Seeing Some Friends Remind Me Of My Primary School Days

Sadly, I didn’t bring my camera out yesterday… and strangely, after a long period of time of not taking stupid photos of each other, I felt a bit wary about taking my camera out. It’s like there’s no more oomph. However, I’ve got a few photos from the day before and today. So sorry to the rest of the guys yesterday(*big hugs all around*) and Suet, Aud and Barry last night. Don’t know why so malas to take out camera. Perhaps also quite shy lah scared later Audrey got something lying around her room that is tak baik to be shown in public that I could’ve accidentally snapped with my camera. She has this huge pink luggage that you can pack her into.

And I found Barry’s Standard 6 Class Farewell mug when we were ‘playing friendster together-gether'(though I sat on the floor and could not see anything!) in his room. This Standard 6 Class Farewell mug was given to us by our classmate, Farah, back then. She brought paint markers for the entire class to sign on the cup. Everybody had a cup and everyone signed on it. Barry so evil, he didn’t ask me to sign his cup and I can remember it till this day. His signature was treasured for a few months until I discovered the wonders of hot senior boys in secondary school.

So I tried to look for my signature and it was really not there! Hahaha, really damn bad lorh. So I demanded for a marker pen and he gave me one black marker and I signed on it. There! My name is on that “Standard 6 Class Farewell mug”…like 9 years later. Should have waited for one more year then can dramatically say, “A whole decade…..”. Stupid right, Standard 6 didn’t get to sign because he found me weird and stalkerish, and now when we’re both in university already only do “standard 6 autograph”. Hahaha, eh, I think I haven’t signed your standard 6 class photo la Barry.

I know I had fun reciting entries of my standard 6 diary to Aud and Suet as they howled in laughter at how pathetic I was.

“Dear Diary! Today Barry swept the floor behind me in class! I must be the luckiest girl in the world! Thank you for making me the luckiest girl in the world!”

Besides that, last night was a good time to be educated about how annoying and self centered some act cute girls are. Tsk. I shared my wisdom(read: what I myself have heard. ho. ho. ho.) as well.

On Monday night, we went to McDonalds’ Drive Thru(I KNOW, AGAIN!!) to meet up with She Dee one last time before she goes back to Hawaii. The next time we’ll be seeing her will probably be at the end of next year. 🙁 Sigh. I hope she’ll not give up on her surfing. It’s Hawaii!~~!!

I’m not quite sure what happened but it seems like everyone was trying to get She Dee to drink more coke.

She Dee tries to pass me one while Dennis smiles. …… (that sentence sounds.. strange)

As you can deduce, I was just snapping away, hoping to capture the cutest facial expressions.

Aiyoh, Mel looks so sweet in this picture and She Dee is happy. I think they were giving each other ice or pouring drinks into each other’s cups.

She Dee takes center stage. I don’t know why she looks so dubious in this one.

Vern Yang and Dennis(Tan) talking. It looks like a movie still, albeit a rather bad one.

Dennis(Chan) damn funny. When Dennis(Tan) arrived, Dennis(Chan) said, “Oh, oh, okay, I’m done here,” and pretended to insert a punch card as if his shift as the first Dennis has completed. Hahaha, damn bodoh.

I do have a damn cute photo of Mun Teng of which we call it her pms photo as she looked damn angry in that photo. Hahhaa, she would so kill me if I put it up. So this would do.

Wah Joshua so yau yeng. The whole hiding behind the fingers pose, wooo.. *shivers in mock fear*

Finally my face gets to appear.

Dennis(Tan) can make his eyebrows point to each other. Pretty cool.

Dennis(Chan) didn’t want to lose. (Since I sayang my kkb and respect him or else he won’t tell me anymore jokes: I will gladly take down this photo if you will scold me on MSN!)

A photo of She Dee and I before we left McD’s that night. Be a good girl ok, She Dee?

Today, Mel and I went out with Nick, Sush’s boyfriend to The Curve for some sushi and some good ol’ window shopping(hahahaha, so not true!). It was sort of like a getting to know each other better thing as Sush thought it would be great for her best friends to get to know her boyfriend. It didn’t even seem strange that she wasn’t around.

Nick sits in front as Mel drives her Black Metal to Mutiara Damansara. She has been very kind to me, offering me rides in a car.

This is Nick and his sukiyaki.

Mel and I, I was talking hence the loopy smile.

After lunch, we walked around for a bit.

We saw one of those cardboards with holes for faces as you pose for the camera pretending to be the head of some print-out characters. It was sponsored by Citibank.

