UK Trip Day 4 – Worthing, A Port South of London

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Sometime back in August 2009

By the time I’m done with the UK Trip blog posts, I may have gotten married and migrated there on something.

So Day 4! Wow! (I stayed for a month T_T)

My Uncle Terry and his best friend Uncle Steve took the family to a port south of London called Worthing. It was a cloudy day as you can see from the pictures with the wind blowing our hair into a frenzy. It was one of the coldest day for me in England although it was summer! I still want to see winter in the UK though. To see the entire place blanketed in snow would be amazing!

All bundled up with Mum and grandma.

A few hotels line the beach with quaint coffee houses.

Grandma and her wind blown hair.

I know sport shoes don’t go so well with leggings but a girl shouldn’t suffer in the cold.

Just me trying to be artsy fartsy as a person cycles by.

So apparently that sea stretches out to America. Or something.

Mum having her karaoke video moment.

The wind made mum’s hair look like Diana Ross’ and I thought it was a really cool look!

The grandmas got along really well! They keep forgetting each other’s names though.

As you can see, my dad and his DSLR were practically inseparable throughout the trip. Though he did cool off a little towards the end of the month.

What a lovely day to bring the laptop out to the beach!

The seagull wonders if his loot will be good today with the choppy waters.

Clearly ecstatic to be in the UK!

I totally loved what the wind did with my hair and the many opportunities it gave me.

Dad and his models.

An out of place cottage-y place.

It was a common thing over there. Every other park I went to had benches with plaques on them.

Some of the benches are used to commemorate loved ones.

I think I already mentioned this but the dandelions in the UK are so big and puffy! Almost possible to apply blusher with it.

See the floating pollen near my forehead. Like Avatar!


Awwwwww <3

Hello I am Medusa.

Instead of sand the entire stretch is covered in pebbles. Thought this rusty old chain looked gorgeous against the acres and acres of pebbles.

Right.. What’s with the dates? Something to do with summer time?

This crafty looking signboard caught my eye!

Worthing must be a lovely neighbourhood with a quiet little arts and craft centre for families to spend the afternoon.


He looks like he was about to go into Dog Detective mode.

Somemore stand so straight!

Check out the hair now! The wind was getting mad.


Oh no I look like I have udders.


Not a decoration, but a real bird.

Dad’s karaoke moment.

Grandma Doris saw me taking a photo with the ice cream cone and hurried over to join me. So this totally eliminated all provocative poses with my tongue licking the tip of the ice-cream.

Ice cream for a cold summer day!

Crossing the road over to the shops.

Strictly for princesses.

After strolling through the shops in Worthing, we had lunch at Macari’s!

It was my first time having real fish and chips in England!

Ice-cream toppings above the ice-cream bar.

Even the coloured rice is different in the UK! All pastel and soft.

Marshmallows on your ice-cream?

Long time no see real fish and chips!! The last time I had authentic fish and chip was when I was like, 7 years old in Perth! Not a fan of chunky fries though but I finished every last piece. Not proud of myself at all.

A dish that Uncle Terry and Uncle Steve seem to love a lot – mashed peas. Nice meh?

Group photo!

One of the many signboards at any given intersection.

I like how they decorate the store fronts in the UK. Even the simplest type of store puts so much effort into drawing the customers to have a closer look.

See what I mean? This is just a tiny convenience store.

CANDIES! I went crazy looking at all the colours in the candy store!

So many to choose?

A scene taken right out of one of my many childhood story books.

These are Worthing rocks!

Uncle Steve bought a whole stack for us. Rock candies are canes with a design in it that spans the entire length. You chop it into tiny pieces to suck on. When I went for the Nuffnang Blog Awards, rock candies were served in a tiny glass jar. Delicious but rock candies can cut your tongue and make you bleed so be very careful when you suck on it. The sharp bits of the inner design can really hurt you after sucking for a bit.

An example of a design on a rock candy.

Designed like liquorice candy.

More colours which are not actually sweets.

Cookies and a hot cashier girl! That’s Uncle Steve paying for the Worthing Rocks.

Popo looks on in fascination at all the candies!

AHHHH!! I bought some liquorice candy having seen them in my story books for a better part of my childhood but never had the chance to have any. Tasted one, hated it all.

Snapping a photo of some hot brit boys while pretending to take a photo of the beautiful bush.

Dad in the streets of Worthing.

I love the architecture! All narrow and different from each other.

SO LOVE!! If this design was used to bling a handphone, girls would go mad!

Like me!

Mum takes time out to touch up her gloss.

I hardly went to any malls in the UK as most of the shops are located on streets.

Grandma Doris has a word with her son.

I went into Claire’s! The colours, as usual, caught my eye. I didn’t get myself anything as I couldn’t bear to spend on what I would later on consider to be junk. But the colours! OMG!


Hairbands in every colour and texture imaginable.

Every shop is so specific! This is a greeting cards store.

Wanted to get a picture of the wrapping paper up close but was afraid to aggravate the shop keeper.

Strangely, the streets leading back to the car was devoid of people.

Some charity shops.

Found this at the charity shop! Little clothes for dolls! Aw!

If only it was big enough for a life sized baby!

Some of the houses in the area. Loving the brick walls!

After coming back from the UK (for a very short span of time right after my trip), I was inspired to have my wooden door in my own home painted a bright solid colour!

Saw a police lady in action. Apparently a burglar was on the loose within the area.

That’s how the police in the Uk do their job.

Fresh products – my grandma’s version of a candy store.

I think these were some apartments in the area.

Hardly a sky scraper in the distance.

Saw some beautiful white trees along the highway.

After we got back, my ever so healthy Kooma took us for an evening stroll around the neighbourhood. So yeap, we were treated to plenty more flora.

We walked over to the bigger houses where there was more to see.

A pebbled church.

Kooma playing tour guide as she took us around her neighbourhood.

Lavendar smells SO heavenly. I plucked one and sniffed it the entire way.

A big fat toadstool! I expect the fairies to come out at night and have parties under it.

The family was refurbishing their home on their own.

I don’t know if these are poppy, I think I mentioned it before in a previous UK post. But it is so pretty right??

Little bumblebee is attracted to the lavendar plant as well!

We were really spoilt rotten during our trip there. Kooma made us some sort of sausage for dinner. Oh wait, I remember now. She called it Bangers and Mash!

The sausages were grilled and some onions were browned and sprinkled on top. A serving of mash potato and some boiled veggie. So very delicious! I came home (again) inspired to boil my vegetables. I did, once. Overboiled my brocolli and had yellow soggy mushy broccoli for dinner that one time. 🙁

The sausage has a thin crispy skin with a cushiony inside. Just the right amount of saltiness too! My mouth is watering at the memory of that dish.

My Kooma and Uncle Terry (Koo Cheong) are both awesome cooks. What they can make in the kitchen will cost me an arm and a leg at any fancy restaurant here at home. Can’t wait for the both of them to come back to pass on some skillz to me.