The Vietnam Trip – Episode 5

Ah, a food entry, finally.

After the war memorial and the handicapped handicraft factory, we went for an authentic vietnamese lunch!

Along the way we saw that infamous Virgin Mary(?) statue that cried recently. It was reported in the papers.

It was Christmas Day and kids everywhere were in this get up.

A Vietnamese boyscout.

Dad placing his orders. I didn’t know that waiter was posing for me. Hahahhaa. Dad wanted us to try this thing called Fly Rice. (We thought he mispronounced Fried Rice). It’s a rice dish which is cooked in a claypot with various herbs and it is cooked until it is really hard. The claypot will then be cracked upon and the waiter standing at the table will catch the rice with a plate when that hard solid disc of rice is thrown from the kitchen. A good 10 metres away somemore.

My grandmother and mother laughing about the fly rice concept.

The delicious fly rice. I liked it because it was crunchy and salty.


Then there was some tomyam thingie going on which I did not bother to touch.

Prawns in tomato puree!

This is almost like staple among the Vietnamese. They used rice paper to wrap vegetables and meat so it’s like a popiah of sorts.

See? Dipped in soya sauce, the result is heavenly. Mmm. Sorry, I’ve got a salty tongue.

The exterior of the restaurant.

One thing scary about Vietnam is the way they deal with their electrical wirings.

After lunch, Dad and I went walking around the shops outside our hotel while my mum and grandmother slept and my brother shat.(Yes, shat.)

Dad has been telling me about this ‘funky looking dental clinic’. O-kay. Here I am, posing for a photo at the clinic.

A typical sidewalk. They like those tiny stools, them Vietnamese. I keep seeing it everywhere. And they love hammocks too, as you’ll see later.

Dad posing near an old