Yamcha-ing With The Old Interact Gang

It was supposed to be a bigger gathering since the old Interact gang comprised of Subang Utama, Seafield and SS17’s director. We were the few Subang schools’ Interact Clubs that were under Rotary Sunway. But SS17’s directors are unreachable and the most fun director from that school is their vice president Ken Chua who is in Melbourne now. Most of our directors were busy last night and our Editor Abby and Club Service Director Zhuo Yan have gone to Aussie…so… it was only me(secretary of smksu), esther(treasurer of smsksu), kyle(publicity director of seafield), kenneth(iu director of seafield), elizabeth(secretary of seafield) and sha may(president of seafield.)

Hehe, nevermind lah. Five people also can crack stupid jokes together. No problem.

Esther and I have been sleeping really late these days. We can’t remember when was the last time we slept before 3am. Hence, we are apparently losing weight as well. This is Esther with her new found weight!

And this is me! 2 Kgs down!! Woot!! Still fat la, but a loss is a loss. 🙂

Kenneth was so intrigued by the magazine.

Oh damn, 2 Kgs coming up!

I love the t-shirt.

HAHAHAHA Kenneth yang bodoh saw this booby model and he pointed and said, “OMG Like McDonalds. Pa ra pa ra pa ra ra..!” We laughed like mad.

Kenneth not wanting to hear anymore after we educated him about tampons and the pain that ensues. Apparently it was the first time he heard about tampons. He can’t get over the string bit though. “SO pull out one ar? WAHHAHAHAHAA..” Bodoh. Don’t tell me dissolve inside the body meh?

McDonalds’ was damn empty at that time, so this picture was taken.

Cover up abit.:P

Esther and I

l-r: Kyle, Sha May, Me.

McDonalds’ was empty leh.

Hehehe I like this pic. Puffing on fries. Dis eez gud sheeet.

WAHAHAHAHAAH… I have no idea. Don’t ask me.

A nice picture of Kenneth and Kyle.

Kyle and I doing the mashi maro face that was a thing among us back in school.

Oh look! Here comes Elizabeth. Kenneth was saying this looks like a scene out of Baywatch. Hahaha.

l-r: Sha May, Elizabeth, Me, Esther

I think most of you would know that I am unable to open my eyes when I am faced with camera flashes. It’s like my medula oblongata controls my reaction towards camera flashes. Kyle came up with this bright idea. We look so freaky.

Elizabeth has beautiful hair.

Elizabeth and Esther. Are we like promoting Seventeen or something? Speaking of which, go support my best friend Melody who’s featured as one of the contestants in the search for the cover girl!! Just type CG<space>MELS and send to 36663. RM0.50 per sms! It’d be really funny to see her on the cover though!! I’d be so proud of her!!:D

A nice pic of me and Elizabeth

l-r: Esther, Kyle, Abang Ronald and me.
Abang Ronald looks pale… I think he is a little shy with me. Perhaps when we get to know each other a little better he won’t look so freaked out when I try to get frisky.