Why Exams Are Bad For You


Oh oh! Forgot to tell you all I turned 22 on the 16th. And my dad turned 52. 😀 hahha. and a host of other people as well. I know I should have written an emo birthday post to myself, but only thing good about being 21 was the ability to win RM400+ in Genting.

In fact, quite shy leh to tell people I’m 22.

This is me trying to preserve myself, now that I’m aging and all. Futile attempts, I say. But nonetheless!

It’s time again for that horrible stuck-in-limbo feeling. The studying period seriously sucks more balls than the actual exam itself. Then when you receive crap results, you never actually think “Fuck wei.. shouldn’t have watched that many episodes of Gem of Life”. You would totally not remember what’s the reason of your less than filled up brainjuice. Though at this moment in time, you know that you’re supposed to be studying, but Chan Kai Fat with short hair is actually quite cute!!

I can think of so many more reasons why exams are totally damaging.

1. Eating Far Too Much

In a mad spurt of rebellion, I grabbed 20 mini packets of cheezels and two of the most gigantic cheezels packets you’ve ever seen (easily 30cm each) from Tesco. Three bars of Dairy Milk Roast Almond chocolate were thrown into the mix too. It’s part of the “During exam season, don’t care” program. So it was all good, chomping on mini packets of Cheezels while watching Gem of Life. La la la.. ooh the big packet looks tempting. About a quarter of my body weight in Cheezels later, i seriously felt like throwing up. The Dairy Milk Roast Almonds are staring collectively (there’s three of them remember?) at me whenever I open the fridge, waiting to be eaten. Exams seriously cause me to binge. I’m so sad that I grab at my tummy flabs in frustration. Got red marks now. 🙁

2. Diligently Watching Gem of Life

Though I’ve slowed down from the initial 4-episodes-a-day marathon, my daily dose of Gem of Life still holds! If there are no exams, I would be totally caught up with more stuff to do and PROCRASTINATE watching my TVB dramas. Can you imagine? When I don’t have exams, I can find other things to procrastinate! Does procrastinating fulfill me?!?!  Sigh Chan Kai Fat. Totally dig the bum look. Don’t tell me what happens next. I only saw until he rented the house with the intentions of kidnapping Mr. Suen!

3. Shopping Online

*foams at mouth*

I’ve been trawling through all the blog shops there are out there like the crazy deprived shopping monster that I am. Any moment now, money will be shooting out of my finger tips when I lose control. Think Peter Petrelli at the end of Heroes Season 1, when radioactive nuclear rays start firing from his fingers moments before he combust.

During the so called breaks (I think studying is more like the break from my internet trawling activities, rather than the other way around), I just go from blog shop to blog shop because I cannot go out to physically satiate these needs for new things. Sigh I sound so shallow right. But I’m a woman so bite me. It’s gotten so bad – I’ve even started looking at Singapore blog shops. YARGhhH. <– frustration coz means need to spend in SGD.

Some of the blog shops do charge ridiculous prices. Gone are the days when they would price their items below RM35. sigh. You can’t help but scoff at their prices (RM45 and above), especially when you’ve seen the exact same things at Sg. Wang going for only RM25! This only makes me crave for my proposed solo shopping trip to Sg. Wang.. to explore all the alleys of that (often underestimated) fashion haven and come out smugly with good buys.

Stuff for Ladies at the Lowyat forums have also taken up a huge chunk of my internet time! Great bargains from people who are letting go of clothes, cosmetics etc. I did a really eww thing though. But for the sake of saving money and merely testing the product, I bought two second hand Majorlica mascaras from this girl, claiming to be 95% full. RM50 for both, okay ah? ;\
I bought 6 pairs of awesome looking eyelashes from there as well! RM2.50 to RM3.00 per pair!

Oh yeah, and I vow to help this seller reach 20 orders before she can put down the orders for these gorgeous Agnes B. wallets.
I saw a Singapore blogshop selling it for SGD35, also preorder! And this seller is only selling it for RM35 and below! Our currency okay? Woots! Must totally support! She’s at 3 orders only, quick! I want my agnes b. wallet, so I’m forcing you guys to get one too. Heh.

This is the one I’m getting:

But online shopping has its downsides.. you can’t feel the material of the items and worse of all, if you’ve trawled enough malls, enough flea market, you’d know that some of the things are seriously overcharged.


4. Taobao.com

LOL this one is quite funny. I’ve been having some stirrings to start up another small business. (SEE WHAT I TOLD YOU ABOUT EXAM SEASON! Argh!) It’s not actually a good idea, seeing how much effort i’ve put into The Sticker Monster.

Taobao.com is like China’s ebay. Absolutely gorgeous stuff at dirt cheap prices. Only one problem though. Tiny weedle bit of problem.

The entire website is in chinese. 🙁

My fingers are tired from the to-and-fro clicking between babelfish and taobao.

Well, thank god for willpower and the belief that conning is an awesome skill from china, right up there with kung fu and delicious cuisine. I didn’t buy anything though I’m damn tempted to!! Won’t say what, later you steal my idea!

But if you wanna take a gamble and can’t read chinese for nuts, there’s this guy who provides middle man services at Buyfromtaobao.com. He’s totally gonna make a fortune from poor bananas like me who have tiny money making ideas.

Have fun trawling through and hope you have the guts to go through with purchases from there!

As for the good things about the exam season..

..well only two.

1. I Finally Cleaned My Hamsters Cage (and I also give them frequent meals now)

The poor rodents have been sitting in their pee and poo for about a month now. (courtesy of Jolene’s leet procrastinating skill) They still seem to be happily running around, biting the metal bars, humping each other and sleeping throughout the day, so I didn’t really worry.

2. Sweeped The Floor

I can see the orginal colour of my floor again! Nuff said!

Alright, enough crapping. Time to get back back to the damn books.