Weird Dream (Starring Grandparents, Lilian Chan, Liss etc.)

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had weird dreams. In this dream, my dad allowed me to drive the Camry back from Kedah, which should be quite impossible because it is his company’s car. The de-mister(is it those line line things lining the backscreen of the car) was on fire and smoke was filling up the car. I sprayed water on it to put it off.

Suddenly, I found myself outside a hotel/club house. I’m not sure which one it is but it has been around for quite awhile. My motive was to interview this famous clown. So famous that the clown was almost celebrity. I had big bouquets of flowers and balloons in my hands but ended up forgetting about the balloons and when I came back for them, it was without air. I had to wait till nearly midnight before that famous clown could come out to meet me. When the clown came out, we acted very weirdly towards each other. Sort of clumsy. sort of shy. The clown’s name was Daisy.

Suddenly, the clown is actually Lilian Chan, who is doing her part for charity. Sort of like a Patch Adams kind of concept. We chatted for awhile and I didn’t get to ask any clown-interview-esque type of questions but ended up telling her how old I really am.

Then I drove the car back and my dad asked me why I was so late. I told him that I went to my friend’s house to play Dota. (Wtf?)

I went downstairs and a few of my family members were congregating there. My cousins, my godmother/aunty susie, grandfather’s cousin sister and a few more. My staircase was transformed into a mural of family portraits and amidst the family portraits, was a photo of my grandparents’ ash-storage-place at the crematorium. My grandfather’s cousin sister saw the photo and broke down. Then suddenly I turned around to look at my godmother and she transformed into my grandmother. My grandmother and all of us were crying and hugging each other and she asked us to take care and be good. Then she asked me to paint my godmother’s nails for her. Very strange, because in real life, my godmother is always asking me to paint her nails for special occasions. After that, my grandmother transformed back into my godmother.

The next day, in the Seventeen magazine, a big photo of Lilian Chan and her clown-act stint appeared amidst the pages. She mentioned about me interviewing her. Her birthdate was written extra ordinarily big and next to it, there was a big thought bubble that said, “Guess how old is Jolene? The girl who interviewed her? The first to guess it will win a prize!”

The next thing I knew, I was driving out of a shopping mall with Liss and then I saw my entire family waving at me from the main entrance just as I was descending the parking lot curly-wurly slope(think like the one in One-utama’s old wing.). I got out of the car and was so excited to see them. Suddenly we found ourselves in a back alley and we were there as an entourage. A few of my relatives were squatting near the drains in a long line and there was a white van(the type florists use). In the front seat, out stepped both my grandparents. We knew that they were dead but there was no hoo-hah about it. We congregated in that alley to conduct some last rites for them. They were like their usual self, nagging us about our punctuality and .. I don’t know, acting their typical selves. The strange thing was not that it did not feel strange to us at all.

The immediate family members were given strange costumes to where. I had to change in front of the relatives and I wasn’t wearing a bra .. and I don’t know if they saw anything. But the pants they gave us to wear were horrifying. It’s like those that babies wear, with a flap on the bum? Yeap, there’s a hole, no flap. So my bum was for all to see.

After we performed the rites, my grandparents disappeared.

Then I woke up and my housemates have already left for dinner. It was maggi mee again for me.