Samsung Galaxy S Maxis10 Review Part 1 – This Phone Here, Is A Magical Tool.

I am getting more and more convinced that twitter is like this social media tool sent straight from heaven.

One was when Kel Li was asking about ulcers and after giving her some *cough* expert advice *cough*, that particular question came out for my final exams the following day!!

And another one was when I saw a tweet about a bloggers’ phone review program organized by Maxis. Bloggers/twitter users were invited to send in audition videos to convince the good people at Maxis why they should be chosen to review the latest Android phone to join the Maxis family – THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S! It retails at RM2599 but if you get a contract with Maxis, you save RM900 and only pay RM1699. More details can be found here.

Here’s my audition video:

I was never a huge fan of Samsung. If you’re a tv, you’re a tv. Like for LG, if you’re a refrigerator, you’re a refrigerator. So when they branched out to the mobile phone market, I was a little wary.

But after spending two days with the phone, I just.can’!!!

My mum and brother (who found the office to collect the phone from, on google maps, no less) were kind enough to drive down to Damansara to get the phone for me as I am still stuck in Sungai Petani, trying to wrap up my final exams. I have 10 days in between my theory paper and my something like a practical paper, so I pretty much have some time on my hands to explore this gorgeous Android phone thoroughly!

10 participants have been chosen and the review program will last for two weeks, so hopefully I can keep up with Maxis’ expectations and do a good job with the reviews.

The Samsung Galaxy S is packed away in a classy black box, totally befitting of its nature.

The Samsung Galaxy S as you probably know already, is running on the Android platform. The Android platform was created by Google and have been adopted by more recent smartphones. Like the HTC Desire and the Xperia 10 are both running on the android platform.

I’ve only ever used the Sony Ericsson Experia which was running on Windows Mobile (which I can’t stand. It can’t be customized to my liking AT ALL) and when I got my Sony Ericsson Satio, the symbian platform. The symbian platform is mostly associated with Nokia phones, don’t know why Sony so itchy backside go and use symbian. As a result, there were many many many applications that I could not use because it was a Sony and most Symbian apps are made for Nokia.

Using these two platforms only made me hungry for all those lovely applications that my smartphone toting friends have been raving about. “Did you know that you can play Cooking Mama on the iPhone?” “OMG my phone can detect the nearest speedtraps!!” “Let me check-in at this joint first.” Gahhh.. I wanted in on it too.

Enter the Android Market. 🙂

The android market is relatively newer than the itunes store but the list of free applications are ENDLESS. Can’t stop scrolling one.

Indirectly camwhoring with the Samsung Galaxy S prior to my unboxing video. I tell you, my unboxing video is super fail. I totally forgot to record the part where I lift the lid of the box up. :\

Unboxing Video FAIL and a short introduction on the Samsung Galaxy S:

The phone settled cozily in its padded packaging.

Inside the box are the usuals – phone charger, earphones, usb cable, battery pack, manuals and warranty forms.

There’s a sticker on the front of the phone bragging about its awesome awesome features!

Camwhoring with the Samsung Galaxy S before turning it on for the first tieme!

This was the moment when I fell in love with the Super AMOLED screen. I finally found the power button and the gorgeous screen came to life.

The photo does the phone no justice as the glow just emanated from the phone, spilling out within that small space in my dark hotel room.

One thing to really really love about the phone is how easily it downloads the internet settings for you upon insertion of the SIM card.

My experiences with my previous two smartphones made the internet settings thingie quite a hassle, to the point that I even fear resetting my phone to factory settings.

After many many research and consideration, I have decided that it would be most cost efficient to have two separate sim cards on two different phones.

I have been using the Maxis Value Plus 80 plan for a couple of years now. Using data on a normal talk plan can be very hefty. Even with the bundled data packages available, I don’t find them to be very cost worthy.

I was ecstatic when I managed to get the Maxis Broadband Package for Rm48! I already had my own USB modem, so I just took the sim card and stuck it in my smart phone. When I am away from my streamyx connection and would love to kill time with my laptop, I’ll just stick the simcard into the USB modem and voila, instant high speed internet! (as I am on broadband)

One thing I have never been sure about is if there are any differences between the speeds of both broadband and normal talk plan data speeds. My Maxis broadband can be faster than my streamyx connection at times.

ANYWAY, back to the Samsung Galaxy S.

