Almost A Photoshop Liar

I’d like to say it’s minimal work(as it looks minimal), but I spent like half an hour tweaking with the lighting and totally loving my new found ability to marquee a certain area of my face, then “layer via copy” and then “free transform”-ing it to my desired size.. If I’m not happy I’ll warp it a bit…and YAY! I have bigger eyes and a smaller nose.(I added shadows to the sides with a soft brush using a colour i picked right off one of the shadows on my skin with minimal opacity. 🙂 :))
Eye bags removal is SOoo noob. I’m wayyyy past that. Hahaha kidding, the clone tool and healing brush tool are like heaven sent. They will totally save the day.

Magic Wand tool on the hair and then colour balance to get my reddish-copper hair.

The lighting is by making a background copy and then changing it to overlay and then using diffuse glow.

Ahhh. The satisfaction of being a less noobish photoshop user.

And so children, that’s how Jolene got her latest facebook profile photo. Yay yay yay.

I’m not a liar, so I didn’t go all the way. Ahem.

A Helping Hand, A Lunch In Cheras, A Dog and her sister, A Car Show, A Barbecue, A Broken Clubbing Curse, A Baby Nephew.

See, some people so kind help me with my r.age articles.

This is a kind girl.

Not sure which of these photos to use for my housemates story. (Yes, I have a story for this photo as well.)

And thank you Barry for being the camera man. I terdeleted the bitchy housemate watching tv with her boyfriend photo. *hits chest king kong style* Damn sad, wasted your efforts! Here’s to the both of you for a safe journey to the US.

Here’s a photograph from the time I went to Cheras to meet my pet sea lion(eh Lie Yuen, Lion rhymes with your name. Lie-Yuen-Lion-Lie-Yuueerrn) and Melvin, my junior who was supposed to pass me some letters to get sponsorship for our upcoming Dental Dinner. I drove all the way to Cheras for nothing because he forgot to bring the letters for me. -_- But he remembered to come for lunch. -_-. Melvin also asked me to bring my year2 notes so that he can start studying immediately(-_-“””). I told him to bring his laptop as I’ll bring my external hard disk and transfer all of it into his laptop. Both sides also forgot to bring their respective items. -_- Apalah!

No, bad bad. Kim Gary’s Cheese Baked Rice rocks more. We were at at Wong Kok Kitchen, or something like that.

Wah Lie Yuen’s dimples so beautiful here. 🙂 🙂 🙂

On Friday afternoon, when Shevie came over for her piano lessons, my Kaima(Shev’s mum) brought Chazzy(the one on the left) along. The two sisters were still rather aloof to each other. So sad. Angel’s very interested to play with Chazzy, but as you can see from this photo, Chazzy has better things to tend to than playing with an uncombed mangled ball of fur. Hehe. But on her own, Chazzy is very hyperactive as well.

Later at night(still Friday!), Mel and Mun Teng managed to drag me to the Monash Charity Car Show. The former wanted to see if there was anything worth covering for the publications that she’s contributing to and was playing the kind big sister role by bringing her brother Ben out to see the car show. Mun Teng was there to support her boyfriend!

Oh my god! Look! It’s a car! *gasp*

To give credit to this, it was pretty cool lah. I jumped back every time it shat fire.

This was perhaps the only coolest looking car, to me lah. What was not cool were some of the twigs there. We were chatting animatedly to some friends that we just bumped into in front of some of the canopies… a car wanted to park inside the canopy and the twigs fanned us away with their hands like we were sausages on a barbecue stove. Wtf right? Your mother gave birth to you and was happy that you came complete with a mouth. Then she raised you up and hopefully thought you some manners. Then her heart broke when she realized she didn’t feed you enough.(but good also lah, can become car model hor.) …The least you could do was to open your mouth and utilize this thing called manners to get us to move aside. Air has no calories, don’t worry.

Gotta love how retro it looked.

Bumped into Kit Yan who came with Dennis(tan!). Finally I got to catch up with her! She’s actually my senior from school and I’ve heard that she’s studying dentistry as well. We both got a little geeky on each other and indulged ourselves in dental talk. I totally missed out on the drifting. 🙁

L-r: Mel, Kit Yan, Mun Teng and Myself.

This was perhaps the highlight of our trip to the car show. They had booths selling things to entice the females while their boyfriends oohed and aaahed at the cars. Patent shoes galore! So cheap some more. RM45-50. And they had earrings, necklaces, hairbands with sashes, sunnies..the usual stuff.

