The Obligatory Post Exams Shopping Trip In Penang

Ya ya, same format. After exams, early Saturday afternoon, camwhore in car, go down the highway, cross the Penang bridge, hit the malls.

We were so ambitious as we wanted to cover Queensbay, Prangin Mall and Gurney Plaza last last Saturday. We arrived at Queensbay at like 11am and by the time we left Prangin, hoping to go to Gurney Plaza, it was already nearly 9pm.

That’s right.

10 hours of shopping. I was smart enough to wear my flats! By the end of the day, Brenda almost needed us to carry her to the car. I doubt she owns a pair of flats amidst her record breaking shoe collection.

So only two malls! And so many purchases. T_T

While waiting for Poh Yee again. See my eyes! It’s with the double eyelid adhesive strips!

No photoshop needed! Though the right eye is like smaller. ;(

Poh yee loves the camera too much to be excluded.

Lie Yuen, the designated driver until middle of January 2008! Woohoo. The Giant Tooth will be coming soon. That’s what Melody named my future pearl white Myvi by the way. And I’m apparently the tooth fairy. -__-. Sett was saying, “Um, I thought tooth fairies take teeth away, how come the giant tooth is taking you away?” Hahahha, he has a point there.

If you’re patient, the make stupid faces bug might just hit me. Probably end of January next year? That’s when I’ll be studying for my module 2 exams. Haha.

T__T I know, I also want to do stupid faces instead of this kind. Don’t know what got into me. Must be those double eyelid adhesive strips. Give a girl(‘s eyes) an inch, and she takes a yard.

We were keeping score to see who made the first purchase. At this point it was Poh Yee 2, Jolene 0 and Lie Yuen 0. She bought a ring and a hairband.

Poh Yee 3 and Lie Yuen 1. Jolene 0. Jolene’s leading!(yes, that’s how it works.)
They bought those punching thingies to massage their back. It’s really works especially after a long day of practical classes. After 30 years of practice, most of us would definitely be recommending chiropractors to each other.

There was this wig shop that lets you try on their (overpriced) wigs for RM5.

I picked up one of the slightly more extravagant wigs on display. I’m doing a Tonks!

You can’t believe the amount of people on MSN who thought it was my real hair. It does look like my real hairstyle. Or maybe they were just layaning me when I said that it IS my real hair and please get over it.

It’s not everyday I get to wear purple hair. Hence the many photos!

I actually like the wig..

There was this cardboard cut out that we simply had to take a picture with. Poh Yee’s face damn cute here!

Lie Yuen looks the most natural.

I’m like a freaking chipmunk.

We were on the Many Clothes Shop floor at Queensbay. Our favourite floor! We could spend hours there and no where else. Nichii is always the place for me to indulge in some dressing ups(without buying anything. hohohoho!)

A satin party frock in peacock green!

I was just reacting to the upbeat music which was being played at the store.

Tried on a Carmen Sandiegoish type of coat. Maybe a size smaller would be nice? But my arms would probably be too big for a smaller size.

MMmm, something for cocktails that I don’t get invitations to.

And I love this!! So simple and comfy. I can even wear it to class with a plain white baby-tee beneath.

Lie Yuen ended up buying this dress! It’s very Desperate Housewives don’t you think? Particularly, Bree. I really like it too. Too bad clothes like these don’t come in my size. ;(

When Brenda arrived, I had an itchy backside moment and wanted to try on another wig. This time a little more daring.

I’ve never had curls before! Don’t really fancy the bangs, but it’s a thought!

Lie Yuen asked me to act natural. Nah, natural.

Love the back!

In the mirror I look like a middle aged hair stylist.

Trying to copy how the Japanese women pose in the fashion magazines. They usually get stopped in the streets to have their nails photographed or something.

I look half dressed with this tunic top.

It’s hard to find a dressy top that can be worn to classes. The red one looks nicer in photos.

But I ended up with the purple one as it’s more slimming in real life.