When I stuck my maxis broadband SIM card into the phone, the settings just fell into place immediately at the click of a button. No username asked, no passwords, no need to go into the settings etc. They then prompted me to add my google account and after that I was signed in to all my google stuff!! 😀

Here’s the right side of the phone where the power button is located. (couldn’t find it at first)

The back of the phone, with its 5.0mp camera and the speaker. I’ve read some reviews about how they would rather the phone have a more matt finishing than its current plasticky back but I think with it being plastic, scratches will be less. It looks rather promising in the scratch resistant department.

To the left of the phone would be the volume control which doubles as your camera zoomer.

At the top of the phone would be the 3.5mm jack and the USB port.

I like the fact that you have to slide the entire screen down to unlock it. Locking the phone is done by pressing once on the power button.

There is a home button (too dark, cannot see, but I assure you, it’s there), a left button to change settings for applications and etc, a right button to go back, back, back.

As I have mentioned in the video, the most awesome technology to come from the Samsung Galaxy S would be the Swype keyboard. The idea is to trace the alphabets of a word that you wanna write, and tada, it appears in your message/tweet/status/email whatever that you’re writing. I’ll do another detail on the Swype function over the next few days!

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t even have to be alphabets specific. More on that later.

Just a sneak peek into one of the apps… I love it that I can customize my MSN! Ahhh! It’s almost as pink as my adium contact list.

Oh, right. Here’s a photo of the phone without the battery cover. There’s a slot to insert a microSD and the phone itself already has an internal storage space of 16gb. So that’s a whole lot to go before cranking up the old or

Before I end my introductory post on the Samsung Galaxy S, here are some random photos and HD videos taken with my latest baby (for two weeks though, sigh):

At Kek Lok Si

Along Gurney Drive

My blinged up car keys shimmering under the lights at Kenny Rogers while waiting for Lie Yuen’s flight to touchdown at the Penang Airport.

Just checking out how the camera fares when capturing my laptop screen.

My favourite shot!! The food seem to have an ethereal glow about them.

Told Mun Teng on gTalk that I was at Kek Lok Si and if she wanted me to tell Guan Yin anything, complete with photos and all.

Sorry lah I can’t get over my beautiful car keys.

Yea I know I look quite messy here. I was testing the front-facing camera. Not too bad eh?

With so much noise in the morning though. Yeap, having a smartphone means you don’t have to roll out of bed to check your email, facebook and twitter.

With the normal 5.0mp camera. My exposure was set too low actually, but it would really be nice if there was a flash. 😐

Bwahahhaa… slapped on some make-up before doing the video above. Pai seh, pai seh.

Was looking around my room for random things to snap, so here you go!

I’ll be back with more videos and blog posts about the Samsung Galaxy S!

In the mean time, find these other users on twitter to follow their journey with the Samsung Galaxy S:
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B•liv by Cellnique – Products Review and Free Giveaways for 50 Readers!

There’s a saying in cantonese that Lie Yuen has taught me that goes something like a clear and fair face covers three layers of flaws or something like that. True that! It is comforting to know that at least there’s one part of myself that I can work on, which is my skin.

I am quite blessed because I have never experienced any major acne problems but I have never been particularly happy with my lack of a glow. I long to be one of those girls who look just a little pink in the face, a natural blush. I’ve been to a few beauticians and every time I get my skin assessed, I would be told that my skin is actually very dry and that my pores are big. Big pores run in my family and when I apply my foundation, it can be a little gross up close because tiny little opaque dots can be seen where the foundation is more concentrated. I have some blackheads splattered across my T-zone too and back in A-levels, I would squirt out whiteheads from my nose to gross Chien out. She calls it my Medusa nose.

So yes, as you probably expect, this is a product review! One that I am very very happy to do because I got free products from Cellnique to try!! Yay!! 🙂 I even have some 50 samples to give away. Scroll all the way down for details – read the post first la though, please.

I have long heard of the brand from my friends who frequent beauticians and also my mum who advocates Cellnique. My brother who had a little bit of an acne problem going on a couple of years back, had his skin all cleared up after a few treatments. And what with his one year in the Uk, sure damn nice lah his skin. *jealous*

Selina from Cellnique has approached me with a range of products from B•liv by Cellnique that would suit my skin condition. B•liv was originally known as ‘Cellnique Pro Series’ but it has been rebranded to keep up with young people like… ahem, us. To..ahem, match our on-the-go, stylish and confident lifestyle. I know some days I might think I’m a little too old for certain things but sometimes when you have nice products to try out, you’ll take pride being in the young adults age group. 😛 Very happy actually to be on the nubile side of my 20s.

Myself and my exciting box of beauty products from B•liv Cellnique!