After the car show, we made our way over to Yijin’s house as we promised him that we would drop by for his very spontaneous barbecue session. Oh, this photo was taken with E-Guy because I think we were kidding around about how his future girlfriend should be called Eagle(E-girl). You know, it would make a good pick up line for the fella, “Hey there, wanna be my Eagle?*wink*”

So anybody wanna be his Eagle? He will ride you on your back and the both of you will soar into the skies.

Another official Smuggy Solo(SS) photo. SS also stands for syok sendiri. 😀 But must give face to our poor Yijin since he did throw the barbecue party for us after all. Thank you ar, Yijin!

L-r: Yijin and Kwo Kuang. I can’t remember what they were up to.

L-r: Kwo Kuang, Yijin, Barry and Adrian

l-r: E-Guy and Joey! See the angle of E-Guy’s satay stick and the eager(E-GER! get it get it!haha) smile on his face. E-guy, it’s too early for eagle hunting.

L-r: Weng Hoe, Yijin, Mun Teng, Chui San and Stephanie, I think.

This is Tiger, Yijin’s 10 year old dog who is still so small in size.

Grabbing the little mutt for a photo.

Someone decided to spoil the photo.
L-r: Chui San, Stephanie, Adrian, Me – with my newly bought hairband with sash from the Monash car show.

A compulsory photo during any barbecue session.

Two men and a sausage.

I really think it’s homophobe lor. They couldn’t bring themselves to bite on the sausage together.

Sorry for the eat-shit-sleep flow of events ya, but I must put up photos that I’ve taken thus far. It’s my thing, you know.

On Saturday night, I broke my No Clubbing Since 2005 curse by heading down to Asian Heritage Row with Poh Yee, Derrick, two dental nurses from my orthodontist’s clinic(who are actually Poh Yee’s ex-colleagues as she did a stint there), my juniors – Melvin, Tee Lun, Adrian, Melvin’s Girlfriend and Tee Lun’s childhood friend, Karen.

A bashful and demure smile from me while waiting for Poh Yee and Derrick to pick me up.

A bout of natural smile practicing session while the two lovebirds get lost looking for my house.

Yes, yes, it was Maison. Quite boring though. Perhaps it was because it was a Saturday?
L-r: Poh Yee, Meg, Cheryl and Myself.

I’m not sure what Derrick was doing to Poh Yee.

l-r: Melvin, Poh Yee, Derrick and Myself

Tee Lun and me.

L-r: Melvin, I’m sorry I can’t remember your girlfriend’s name, Melvin, Karen, Adrian and Tee Lun.

Adrian and Me.

Karen and me. I found out that Karen was actually Chee Kiang’s course mate when he was doing pharmacy at IMU. Small world eh!

Melvin and his girl. He was such a devoted boyfriend!

After being bored out of our skulls(and Chivas Coke in our veins. Bleh.), we made our way to another place nearby called Mojo. Mojo was playing R&B so we were very happy and were constantly singing along.
L-r: Meg, Poh Yee, Myself.

Adrian and Tee Lun. Tee Lun came down all the way from Penang to hang out in KL for a few days or so.

L-r: Melvin’s girlfriend, Melvin, Me, Poh yee, Adrian and Tee Lun. I guess it was good to get to know each other, though a pretty strange venue to er, bond.

One more photo of the three juniors. And I’m still younger than all of them! 😀 😀 Thank you PTS EXAMS! Their year is predominantly from 1986. My year is mostly those born in the year of 1985. The third batch(coming in in September) will have more 1987 students since they’ve completed their STPM and are entering university.
We left AHR at 3.30am and went for Bak Kut Teh! Mmm! But Derrick and his friend, being the only guys left, pretty much sapu-ed all the dishes as us girls didn’t want to eat pork so late at night. And another one of the girls was puking pretty badly. =\. And I think I got over my one year long alcohol phobia. I did feel a little nauseous last night when I had some chivas with coke. But maybe Chivas isn’t quite my thing? I did enjoy a kamikaze shot though. Goes up to your nostrils.*flares nostrils*

Apparently it’s damn goooood. But I’m not a food raver, so too bad.

Aaaah, after a mundane run through about what I’ve been up to, here’s a little sweetheart to cheer you up!

Baby Ethan!! So big boy already! He looks really matured for a 3 month old.
In these photos he looks like he’s trying to say, “Oi, who are you? Don’t hold me!”

