What Would You Do?

I’ve a question.

What would you do if your boyfriend hung out with a girl you hated?

This question was in my head and I’m curious to get some feedback from the lot of you.

(Don’t worry dear, this has nothing to do with us:P)

I cannot stand people who stick to other people’s girlfriend/boyfriend like a leech.

It’s like, the person is already attached. So please respect the person’s other half and maintain a little bit of space. No more excessive personal favours(“Can you please buy a packet of sanitary pad for me when you’re out?”), no more ferrying you around like YOU’RE the girlfriend(or boyfriend), no more acting like you’re the closest thing to her when her boyfriend is standing behind you seething in anger.

Of course this applies to guys who are too close to attached girls and vice versa.

But that’s just a little rant. Which is in line to the topic of the question that I’m about to ask.

There will be a few different situations when it comes to the topic of your other half hanging out with a person of your own sex that you hate.

But I’ll be using females in this context because the female vengeance is stronger than anything in this world. So I can so totally relate to that. 😛

Right. We’ll be leaving out ex-girlfriends and romantic interests okay? That means the boyfriend is not cheating on you, this battle is just between you and his female friend. That you hate. It’ll be a whole different story if it revolves around a girl that you like. Because then you’ll trust the girl AND your boyfriend.

Question 1

There will be the girl that you hate from rumours and gossips and maybe some personal experiences and she happens to be your boyfriend’s classmate/mutual friend’s friend etc. They are on good terms and occasionally meet up. As friends.

What would you do?

Question 2

There is the girl that your boyfriend has known for years but you can never get around to liking her. They still occasionally hang out and meet up for lunch. Purely as friends.

What would you do?

Question 3

There is the girl that you hate that likes your boyfriend(but he doesn’t feel the same way. For fear of his precious life and because he loves you very much.) They meet up on friendly terms. Just as friends. Many many many times.

What would you do?
(I know I’d scratch her eyeballs out and tattoo, “Stay away, bitch!!” on her bum. I’d probably end up in jail. But it would be so worth it.)

Question 4

There is the girl that you’ve liked but recently started hating because of something she did to you. She was good friends with your boyfriend before. They hang out. As friends.

What would you do?

Question 5

Alright, I’ve changed my mind. I’d like to hear angry rants about horrible exes. Always up for juicy gossips. *rubs palms in glee*

Guys, if you feel like you’d like to have a say, substitute the appropriate genders into the questions. Or you can also defend your kind. 😛

Before you all jump to conclusions, these are really NOT personal experiences. Just what I’ve heard and seen and ..er.. created in the realms of my exam-pressured mind.

Edited at 5am: Of course we have to trust our other halves to make a relationship work. But I’m not talking about whether the girl will steal your boyfriend away. I believe “trust” and purely “just don’t like!!” are two different entities. You just don’t want the girl that you hate(and there are many levels to this) to be in the company of your boyfriend.

*taps head* Mm, maybe I don’t make sense. But I hope some of you can comprehend that it’s not about trust. More about that “UGhhhhhhh….” feeling. The feeling that you want to pound something with your fists when you can’t stand a particular person.