Due to my very very packed schedule attempting to finish up with my final year clinical management report and clinic quotas in the past few weeks (tears were shed, hairs were pulled out, nightmares were dreamed, weight was lost (YAY), heart attacks given by ffk patients etc), I finally had time to do the review. Despite my heavy schedule, I was using the products everyday diligently. In all honestly, I have very poor compliance with beauty products. I buy them, use it once or twice and forget about it. 😐 But since I had to do a review, I kept at the regime.

I never really believed that beauty products can do wonders for me (sort of jaded about myself already) but even before doing the review or telling anyone that I was using a new range of products, I have been getting compliments on my skin! True story!! I was also pleasantly surprised because no one ever told me that I looked radiant before, so I guess it is really happening now!

Here’s a before photo taken during my ADSALympics event, an annual sports week at my dental faculty that drains us of all energy and soul.

I know there’s no obvious flaws (skin I mean, the rest you just pretend you never notice anything, don’t have to make it obvious ya) but you can see I’m not actually glowing. That’s the reflection of the sun. I just look…….yellow.

One more artsy shot with my camwhoring shadow behind me.

So here’s what was inside the goodie box:

L-r: Shrink and Tighten, Shrink and Tighten + and Off With Those Heads

L-r: Leach Me, A sample of Got Me Covered

Off With Those Heads is to do away with the blackheads and whiteheads.

It is a sebum gel that you can spread across your T-zone, massaging it into your skin until the wet feeling is gone. The gel just absorbs into your skin! It also feels fresh because there is a nice minty smell.

According to the description given, your clogged pores get soften thus extractions of the blackheads become easier. WIth the tea tree oil and witch hazel extract, they keep acne and comedones at bay plus aloe vera to keep the skin hydrated.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any before and after photos of my blackheads. I know I should have..sigh. I do think that my blackheads are getting less.. at least new ones don’t crop up. I just need to get some extractions done on the existing ones now that they are easier to remove.

For my craters, we have Shrink and Tighten which is to be used together with Shrink and Tighten +. The consistency is more fluid than Off With Those Heads with a slight yellow tinge to the gel .the smell is also more fruity than Off With Those Heads!

I have to say I am quite impressed with its functions. Shrink and Tighten pump collagen into your open pores to seal it, sort of a barrier protection from future big pores! It has Vitamin B3 which helps to hydrate the skin, Vitamin C for healing and as an antioxidant and Oleanolic Acid which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Shrink and Tighten + is the one to thank to give your skin that glow you’ll get after using these products, imho.

Fresh from the bottle, the formula is quite oily and when you rub it all over your face, you might feel a little irritated at first because you’ll be like, “Great, just what I need. More grease on my face, ughh.” But if you keep rubbing, rubbing and rubbing it in, you’ll realize that it gets absorbed into your skin leaving your skin to feel supple and hydrated without any greasy feeling at all! Even your fingers don’t feel greasy, just moisturized! z

Use it at night so that collagen production can work overtime and help to reduce those pores. The L-ascorbic acid helps with skin lightening, Witch Hazel extract for prevention of acne and comedones and Vitamin B5 for hydration.

See how oily it looks in the bottle?

About two weeks into using the product. At the sides of my nose, it is quite ugly lah with all the pores coalescing together forming unsightly holes. Applying foundation to the sides of my nose can be quite a bitch.

About a month after using. It looks smoother over all! No one’s gonna stretch the sides of my nose when they see me right. So, this is good enough for a clear base to put your make-up. Even the pores look more evened out.

Then we have Leach Me which is a moisturizing mask that does deep moisturizing, brightening and age preventing. Brace yourself ya, I’m gonna throw some complicated chemical names at you.

Sodium 1-Pyrollidonecarboxylate helps with water retention, it helps the skin to better hold moisture. Acetyl Hexapeptide – 8 is for reducing wrinkles (score!!), Acerola Fruit extract to prevent aging and is used as an antioxidant and other fruit acids complex which are used for exfoliation, skin hydrating and help simulate new cell regeneration.

The entire packet is soaked with the formula. Upon removing the mask, it is actually dripping with the formula!

As you can see, it is very very very wet. Formula was dribbling down my chin which I rubbed into my neck. No use having a young face and a wrinkly old neck right? So better to make the most out of it! The mask can be used once or twice a week.

Cannot smile when having the mask on or else formula will get into my mouth!

Got Me Covered is a sunblock + foundation formula for everyday use. It has a nice sheen to it upon applying, nothing too obvious. Sometimes foundation makes us look overly made up for our day-to-day activities, so this is ideal and it also allows the skin to breathe properly.