The others were salivating over their future dinner dresses. Long time more babes.

This one dreaming about her wedding day. -_-

I gave Daniel Wu a kiss and continued shopping.

After a long delay, Forever21 finally decided to open its doors at Queens Bay. It was super huge.

I look like a middle age European tourist.

Forever21 is my new love! I used to scourn at the clothes when Forever21 first opened its doors at One-Utama. Everything was a mess and there is such a thing as having TOO many clothes. But after checking out the Forever21 website, I have to say..the clothes are damn beautiful! It’s common knowledge that the stuff on the website are not in the same season as the ones in our local stores. Plus, it’s like RM70+ for a top if you buy it from their website. Furthermore, if you combine shipping with a few friends, you’d save on postage!

The usual price range for a top at Forever21 locally is like RM100 at the very least.

I’ve been seeing tops and dresses in this style on their website. I do hope the more affordable retail outlets will catch on(or has this ship sailed away already?) and I can then indulge in some Twiggy-inspired 60’s mod fashion. *insert Jolene fat joke here.*

You can see my skin showing the faintest tinge of blue due to lack of oxygen from all that tummy sucking. Hehehe..OKAY LAH, I THINK I LOST A BIT OF WEIGHT!! YAY!! I could fit into almost everything I laid my hands on that day. Usually nothing can get past my chest and even if it does, I can hear a few threads snapping. Then when I came home this weekend, my usually critical haircutter(I’m not pretentious.. she’s not exactly a lowly salon girl or a hip ‘n happening hairstylist) told me that I lost weight, my dad looked at me and said, “did you lose weight?” and my cousin Shevie(who totally has no reason to lie to me) also asked if I lost weight. NOW THE ANSWER LIES WITHIN YOURSELVES DEAR READERS. Hahaha. Just kidding. No pressure.

Gosh, I love it! On the website, there are even dresses in this style! … wait, the word is tunic. -__-. Halter tunics.

Found this floaty bat-winged top. Just worried that I might give nightmares to people who are shorter than me and who are standing next to me.

Something like that but not quite. By the way, this is no longer Forever21. The dress is imported from Hong Kong or something. The material sucks but I really like the style. It would have been so much better if the thing clinching the waist is not a ribbon but a sash of some sort.

Damnit, why do my mammaries look grandmotherly. IT’S THE WRONG ROUNDNESS. ARGH!

This will probably be Lie Yuen and Poh yee’s favourite photo for a long long time.

Zhu Zen joined the four of us and we then went on to look for shoes at Prangin. There’s a whole floor full of shoe shops there. It’s like the Sg. Wang of Penang, just slightly uglier. But hey, if you’ve got the patience, treasures can be unearthed!

Zhu Zen and I were in dire need of bags. Again, we had to sieve through the horrendous collection of cheap pvc bags before stumbling upon a couple that can be allowed to see the light of day.

Who loves funky earrings? 😀

More crazy looking earrings.

We came across this whore-influenced shop selling seriously s&m looking clothes. The corset was RM60 and I could fit into it!! But I can’t imagine going out in a corset even though I like corsets a lot. Sigh.

Looks more decent when I have my pants on!

See the other slutty choices at the shop!

Would you dare step out of the house in that get up? Maybe to a Halloween party I would. Speaking of Halloween, I found a local seller on eBay exporting naughty fantasies costumes to the US. RM30 for a piece!! The guy is from Alor Star too!

Maaaan. Will you go out in that?

We then went to QEII(which stands for Queen Elizabeth The Second) for an accidental expensive dinner after a failed attempt to find a parking spot at the hawker center along Gurney Drive. I’ve actually been working on this post for a couple of days due to my procrastinating ways and I was also back in Subang for the weekend. Before I could publish this post, turns out that Tim has blogged about QEII as well! 🙂

Brenda has been raving about the place for ages. It’s an old building which was converted into a restaurant and a pub. Very atas. But we persevered. However, the more civilized we tried to act, the more barbaric we became.

