Time For Me To Spew Hate Again

Some people shoot out nonsense from their aloof brains without caring if they step on toes along the way. Toes that belong to people who would definitely cross path with them in the future, in years to come. After this.

Nobody died and gave you the rights to talk like you’re more superior. So what if you are indeed better than them? In certain situations, you need to understand where the freaking line is drawn. If you respected us in the first place, respect would have been given to you too. But from day one, the vibes from you have pissed me off with nary an explanation.

Sometimes you just dislike a person without knowing why. Arrogance will never get you far.

It’s pathetic when you want to run away from responsibilities that have been entrusted on to you. If this goes on, in time to come, you would probably contribute to the downfall of what we have worked hard for all this while.  But that downfall will never happen because we want to make this work. With or without you, we’ll finish what we started.

Your excuses are stupid and overused. Nobody believes you, especially those who are supposed to watch over you. I can’t stand people who are up to forehead level in bullshit.

People don’t get you. You cannot continue living in your own world of (self acknowledged) wit and sarcasm. Stop acting like something that disgusts everyone. Looking at you pretending and pretending, do you not get tired? I’m already tired of you.

Noise. That’s all I hear. Senseless, mind-numbing noise, that keeps coming forth when something bad happens. Think twice if you are just like the person before playing the moral police. You. are. a. major. hypocrite.

Nobody freaking cares what you have to say. Your content is zero, you just drag on with your faux politeness which is really, just a big waste of time.

and YOU. Stupid gorilla. When the hell are you gonna disappear?

– Okay done ranting. Try counting how many people have been highlighted in this post. lol.