It comes with UV protector which helps in anti-aging, used as an anti-oxidant and suncreen. Salicylic Acid  helps with exfoliation and the formula has a natural foundation colour that matches your skin tone.

The thin sheen that I was talking about. Nothing too cakey.

After applying the foundation. Looks very natural right?

So that pretty much sums up my experience with B•liv after using it for one whole month!

I’m not tooting my own horn, but the pink glow that I have always wanted is there!! 😀 😀

A happier photo to show off the pinkness on the apples of the cheek!

To further accentuate the glow.

Cellnique has been so kind to offer 50 free samples of Off With Those Heads! So all you blackhead clogged girls (and boys!) can send your full name and mailing address to with the subject ““. Be quick though, the offer ends 1 week from now! This means…you have until 19th of June 2010! Hurry!

If you are keen to buy their products, head on over to  the B•liv by Cellnique website! Should your purchases be above USD60, you can opt for their free exclusive B•liv recycle bag instead of the usual packaging box. Head on over to their microsite, Cellnique Earth Campaign to support their No Paper. No Bag initiative!

Settling in Australia With Ease Abroad

A long time ago, I looked at my friends fret over university applications and accommodation procedures before making their way over to Australia. I didn’t need to consider going there because firstly, I had very low self esteem about my eventual A-levels result so I didn’t bother applying to anywhere (bad move) and also the course I wanted to do would be far too hefty a price if I were to do it overseas. 

As if trying to get a place in an Australian university wasn’t hard enough, students then would have to think long and hard about places to stay and if those places met their budget or not. Most of these students were leaving the country and their parents for the first time in their lives! Not every parent is rich enough to accompany their child on their first big adventure and thus the student is thrown into the wilderness that is Australia to fend for him/herself in looking for an accommodation and basically understanding how the city works. I’ve never heard of trams until Abby told me about how she takes the tram to Melbourne Uni every other day. 

It’s always better if there’s already a local who knows what you’re coming in for and can prepare you for all these formalities and details. A friend of mine in Australia (actually Amanda’s boyfriend, Josh whom I have yet to meet) came up with this ingenious idea with his partners to aid such students. They understand that when one moves to a whole new world, it can get pretty stressful so they will be there to help you iron out the kinks!

According to them it takes about 2-3 weeks for a student to find a place to stay in Australia (if you did not opt for the super expensive campus accommodation) and so those couple of weeks could be put to better use with their help. Like going on a longer vacation before you start that all important first year at uni! Better to spend more time with your parents too as half of you will probably not stay at home permanently anymore from then on. 

Here is their list of services
• Location of rental property
• Application for rental property
• Securing of rental property
• Furniture procurement
• Limo pick up service from airport
• Connection of utilities
• Peace of mind 

Yeah! Even a limo pick up service from the airport! I mean it’s no Thailand, but still, no worries about getting kidnapped by any conmen upon your arrival down under. 

Picture from one of their recent roadshows.

If there are any parents or students out there up to their heads in Australian uni applications or even expatriates hoping to start a new life, do check out Ease Abroad!

Logo (Signatures)

I know I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee if it can sort out all the headaches for me and even helping me to secure better deals to fit my (would have been) poor student budget.

Latest Gossips With Channel X Unlimited Facebook Via SMS

So I’ve been using the Channel X Unlimited Facebook via SMS for over a week now and it really proves to be quite useful especially when the Satio’s juice runs out and I can’t use my mobile broadband account to satisfy my social networking needs. The good old mobile phone then saves the day now that I have Channel X Unlimited Facebook Via SMS. Keep facebooking all week only for RM1, not bad right? 

As I have mentioned before, nothing beats good ol’ smsing with your fingers on an old school dial pad. This way, I can easily upload anything to my facebook be it notes or statuses, even while I’m driving. Shhh.

Oh, and if you wanna be stalking that certain someone, you can even subscribe to his or her updates! Totally convenient way of stalking, no need to be googling them or refreshing their facebook profiles to see what’s going on in their lives that you are not a part of. You now have the liberty to live your own life too! This also applies to parents who want to keep an eye on their wild children.  

I don’t know about you but whenever I see that there’s a new notification on the lower right hand corner of my facebook page, I feel happy and immediately click it. So I am definitely one to enjoy the notifications that are sent straight to my phone! Also, I get to be the first to tell my friends who is now in a relationship/who just broke up. No more “Yah I saw it on Facebook” because they didn’t have time to go home to their browsers! Ne ne ni bu bu. 

Channel X Unlimited Facebook via SMS is totally perfect for the kepochi me.