Three Years With You

Our relationship is slightly more special than other couples’ because we have a two days long anniversary every year. So we can still wish each other “Happy Anniversary, dear~!” for 48 hours. Very flexible!

This year, we spent five wonderful days together. Sun, sea, sand, wonderful company and most of all, you. 🙂

Months before our third anniversary I’m like a toddler telling everyone, “2 and a half years now!” and now we’re finally at three. 🙂

And today marks the end of our third year as we enter our fourth.

I love you for understanding the kind of person that I am, this blabber-mouthed, PMSing at times, hamsap-minded girl and loving me for everything that I am.

And I love you for the busy bee that you are because it means you’re hardworking and responsible, your lovably lame jokes because you want everyone to be happy, your inability to detect my angry moments because it only means that you’re a kind and simple guy without the malice of an average bastard and most of all, your willingness to do something differently whenever I tell you that I’m unhappy about something. 🙂 I’ve noticed it. Really.

In 10 years, hopefully we won’t be living apart.

In 30 years, we’ll probably be eating chap fan for lunch together at the coffee shop down the road from our clinic and pharmacy double story shop lot because education is not cheap in the year 2037.

In 50 years, I’ll be nagging you and you won’t be able to hear a thing. Told you to let me dig your ears all those years ago. Scaredy cat.

In 70 years, we’ll be swirling happily together in our urns.

In 1000 years, we’ll be lying together under layers of soils, returning to the earth.

In 10,000 years, we’ll become petroleum together. 🙂

In 150,000 years, you and I will be made into plastic made in China toys. Plastic toy humans that the modern day dinosaur kids play with. Yea. That’s the plan.

And when the sun burns out, I’m that dust particle floating next to you. 🙂

Happy Third Anniversary, dear. 🙂