Will Be Missing In Action

To those of you who don’t already know, I’ll be moving into a terrace house with Lie Yuen and Lishen. Away from this godforsaken hostel where the stupid security guard will come and drop in on us and shoo out any boys in the premises. Not like there are many who drop by, but we throw the occasional class party and that sucks when the stupid security guard comes around.

Besides, it’s much cheaper. Rm450 for the entire house. I was paying RM500 for a lousy room which includes food and transport. Food I hate, and transport with bad schedules.

I’ll be terminating my internet tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they transfer the streamyx and phone line over. Maybe in a week’s time?:(

Cleaning the house over two days proved to be so bloody tiring. But it was fun, playing with water and all. Officiating the house by shitting in the toilets. Without tissue paper. Having to wait for the housemates to bring home some tissue. Sigh. How the fun.

According to a classmate of mine, the house was previously occupied by other students. It was in such a dirty condition that the owner kicked them out. Oh my god, I sure hope that we can maintain it as it is. We’ve made it sparkly clean. We’ve got the backaches to prove.

We went furniture shopping today. My credit card went over it’s limit. :~(

We’re very serious.

Before this we could even wear our slippers into the house.

Jolene Lai Of The Spider Webs Destroyer Clan.

Our act-shy water sweeper.

Cleaning floor can prove to be fun, like I said.

Detergent addict!

Hahahha..we were having so much fun blowing bubbles from floor detergent.

May the forces of the cleaners conjoin and clean them alllll!! wahahhahaha.

Don’t you just love it when you have achieved something you have never achieved in your life? I cleaned an entire house with Lie Yuen, Li Shen and Yan Rui.

Lie Yuen has the same thoughts.

Life is great.

The ants know what’s best for them. When we move in, they’d better move out.

The wonders of self timers and a clean floor.

By the way! I’m only two hundred unique hits away from achieving a hundred thousand unique hits since May 2005! Unfortunately, I’ll still be busy shifting things tomorrow and won’t be able to witness the magical moment. So if you’re the 100,000th unique hitter, leave a tag! 🙂 It’ll be nice to know. It’ll take only less than half a day to achieve that amount. Can’t wait!!