UK Trip Day 1 – My Aunt’s Garden and Sutton Town

Can’t believe I’m more able to blog when I am so far away from home compared to when I am back home. *Stares guiltily at photos from months ago*

So anyway, this was just two days ago! My first day and first time in the UK!

Even though it’s the end of summer, it’s like Genting Highlands! I almost needed to wear gloves yesterday and there were locals tanning themselves in their bikini in the parks. @.@

Obligatory ‘On Vacation’ photo.

Probably closest I can get to a Double Decker bus now, says my Uncle.

Looks like Cameron Highlands right? And my aunt and uncle kept pffting us saying that it is nice and breeze what are we talking about.

My Uncle Terry has been playing cook (as I type this, he is preparing sandwiches for us on our day out! I help to wash the dishes one okay, so I am not that useless.) and creating dishes I’ve never even heard of! This was some cheese, tomatoes and puffy pastry dish.

Plenty of tomatoes were sitting in a bowl on the kitchen counter.

Like in my childhood picture books when they depict some grandma’s kitchen.

We had salad for lunch! I particularly like what we had for dinner. It was just chopped up lettuce, boiled lightly in half a pot of water and with a dash of salt. Fuss free and so yummy!!

That’s after we popped it in the oven.

Lunch is served!

Wrinkly tomatoes are the bomb!

Uncle Terry on his pretty balcony! I was just plucking tomatoes off those hanging plants you see in the pic to munch on. Damn niceee.

L-r: Aunt Judy, Mum, Myself and Popo.

I didn’t even have to wander far off from our place to take in the sights. The garden was already quite spectacular.

Roses were a must.

Outside my aunt and uncle’s place.

Some berries.. I think these were poisonous.

Daisies just rise up from the ground like weed!

I think these are lavenders.

More beautiful daisies! I could kneel on the ground and snap away and didn’t even pick up any grass stains!

Poppies! But no morphine in this one.

We thought it was made of plastic.

Buttercups in the wild!

yea we have this back home too.

I don’t know what these are! But it is nice!

Someone’s backyard.

The door way into the apartment block.

Uncle Terry was tossing an apple in the air.

Half way tossing. Hehe.


Too amazing. Apples were strewn all  over the floor!

Aren’t the shrubs cute?

You could just pluck things off from any random bush and munch.

Though admitedly I would need my uncle/aunt to tell me which is poisonous or not.

Rotten apples were littered all over the floor under this apple tree.

So desperate housewives!

Across between a prune and a grape.

Uncle Terry took some back to make salad.


And on the flip side of that rotten apple.

Some sort of cherries which went up, up, up.

Under another apple tree nearby.

Somehow this picture reminds me of Halloween.


Hollies for Christmas!

White and yellow daisies! It doesn’t get prettier than this!

Found my uncle’s pipe. Never seen one before!

Aunt brought us down to town which was just a bit of a walk away.

Ahh, I’ve yet to go on that.

Just around the corner.

Don’t you love how quaint their signboards are?

No cars are allowed there!

It was quite busy though for a supposedly sleepy town.

And at every corner, the buildings were like this!

Took this photo for Chee Kiang. Hahaha.

I don’t know how they find their things. It’s so packed!

That’s my aunt walking along.

Oooh! Damn iconic!

This was a toy shop, something like the one the Weasley twins have!

Saw some balloons outside of the phone shop I got my sim card from. Had a good mind to steal them. I love helium balloons!

Nice right?

So organized!

They brought us to proper pub and I had diet coke. -__-

Dad had a diet coke as well.

We sat out in the ‘sun’ but it was freezing.

Oh look! A real pint!

Still can’t get over the flowers there!

More apples on an apple tree!

A big rose!

Some graffiti along the way done for a church by some volunteers.

Squirrels just running wild like that.

Aunt brought us to take a short cut through a graveyard. The graveyard is not even scary at all.

A really old tombstone.

With the local church!

Just to get the blue skies in!

There’ll be more of this!

IMG_6878 copy by you.
Like the Harry Potter’s wand shop! Williwander was it?

IMG_6879 copy by you.

I love how they incorporate the flowers into their decor!

IMG_6881 copy by you.
Pity I couldn’t go close to the graffiti to see if it was just a big piece of sticker or perhaps it was actually actual paint!
IMG_6882 copy by you.
Ah something for the people back in Kedah. 🙂

IMG_6883 copy by you.
Trees towered over us everywhere..:)

I’m heading out now to go see castles! Ta!