I thought the hairstyle could serve for other purposes as well.

Same same or not? She’s prettier right?

But my brother say this one more accurate. lol.

My hair was unravelling from its so called onion ‘do… so I thought I’d snap a few more pics..

…and had some photoshop fun with it later.:P

I love the expression in this one!

Hatsumomo gone crazy..

I don’t know..Ninja butterfly?

Hatsumomo still crazy.

Better continue studying after having a good laugh.

And I promise to update the shape of my eyebrows when I’m done with all the exams.

Living with Jolene is quite contagious it seems. This one is for her blog post.