Wanted: A Bangla Grass Cutter and The Da Vinci Code.

I’m actually back for a couple of hours before my practical class at 2pm. Sigh. We wanted to pop over to Central Square(the one and only shopping mall in Sungai Petani) to catch The Da Vinci’s Code. The only good thing about Kedah is that on opening days of major blockbusters…. nobody throngs the malls. 🙂 Hence the heavily media-influenced students from my uni who hail from KL, Penang and anywhere else where the media has covered get nice rows and rows of empty seats. Can book for the entire class and you don’t even need to break the group up to sit in different areas.

*sniggers at those who cannot get ticket to see DVC back home*

Li Shen has made some noises about wanting to shift out because the house is too dirty. I mean anywhere else would be dirty too if we didn’t clean it right? The papaya tree is really giving me a headache. The rotten papayas on the floor are so scary that we don’t even know what to do about it but hold our breath and run to the door/gate when we enter/leave the house. We’re looking out for Bangla grass cutters to help us. This calls for the Big Bangla Hunt. I don’t think I’ve ever been this eager to look out for Banglas along the road side.

There are a few who live in the empty shot lots near my university. But mY DaDdY toLd Me NoT To waLK AlONe In ThaT AreA WoRrRR…
It’s like a whole Bangla village there. Every morning you can see them crossing the highway in throngs, leaping over the dividers and barricades. Can just imagine them singing a Semangat Bekerja type of song ala Hey Ho Hey Ho from Snow White. Maybe I’ll tail one and corner him individually and ask him for the favour.
Of course I’ll pay him lah. I can’t tahan the smell anymore. I mean how much can it be? Less than RM40?

I don’t want to go up to a whole group of Bangla workers and ask them, because that way a bigger group of people would know where we stay and it’s not very safe and all.

Anybody going for Grease Musical this weekend?? 🙂 I am! What to wear ar? It was such a pity that I missed Saturday Night Fever and Fame. The last and only musical I ever went to was Cats. I like plays and theatre productions and big scale musicals… but it’s just too bad that I am too far away from home to ever get to attend any of it. 🙁

Actually hor…I’ve got a secret passion to take part in plays one. 😛 Shh. Don’t tell anybody. *giggles*

Here’s a video of Angel having a go on my spinning chair.

On Wesak Day I went to Sunway Pyramid with She Dee and Mun Teng.

And bumped into Jennifer at Factory Outlet Store! She was damn red due to the sunburnt she got from the X-games.

I know lah, this post very boring. But I’ve not done eat shit sleep posts in ages. 🙂 I like lah, you blow ar?