Xpax Has Facebook SMS?!

It’s no secret that I’m hooked to the internet. In fact, I’ll be doing a “Jolene and her technology” post soon, sort of a behind-the-scenes look at my online life – gadgets, mobile phone plans, etc. If I knew this was available, I would have signed up with Xpax!

I have long heard that carriers in other countries allow their users to sms updates to their facebook and wouldn’t this be awesome? This is the first Facebook SMS service in Malaysia, the rest have yet to catch up! I particularly like texting on my SE W508 (and before, my old SE Z610i) as the keyboard on my xperia is not so easy to use. ;\ So this does sound rather convenient for me. ithinkimightwantablackberrybutthescreenissobigonmyxperiahmmmishouldstopusingmoney..

As sexy as smartphones are, sometimes using an old school mobile phone makes texting a breeze. I tried to surf with my mobile phone (and paid through my nose la please) the other day when my xperia ran out of juice, it was so fun updating my Facebook with the simple old school texting!

I guess this is where Xpax Facebook SMS comes in handy. THANK YOU XPAX!!! It is more awesome than surfing the net with your current mobile plans, you can like send message, add friends, update your status, poke and much more just by smsing to a certain number.

I’m going to get myself an xpax starter pack tomorrow to try this service out. For RM1 per week for unlimited usage….*salivate* furthermore, all messages SENT AND RECEIVED are free during the promotional period! Damn awesome lah. Xpax is so kind to my student pocket. 🙂 Can’t wait to try it tomorrow. Will let you know if you should get one too if you guys are as much of an FB addict as I am.