“Relative eh? I just might consider. Let me sit on it and I’ll get back to you,”

“I’ve come to my conclusion. Yes, you may.”

“But only for like two minutes ya,”

“I didn’t like that carrying thing one bit! Not at all!”

“I’m so upset now.” DAMN CUTE RIGHT THIS PHOTO! He was threatening to cry. He would open his mouth as if he was about to cry and then close his mouth and stick his lower lips out. So cuteee.

I still can’t believe he is 3 months old only. He looks like he’s almost a year old in this photo.

He has really beautiful eyes, don’t you think? 🙂 *sigh* My baby nephew.. my kids’ future cousin. But by then he’ll probably be that older cousin who can’t be bothered with the young cousins who will be barging into his room disrupting his teenage privacy.

He looks like he’s just layaning his Piu Koo Cheh for the sake of it.

Angel meets Ethan.

Ethan looks confused while Angel is being curious.

Only a baby has the right to act cute.

Awwww!! Look at his lower lips, it has disappeared into his mouth. 🙂

His hair stands up one you know! And only a few strands at that! So adorable right! And the eyes, I just can’t get enough of it! 🙂 We had such a fun time fussing over the latest addition to the Ho family. Hopefully I will be getting more and more nephews and nieces in these few years. Make sure that there are many many cousins for my kids to play with when they decide to come into the world. 🙂 I want a baby!~

Angel and Dennis had a nice time on MSN, by the way. Glad that my dog and one of my best friends are bonding well.

I’d Like Some Help With My R.age Articles, Please!

Dear anyone who reads my blog(who is preferably a Malaysian studying in a college or a university, in or out of the country.)

Whenever I pitch my ideas to the editor at R.age, I try to come up with ideas that people my own age group can relate to. My ideas usually require me to probe my friends(and their contacts) about stories. Sometimes they might not like to share it with me because they don’t like to be out in the open. You know, privacy and all that jazz. So I’m putting up my story ideas here on my blog and hope that those of you who are reading this, can choose one topic that you can relate to with relevant experience, and email me your story with a nice high resolution photo of yourself(say more than 1.5mb-2mb) and I’ll edit it and incorporate it into the article that I would be writing. Just send me your stories in a blog entry form.

Here are my ideas:

1. Housemates: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I’ve got a few stories so far, but I’m looking for happy housemates stories. It’s very rare to find a bunch of housemates who get along fabulously with each other. Maybe you don’t have to include all your housemates, but like your best-housemate-friend kinda stories. I’d like a nice photo of the lot of you smiling or having some fun(High res please please please!)

Then we get to the juicy part. Loathe a housemate to bits? Let me know.:) As for this part of the story, it’s up to you if you want to remain anonymous.

2. The Torment Of Long Distance Relationships

*proud of self* I’d like to think that it’s a pretty good topic as there are many people(or people’s other halves) who are flung out of the country in the name of education who would relate to this story rather well. In my simple, assuming, nosey manner, I’d like to think that in every four couples at the age of 19-23, one of them would be in a long distance relationship(LDR). I have NO facts to back this up. *action face*. Just simply guessing. I suppose a lot of people are suffering from LDR. At times it doesn’t even feel like a real relationship because you don’t get to take care of each other as much as you would like to?

For this story, I’ve got quite a few stories about couples who are in an LDR. About four stories, maybe. But I could do with some more if any of you are willing to share. I’ve got a few questions lined up so do email me. I would need your other half to help with the questions. 🙂 And of course, a nice high res photo of the both of you.

For the flip side of the story, surely there have been LDRs that have gone up in flames. If you’re willing to share, I’m willing to write. I’ll definitely keep you anonymous. *puts on kind voice* This can be as one sided as you would like it to be. 🙂

3. Your Most Embarrassing, Funniest, First Time Driving Experiences

I’ve got a few already..and strangely they are all from girls. -_- It could be boo-boos you made during your driving lessons or your driving exams(my favourite kind. I’m currently begging for the approval from two friends for their stories.) or even the most bodoh on-the-road experiences that you had during your first few attempts at driving. I’ve got a few like the most unheard of way of getting out of a saman, a bunch of girls screaming and abandoning their car after it scratched the side of the wall when they turned into a tight corner…etc. Classic stories, that’s what I’m looking for. I’ll incorporate my own into it as well.:) My infamous u-turn incident.