We were dissing it lah, we thought, “Eh, so lame lah, somemore from a bank. Who in the world would want to take a photo with it?”

The moment we said those words, we knew we just had to take a photo with it. Sush, your boyfriend’s such a sport. He’s damn layan too.

The photo’s damn damn damn disturbing. hahahhaa. So THAT’S how I’ll look if I’m a man. Or have short hair.(V-ng Yan’s words. Hahahaha). Quite gross I should say. Nick looks slightly out of place as my supposedly shopaholic wife. We wanted Mel to pretend to be one of the kids.

Popping over to Ikano, we made a bee-line for FOS. Of all the FOS outlets nationwide, my favourite outlet is the Ikano one. It’s quite big and the stuff are nice and cheap.

They were selling solid coloured tank tops for RM9.90. Buy 2 for RM16! They had SO many colours okay?

I grabbed six colours and went into the changing room. So bear with me.


Lime green?

Grape Purple?

Baby blue? Long time no buy colour of baby blue!~ Baby blue 4eva~!

Hot pink? (Mel decided to join me in the changing room)

And HEY, the ultimate reason to have that many colours is so that you can layer your tops! The white one is the FOS one while the Green-Blue one is from Shopaholics Unite.

So many nice colours right? Guess what I did?(In case you haven’t or didn’t bother or never ever cared about my Twitter)..


RM48. 🙂 I know. I know. I am happy for me too.

But the saddest thing happened when I came home. I realised that I made a huge mistake. I didn’t know that I had grabbed a variety of sizes. Somemore got S, M and L okay. I thought that they were of the same size. No wonderlah some were tighter than the others. -_-. I’ll be going back tomorrow to change the size. I hope they’ll allow.

Nick thought this shirt was pretty cool. It says “We Found ‘Em! Weapons of mass destruction*arrows point to muscles, I think*” He didn’t buy it though.

RM50 for this pair of capris. There were nicer looking ones for RM40 bu I couldn’t fit into it. So sad. It was a little too tight. Heartache lah, I really want a pair of capris. Oh, the pants are from Brands Outlet, by the way. They have a huge variety of things. I’m going back tomorrow to see if I can get myself a pair of comfy yet presentable looking bottoms.

Met up with V-ng Yan for a drink before picking Mun Teng up to go back to my place to have some good girly bonding session. Naaah, we’ve totally outgrown that paint toenails and play with make-up phases. We had deep heart to heart talks about cheap Wacoal bras in Thailand, graduating, siblings and their future, failing and passing exams, reminiscing about our primary school years, talking about old school teachers, our dogs, how people who are younger than us are still considered “small kid” even though we were there only like, last year,…and etc. Hehe. Good times.

It really hit me that we’ve all grown so much when we talked about our primary school years.

I sometimes lament to some friends, “Sigh, i really wish I kept in touch with my primary school mates.”

…. then a few of them would knock me on my head and scold, “OI! Then WHAT AM I AR?”

Hahaha, even though almost all my friends from high school were from the same primary school as me, it just doesn’t feel like it because we only became “friends” in high school.

In fact, it’s like sometimes I still remember one of them as the very popular girl in primary school that I would never talk to, and I still remember that girl as being all that. But I forget it’s the same girl who made me a birthday cake this year and thought me how to push a chopstick in my hair in form2 and the girl who sat next to me throughout my college years. I can’t join the two people together. It’s just so weird.

Or the girl from the next class that my classmates told me was very fierce and I felt so scared to ask that girl for tissue when my nose was clogged up and leaking during a UPSR tuition class. She’s the same girl who I will be seeing almost everyday for this 5 weeks of my holiday, if she has free time from her classes and her boyfriend. So strange.

Or the boy whom I had a crush on when I was in standard 6 and whom wouldn’t touch me with a ten feet pole is still that boy with the floppy hair in my memory. A total different entity from the boy who became my ham sap comrade during the middle of high school and my car pool buddy. Of whom whose sister and girlfriend is damn fun to bitch with.

Or the really tiny boy whom I never knew existed in primary school but have heard so much about. Maybe too small cannot see that’s why. Bwahhahaa. Still that tiny little boy in my memory. The now very tall buddy of mine is a whole other person who would sleep in class throughout form4 and bully me with liquid paper and retort stands in chemistry labs. The buddy who was really sweet today in an sms, though it was not entirely his fault.

Or the tall girl whom I thought was really really smart and whose hairbands I wanted to knock with my knuckles to see if they were really as plastic as I thought they were. Of whose braces reminded me of my own impending doom. The girl who is now one of my best friends is still tall and makes kick ass chocolate cookies, and will teman me to go swimming whenever I feel like it.

