The Vietnam Trip – Episode Six

Later in the evening, Dad told us that we would be going for dinner with an important client of his and Daniel The General Manager Who Is Based In Vietnam(DGMWIBIV) at a restaurant called Maxim’s. I was intrigued. Why, such a fancy name!

We were supposed to be on our best behaviour etc etc. *rolls eyes*.

We asked him, “Dad, what do you mean by best behavior?”
He said, “No dirty jokes.”
“Oh,”. 🙁

This is the entrance. I wanted a nicer photo of it but did not have the chance to because I was supposed to be on my ‘best behaviour’.

Pretty latterns that hang from the ceiling.

I love the reflection of the latterns on the mirror behind the bar.

Lovely candlelight effect.

The interior of the restaurant. It was still quite early, hence the emptiness.

Candlelight effect~ whoooohoo.

Another shot of a different angle of the interior.

I bought these bracelets for RM5 each from a girl from uni who was selling these as a part time job. See how the plastic glass beads catch the light?

Another one of the interior. Damn it, my camera was set at low exposure and I did not even realise it.

I cannot resist doing this when I see mirrors.

Dad and I taking one together outside.

After helping us to take the shot above, Daniel asked Dad’s permission to take one with me. Wahahahaa. Permission? *rolls eyes*

The ingredients to be wrapped in rice paper. That’s not lotus at the bottom of the photo. It’s banana flower. Yeah, banana flower. And on the upper left hand corner is roasted pork wrapped around a sugarcane.

I’ve no idea what meat. But it cannot be chicken, what with the bird flu.

I can still taste the sweetness of the meat. It took all of me to resist gnawing at the sugarcane.

Normal veggie soup. One thing about the soups in Vietnam, it’s always with loads and loads of pepper. Bleurgggh.

Overall, the food is good. The price range is similiar to TGIF’s which is pretty fascinating given the classy interior of the place.

L-r: Dad, Daniel, Dad’s client.. damn I have such a lousy memory. Can’t remember their surname.. crap.

Group photo with lousy low exposure.
top l-r: Dad, Daniel, Brother
middle l-r: Dad’s client, Dad’s client’s son – Na, Me, Dad’s client’s younger son- Tre.
bottom l-r: Dad’s client’s wife, Grandma, Mum

A photo with the Vietnamese boys and my brother.
It’s the flash okay, it exaggerates the smallness of my eyes. *fumes*
Na is the older son and is 22 this year, an IT student doing his final year in the University of Canberra. His brother, Tre, is younger than my brother by a year*calculates*, about 16 years old. He has plans to complete his high school education in the United states.

Interesting boys really. The younger one is really sweet but the older one, you have to be slightly careful with your choice of words as he has this ability to give a sarcasm-filled comeback. Mel, Amanda, you’d like to converse with him.

For instance, I made a big big boo boo. I was interested to know where were the dog meat stalls. But I stated clearly, “I just want to take a photograph of a dog meat stall,”. Na asked his mother in Vietnamese and then he was explaining which market stocks them etc and then he cut himself off and said, “Oh why are we talking about this over dinner??”

The bamboo-curtained entrance.

After dinner, we took a slow stroll back to the hotel.

I love Christmas decoration!

The dustbin man make spoil.

We went into Saigon Expressions(a boutique I mentioned in an earlier entry) to get dad’s and my bro’s suits. It was not ready yet. Haha, this was just part of the suit.

My brother was too lazy to come out when my parents, grandmother and I went to the ice-cream parlour that my dad was raving about. It has got such a wrong name.

l-r: dad, Mum, grandma.

Green tea ice cream

A cocktail with ice-cream. Mm.

A gelato concoction of fruits. Is that the word for it?

Everything on the menu was below RM8. In Malaysia, RM8 allows you one miserable scoop of Haagen Daz ice-cream.

Before returning to the hotel, I wanted to take a photo of that faraway white building. But got a picture of a man pointing instead. Still nice, though.