So yeah, I would be incredibly grateful if you can share your stories with me. In fact, I would have to owe you a favour in return. 🙂

Email me at Let me know and I’ll email you some questions after receiving your story(or you can give me a brief idea of what you want to share and I’ll take it from there.)

Money Makes Me Sit Down And Think

You give money to a young undergrad and she’s going to be wide eyed and greedy about how to use the money.

I’ve recently received some cheques and let’s just say I’m thinking of finally getting an iPod nano for myself. Should I or should I not?

It’s money that I know that will sit in my bank and then eventually be used on clothes and food. So miscellaneous. Every time I buy something solid with my own money like my hand phone(well, technically) and my camera, there’s this sense of achievement and happiness that is so hard to describe, but I really love the feeling. And I still love my toys to this day! I’m just worried that I will chuck my ‘items of great desire’ aside after playing with it for a month of two.

Do I really need an ipod? I’ve recently rekindled my love for music(it comes and goes) and crave for the sweet tunes whenever I’m bored(read:away from the computer). Is it worth it? Some friends have noted before, “Jo, you’re the type who doesn’t really listen to music right?” I guess I’m not but I do enjoy the stuff on mainstream. Ipods don’t come with FM radio right? Bummer. I love the screen though. I know I am probably one of the last to hop on the bandwagon. It seems like such a staple now, something so essential.

Or how about a new camera? It’s cheaper than a thousand bucks these days and my zoom button is threatening to snap(it’s like a flicking kind of button) and the scroll to change the modes is SO loose that it just swings around if I don’t insert a piece of paper to hold it there. By the way, it irks me that whoever who touches my camera tend to pick at the paper and I would have to go and cut another strip from an A4 paper and insert it in. ;\ And I’m not sure if my OIS(Optical Image Stabilizer) function is still good and I don’t know if my camera has been overexposed to the sun because sometimes the pictures comes out too hazy-bright.

If I saved all the money I’ve ever made(not counting allowances ya, that’s for me to stay alive), even though it’s not much but it comes up to an amount which is slightly better than a fresh grad’s monthly salary, it’s nice to have a fair amount of money in the bank, knowing that you made it yourself. Then comes the ability to spend it on whatever you want.

There are no bills for me to pay yet, there are no responsibilities for me to tend to. The money is like shouting at me, “hey buy something nice and make yourself happy for a loooooong time to come.”

Obviously I’m not so daft because I do know that there’s this thing people do called “saving for a rainy day”. My father will have SO much more material to nag me about when he reads this post. But oh well, *shrugs*.

I might consider that. I, this is a big moment here, I might just open another bank account to put all the money that I earn into it. Somewhere where I don’t have an ATM card to.

But I want an iPod.

But I should practice good money habits.

Hm. Music or an attitude towards a better future?

Which is why I need this money to be away from me. As I’ll definitely definitely be tempted to withdraw it from an ATM to buy something that I will wear once or twice before I get fatter again.

I admit that I’m not exactly very money-wise. Am I right to believe that I’m allowed to be a little more frivolous with (the slight)money I earn now that I have no EPF or taxes to bother with and definitely no retirement plan to work towards as I’m not working yet? A way to be happy in my final years of uni life before I throw myself completely into the cruel realms of the working world?

Let me do something irresponsible, something I will love with this money that I have made from my pen.

I know lah, as the saying goes, sikit sikit jadi bukit. Or is it lama-lama? Oh patience is such a pain.

I don’t know if I’m making any sense but my rationale is that it would be better to buy something big, solid and long lasting than spending it on many mini senseless things that I won’t treasure or tote around for many many years.


I’ve heard of bonds and stuff and those financial yadayada and my best friend and my boyfriend have got something like that too. Something to see them into their old age. But is this a monthly installment thing or do you pay it just once and let it grow and grow? (then at least I’ll have some money to buy porridge in my old age. :)) I know my dad said that I’ll need to pay for my own insurance once I start working. Fair enough. But are insurances and other financial bonds -whatever terms they use, forgive me- the same thing?

I don’t know why I’m making so much fuss over an amount that is barely even a thousand. But you know, it’s still money.

Save it? Maybe.

Okaylah, problem solved. I’ll save it until I see something that I will die for. No iPod for me. Maybe a trip when some friends suggest a place to go to?(Bangkok anyone!?)

See? Blogging IS good therapy. It helps me make decisions.

While I’m at it, I should even open a separate bank account so that I won’t touch this money unnecessarily.

Or does anybody want to go all evangelistic about the iPod? I’d appreciate some advice!