There was even a buggy that drove us up from the pier.

The interior was really something else. So old in a post modern kind of way!

I was using my gorillapod and the waiter commented that it’s a very unique tripod! I then went on to babble about how my friend bought it for me bla bla bla and he gave a polite smile and didn’t bother to carry on with the conversation. 🙁

I love the walls, the furniture and the choice of lamps!

A rustic chandelier hangs above us.

The restaurant looks out to the sea and over to the mainland. You can guess as much that it’s really near the Penang bridge.

A view from the restaurant, looking back at the island.

A pretty lit up mini fountain greets you at the entrance.

The open air bar area. Love the colours! This is why I’ve been a fan of Lumix cameras for the longest time. The colours are so natural without even a red, blue or yellow tinge. My family’s old cameras(Sony and Canon Ixus) could never produce the same results as the Lumix. Though if you want to have a romantic yellow glow, the Canon Ixus helps!

This area was surrounded by water.

It was something old.

After running around the place with my camera, I went upstairs to take this picture before going in to eat my chicken dish. I can’t remember the exact name. But I think there was mushroom sauce.

The four of us were trying our very best to behave ourselves as we mentioned before, the place is quite atas. We couldn’t help laughing at all our little blunders and then laughing far too loudly. Not exactly good table manners at a classy joint.

When the bill came, we wanted to pay RM50 per person. But Lie Yuen decided to pay with her credit card first. She asked the waiter in her most posh voice, “Do you accept credit cards here?”

The waiter said, “Yes, of course maam.”

When the waiter left, I was practically bursting as I leaned over and whispered, “OF COURSE THEY ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS HERE!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA”.

Zhu Zen and Poh Yee could barely contain themselves too.

I was shrieking with laughter as Lie Yuen put her head on the table in embarrassment.

Peals of tears were coming out of my eyes and hurting me because the double eyelid adhesive strips was slipping and poking my eyes.

Then when the waiter brought the credit card payment slip for her to sign, she proceeded to scribble her signature in between fits of controlled laughter.

“Erm, sorry maam, you signed on the wrong place,” the waiter said apologetically.

Lie Yuen was as red as a tomato as she scribbled another signature on the slip.

Kesian betul.

HAHAHA. That concludes our last time there.

Boats parked alongside the pier, illuminated by little lamps on the side. So pretty! Plus the spectacular view in the distance…*melts* So romantic. I didn’t check if we could walk out to the pier though.

Lie Yuen and myself.

l-r: Zhu Zen, Poh Yee and Lie Yuen.

Another view from the restaurant.

Looking out to the mainland again.

This is the bar area. It looked like an icebar with all the blue and pink lighting.

Just me doing my 360 thing to show you around.

In KL we have places like this overlooking the city from the skies.
In Penang, we have places like this looking at the (mainland)city at sea level.

The long walkway leading out of the restaurant.

QEII from afar.

More boats. I love the way they reflect on the water.

Stagnant water.

Doing more long shutter shots of the place! Gotta love the night mode function on my camera.

Old beautiful buildings lining semi empty streets deserve photo opportunities.

We arrived back at Sungai Petani around midnight. Here’s the damage for the day.

Three pairs of shoes. All three pairs together didn’t even come up to Rm100! It’s really comfortable too! Especially the two white ones.

A red baby t-shirt and that purple top! Plus a bag as I don’t have a proper handbag here in SP.

The shirt is so me!! It says, “I’ll sleep when I’m old!”

I tried another double eyelid sticker technique. One word: Lousy.

I bought earrings too! So cute right?

Now, if you would excuse me, I’m going to throw myself into The Drive Of Life. My TVB addiction has returned, stronger than ever!! I even watched War and Beauty on my Ipod Nano on the bus today. 5 episodes! With english subtitles. I can die happy now as I’ve been searching for War and Beauty with english subtitles for the longest time. The ancient cantonese is so complicated that I couldn’t understand what was going on. So sad.