Or the little boy whom my primary school best friend used to like, was my tak layan tuition mate that I never really got to talk to. Now so cheeky and so much more layan and more hensem and must have melted many hearts in his pilot uniform.

Or the girl who was a no nonsense prefect and had such fair skin, of whom I only exchanged mediocre hi-byes with. I can’t believe it’s the same person whom I sat next to from form2-5, four years straight of class-partnership. We can still talk on the phone for like 2 hours and not run out of things to say.

Or the girl whom I was probably most ‘friendly’ with back in primary school as she sat only three tables away from me. The girl who offered to walk with me to school during form1 because we stayed like one row apart, the girl whom I would love to see more of, of whom I can laugh as loudly as I want with. This girl, is not different than the one I knew in primary school. 🙂

Or the big headprefect boy whom I heard of and could only look at in awe as a gawky junior, the infamous teacher’s pet, loved by all. In high school he became a pillar of support to my young juvenile times and over the years became like a brother. He now uses his alternate ego, a Russian scientist who works for the Ministry of Energy and Resources of Malaysia, to cheer me up. Sorrylah Josh, Ben Shyen, Wai Kit, etc.. I’d have nice things to say about you guys too! But tak kenal you guys in primary school.

…and so many more. It’s just so strange how friends from high school who went to the same primary school are not even considered as friends from primary school.

Ah well, I bet no one except the recipients of my musings would want to hear me go on and on.:)

I shall now go see which of those FOS tank tops fit me and decide on a size. Goodnight!

It’s Not A Competition To See Who Can Poke Most Fun At Me

Sometimes you think you can take your friends’ teasing, close one eye and let it go on for years. Because you yourself, you’re funny too and you brought it upon yourself, this so-called ability to laugh at yourself. And what’s more funny than self depreciating humour? Oh, they are the funniest of all the jokes that you can possibly tell.

How do you like it if your friend pretended he didn’t know you have a boyfriend even though we all grew up in the same school and when you simply crapped a name that is not your boyfriend’s back just for fun and your friend told you that this ‘person’ is blind.

I felt hurt. But it’s okay. Maybe he was joking. I didn’t laugh though.

What about when your friend who ask you how many months gone are you? It’s okay, my friend always does this to me and I love him just the same coz no matter how much fun he made of me, he always crinkles into a big smile that will melt your heart. Always a punch to his arm or his shin or whatever and we’ll forget it again.

What about the friend who asks you “why people who stay away from home usually have lousy meals and will probably only eat one meal a day and then lose weight, so how come you don’t lose weight but you’re the opposite instead?” My friend then proceeds to look me up and down slowly, trying hard to muster a look that he knows will piss me off. He is trying very hard to do that look up down thing to piss me off.
I still smiled. I said I am studying up north of Malaysia. Penang food is nearby. (Kedah learns the recipe, I suppose).

Then my friend tries again and asks me, “How many meals a day do you eat ar?”

This time I was expressionless. And I would say, “2.” and my friend would ask, “Then snacks?”

With a tighter smile, I would say, “no. Not really.”

My friend tries to prod further and would say, “I know. Sure your metabolism rate is slow one!!”

I would then glare at my friend and lower my eyelids. All those who poked fun at me would put their arms around me and try to get me to cheer up because it was just a joke.

But don’t need to try so hard to be mean just so the entire table can have a laugh.

Why the effort to point out that I’m fat?

As much as I’m angry with them, they are still my friends. I still like them. But I cannot stand them tonight.

I had to excuse myself before I burst into tears.

Thank goodness for the sanctuary which my car provided me throughout the drive back home. I really needed it.

And friends’ parents who tell you that you’ve put on alot of weight, that’s fine. It’s not nice to hear but you expect it from the adults coz it’s what they say. It doesn’t matter anymore. They think of it in a good way. But when your friends try their best to hit a raw nerve in you, just so that you will start yelling at them to shut up, and everyone can laugh and have a good time…it becomes somewhat like a competition to see who can hurt Jolene who put on weight.

But when you put together the pieces that happened throughout the day, you’re just so glad that your car is sound proof. You just get worried at what the people who stopped next to you at the traffic lights will think when they see your mouth opening and your face crinkled downwards as big fat tears rolled down your face.

But you guys are still my friends. After so many years, you’re still my friends. Just don’t hurt me anymore. I don’t like it.

p/s: if you must comment, please don’t slag my friends off. They have stood up for me in other ways.