You Must Be Reminded To Register Your Prepaid Lines!

I know I sound damn advertisement right. -_-


Well, it’s not quite what it sounds like. I’ve been introduced to this rather interesting concept called the TowerX widget. Having downloaded the program myself, I’m quite taken with its quirky design and function.

Celcom has come up with an innovative way to remind its users to register their prepaid lines.(We all know the government will not be very happy if we do not register our prepaid lines by the end of the year, so Kudos to Celcom for taking the initiative to entice its users to register their prepaid lines).

The TowerX widget is an interactive reminder on your desktop which functions as a calendar as well! Aside from the obvious purpose of the widget(register your lines, damnit!), the countdown reminder can be used in more ways than one.

As I’ve already registered my prepaid line a long time ago, I’ve been using the reminder to scare myself silly about the amount of days I have left to my exams. Doesn’t really help with the cute little button showing the seconds ticking away as you procrastinate.

By registering via the online registration link provided, you’re automatically in the running to be the lucky weekly winner and the proud owner of a GPRS phone.

All in all, the TowerX widget comes with a calendar, a digital count down timer and immediate updates of winners!

Non-celcom users can use the countdown timer to stop yourself from procrastinating your work. It really works. Seconds ticking away before your eyes have never been so taunting.

Download it here, okay?