So Tell Me, What Do You Do and Would Like To Do?

I’m pinching this idea from Scott Adam’s(the great genius behind the Dilbert comics) blog so that I can be entertained for a bit.

We will all grow up(or those of you who have grown up who drop by, Hello there!) and hate our jobs at one point. I presume most of the people who read me are my friends(ie.students), friends’ friends(students) and random people(young adults – friends’ parents)

I thought it’d be fun if you guys can go ahead and describe your job or future job(based on the course you’re taking at your university) in a humorous and derogatory way! Then tell me about your secret ambition.

Based on this comic trip by Scott Adams, Dogbert used ‘turd’ to further illustrate his job.

🙂 You can be anonymous in this one, if you like.

Here I’ll start the ball rolling:

I will have to pick turd out from pits and fissures of people who will wriggle and scream and I will have to withstand insults from children who consider me as turd. For all my life(in 3 years’ time). But at least I can put my children through university.

If physics was easy, I would be Malaysia’s first female astronaut(so I can see my turd float in space. Kidding.)!

p/s: it would be strange seeing how malaysians don’t really use the word turd. But do try to learn to use it. It would be fun!
p/ss: oh yeah before I forget. Do help Edrei with his blogathon plight!