The Yin And Yang Of A Stressed Female Student

I’d like to tell you that my momentum has returned to a state very similiar to my SPM days. I’ve been studying 4pm-7pm and then continuing about 9.30/10pm to 3.30am almost daily for the past two weeks.

Yes, it is a good thing. But back then there was something called ‘latihan books’ and past year papers. Now? Zilch, zero. One of the cons of being a pioneer batch. So I can’t say much about my academic-material absorbance.

Splitting headache going on. But I’ll persevere and satiate my blogging quota for the day.

When I’m studying, a mess is a solid evidence of my efforts.

Everybody going all the way..

I don’t know if I speak for the rest of the females, but when exams roll around, my physical appearance takes a back seat. I don’t have the chance to go out, so why bother doing the oligatory eye brow plucking, pimple healing, hair combing, lip balming, moisturising and armpit shaving procedures? 😀


One of the things that come hand in hand with scary exams are pimples. In this photo, a pimple sits amidst my forrest of unkempt eyebrows. There’s a discolouration around the corners of my eye due to lack of sleep.

A lone pimple sits just below my cheek bone. It’s like an eclipse going on what with the mole just a distance away.

A sorry excuse for a pair of lips. The cracks remind me of the dry African lands in a bad bad drought. Wateeerrrrrrrrrrrrr-*hack* *hack*.

This is the obligatory “Fuck It Lah” hairstyle. Everyone in the hostel is wearing it.

I found a whole collection of pimples beneath my bangs.

The must-have eyebags. Ohmygod, my skin is so…..weird. I think it is wrinkles. I’m a young old lady.

After my exams, I promise I’ll go for a haircut, redefine my pathetic brows, moisturise my skin and lips, sleep more, eat better….oh, and I’m down with the flu again(hence the red nose).

When I don’t have exams, I try my best to look as uncrappy as possible. it’s just a matter of combing my hair/straightening it, using some makeup, smiling more etc.

I mean even when I dress up, I’m still not exactly the epitome of RAVISHING BEAUTY *makes hand motions and opens eyes big big*… but at least I look presentable enough and do not get thrown out of establishments and joints, right?:D

But with the way I look now, *scratches places where you should not know about*, erm, where was I, ah yes, yeah, with the way I look now, I’ll probably get mistaken for a crazy bag lady.

Hehehe, sorry, miang for awhile.

But my point is that there’s such a stark difference between making an effort and the just-fuck-it-lah attitude. I guess that’s the thing about being a woman for the rest of us.

And yes, I love my stickybra.  Now that I have exams? Big t-shirts and ratty old spaggetis that do not require the services of my dear stickybra.  

So you see people, to enjoy life, we must have a bit of good and a bit of bad. Yin and Yang. Sometimes the occasions call for the luxury of looking presentable and in other circumstances, we simply cannot afford simple habits such as moisturising and combing one’s hair.

I hope I make sense.