Totally Bloggable

So I had my first pick up in a club just hours ago. The only time a guy walked up to me in a club before this was to totally walk pass me AND ask poor Chee Kiang for his number. (he retracted backwards in horror and said, “NOnonono!”)

I was not like being inviting or anything, just standing under the aircon near the DJ area cooling myself. Suddenly this oldish guy stuck his hand out, right in front of my face.

“Hi, Wo shi Derek,” said old guy.

“Umm..wo pu hui chiang hua yi. I’m Jolene”. I replied.

Switching to Cantonese after finding out that I cannot speak mandarin and he cannot speak English(ugh), I was trapped in a conversation for about 10 minutes, with my hands clamped together awkwardly. My terrible classmates and juniors just walked pass with smirks on their faces.

The conversation was pretty decent, with him and his broken cantonese and me trying to get away but still answering some questions since it was harmless. He was not offering me anything to drink or anything and I was just next to my own table where 15 of us were at.

Sensing that I was not that interested, he waved goodbye and went back to his old people friends.

After an hour or so, I was back on the dance floor with the girls.

The guy has got this very dirty old man look lah (though he said he’s 26) and I saw him looking my way but I felt weirded out and just ignored and continued dancing with the rest.

It came to a point where I was right in front of his table and he asked me if I wanted a drink. “Just a bit,” he said.

One of my friends said, “eh, better not..”

But of course I knew better than that. So I said, “It’s okay, I drank a lot already,”

“Oh…sure lah, you drank a lot. Your stomach so big!” Complete with hand motions and all.



But I gave him this look –> =_= and turned away and continued dancing. Glared at him a few times and then after awhile, he was chatting Cze-Yin up pulak.

Got buayaed and insulted in one night.

I’ve reached this level where getting insulted is actually a funny thing now as I’ve come to term with my flaws. 🙂 Must be something to do with growing up because as a child, I would take it really badly. Nowadays, I would enjoy telling my friends about these idiots and get the satisfactory, “WHAT A FUCKER!!” from them.
Ahhh. Stupid people.