Walk Bad Soul

I can’t stop doing these literal cantonese translations. Walk Bad Soul, Hang Sui Wan means bad luck throughout the day.

Anyway, yeah.

I followed Lie Yuen to university today because it is the only place that I can do the things that I need to do online.

But as always, if it involves blogging, I will take ages and Lie Yuen was being too patient with me(through gritted teeth, hehe) so I asked her to go home first. Thought I’d fork out RM10 for a taxi ride home since what I needed to do online had to be done immediately.

At 1pm, I have not eaten anything the entire day. My stomach sang to me.

I got pissed off at the computer in the uni because they were s..o……..s……..l….o…….w……………. I waited for 15 minutes and they didn’t even load. Pissed, I took my things and went off to the Anatomy Dissection Hall and whatdya know, the two computers were taken up as well. I was glaring at the girl Friendstering away and nearly fall asleep, but couldn’t because the formalin was too strong what with the hall being used by a bunch of medic students studying a disembodied limb.

I was bored to my skull and wanted to go home. I called the taxi driver that was especially hired by the university and after waiting for him for 15 minutes, I got pissed and said that I was in a hurry and that I have someone else to fetch me home. Rm10 was also too painful to part with.

I then called 103, to get a Sg. Petani cab taxi service.

I ended up fighting with the Malay cabbie on the phone because he wanted to charge me RM15.

“Mana boleh moi, RM10 tak boleh lah moi, kita tak payah makan punya ar?”

“Haiyo, Hari Raya sudah datang, boleh makan lor!”

“Adoh, itu Amanjaya di mana? Dekat Strand Hospital? RM15 laaaaa..” 

“Tak mau. RM10.”

“Mana boleh moi…. haiyoh, berapa you nak?”

“Rm8. Wahaha, cakap je. Rm10 la.”

“Tak boleh lah moi,”

“SUDAHLAH . Tak nak lagi. Mahal sangat. *hangs up*”

Crazy fella, doesn’t he know that I’m saving up for a 5.0 megapixels camera? hmph. Pity this child wei.;(

I was so bored that I actually opened my slides to study and fell asleep after 5 minutes before being deliriously happy when I remembered that I have some chinese shows downloaded into my hard disk from Lishen’s external hard drive.

But in an un-chinese and studious community on a rainy day, where can I go that is quiet enough for me to listen to the dialogues and lonely enough for me not to disturb people who are studying?

I then sat in a stairwell and watched my chinese show. So many people walked past and looked at me. I hope I didn’t look like I was watching porn in a discreet manner. A lecturer even walked past and asked, “You alright, girl?”  “Yes, Sir! Just watching my chinese shows..”

Pai Seh..

So to save money, I took the 5pm bus, which meant that I didn’t get the chance to sweep, mop, pack bags, wash clothes, dry clothes, study aortic arches..all the things that I promised myself to do since there were no classes on Thursday.

Just as we were turning into the main road, a JPJ van stopped our bus. The JPJ climbed up the bus and said, “Ini bas untuk budak sekolah punya la”. The bus driver had to go to the back and settle things with the JPJ officer. Desmond(a classmate of mine) tried to take photos of the JPJ receiving bribe(but that didn’t happen). The saman was RM600!! What the fuck.. since when a Bas Sekolah was not allowed to fetch anybody else other than school children? If that’s the case, why would the university(Samy Vellu’s university somemore) hire such a bus? Besides, I’ve seen Taylor’s College having the same yellow school bus yet nothing happens!

Then suddenly comes along this stupid bunch of JPJ officers, oh, and very near Hari Raya too. I don’t see them stopping us anytime months before Hari Raya! I mean we’ve sat on this bus from Day One and I’m sure the bus has been used for many many times… and so what, the other days these JPJ officers must be slacking lah?!


Lydia(a pharmacy student) joked, “Then later they’ll ask us for our ICs. God, i hope not! I didn’t bring mine.”

Then one of the officers came up on the bus and said, “ahh.. boleh tolong tunjuk IC?”


Luckily I brought mine, and truth be told, don’t know why so itchy go and show. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had the chance to “Tunjuk IC” since I got mine 6 years ago. Then the officer took down my particulars and the girl who was next to me on the bus narrowed her eyes disapprovingly mouthing, “Shouldn’t show him!!”… and I was like, “Huh?? How I know?!” I asked him, “Er, Encik, untuk apa ye?” and he answered, “Rekod lah.”. I pestered somemore, “Rekod apa?”

He replied nonchalantly again, “Rekod lah! Adalah!”

I was not satisfied, “Tahulah, rekod untuk ape?”

He chuckled and said, “rekod untuk raya!”

Someone said, “Nak jemput kita untuk kenduri raya ke?”

He said, “yalah, rekod untuk raya.”

What the hell.. want to take down our particulars also tell us lah what happened right?! Don’t be so fucking mysterious about it and act all cutesey. YOU ARE A DAMN OFFICER AND YOU SHOULD SERVE YOUR FELLOW CIVILIANS WELL DAMNIT. ANSWER THEM PROPERLY WHEN THEY ASK YOU QUESTIONS.

I don’t think I am comfortable having my particulars with some officers… what if something happens to the bus driver and we’re called back for witness? Gosh. I’m just not comfortable with it.

I called my father repititively but he didn’t answer. So I continued asking the officer why why why and he didn’t answer me. CHIBAI betul!

My father called back and said I should complain to the university. So yeah, I’ll do just that. 🙁

Really bad luck.

Where’re my damn pamelo leaves? *Mandi air bali*