Paris Inspired Me

I’ve never regarded myself as a workaholic but I think two weeks of holiday from Malaysia is just about enough for me! Okay, maybe not so much the working part but I just want to come home and get on with life. It’s like I put it on pause and it feels kind of unsettling.

I’m missing three weeks of my final year. I try not to worry. Really! Missing out on the juniors’ orientation and stuff. Btw, I heard that the medicine people did the batch 5’s It’s one of the few things we poor boring dental people look forward to each year.

I’m having a lovely time here in the UK despite the painful prices my father has to pay for simple meals and everything is totally unaffordable. The shopaholic in me is dying inside… I. need. my. shopping. malls. I need shoeeess.(as in to feed my addiction)

Speaking of shoes, I actually saw some really nice one in Paris. Pretty colours in leather-like material and for like 15 Euros, which is, what, about RM80? Pricey but what one would expect to pay for a nicer pair of heels. Sigh. Shop shop shop. Maybe I need to see a shrink.

I just got back from my europe trip.

Amsterdam – need to go back without the parents (KIDDING, DAD).
Switzerland – totally gorgeous! Ever seen a clear river in the middle of the city?
Germany – was in the suburbs. Bah.
Paris – I think I’m in love.

And the cold weather is making me miss Chee Kiang more. Haha, poor thing only get missed in low temperatures. Kidding lah, I can’t wait till we both graduate and then get a place together. Counting the days. πŸ™‚

So yeah, favourite city by far? PARIS! Omg.

I always thought artsy fartsy people are pretentious and I always roll my eyes at people who give up everything to ‘chase their dreams to be an artist’ but now I see the light. I really do.

I didn’t get to go see the Louvre as I heard the Mona Lisa is so small. Probably about the size of my laptop.

I’m not particularly interested in those big names and stuff but I wouldn’t mind that when I know a bit more! I went around (and got lost) in Montmartre. It’s a village where most artists from Paris go to showcase their work.


Saw this  particularly gorgeous one of two fluffy cats looking out at the Moulin Rouge (which I saw with my own eyes btw when we got lost!). I don’t understand how they manage to make the colour shine so brightly, like there are really lights coming out. I want to paint LIKE THAT. And there’s another kind of painting style which I adore. I think they call it water colour painting. You know, like very light pastel shades carelessly painted within black outlines but not totally staying within the lines, do you know what I mean?

First thing to do when I get home: Buy artblock.

If I hadn’t gone up to the Eiffel tower, I would probably have to make another trip back to Paris just to go up the metal structure. Which I did. πŸ™‚ We thought we didn’t have enough time but dad made sure that my brother and I went up the tower. NO ONE TOLD US THAT YOU HAD TO CLIMB ALL THE WAY UP TO THE SECOND FLOOR. Dad and mum certainly didn’t say anything, so cheeky. Mervyn and I were almost dead. Imagine, ending your life climbing the Eiffel tower.

And I never knew that those blinking lights come on at night! And the colours of Paris at night? Ratatouille was totally telling the truth.

More photos later, as always. πŸ™‚

My Friend Met Michael Jackson in 1996, Here, In MALAYSIA.

I just had to share this as the conversation I had tonight is quickly fleeting away!

I was at SS15 tonight with some friends and one of my friends was like, “Eh, saw your blog that day. Wahhhh what a long post on Michael Jackson!”

I was all, “YES! OMG He is so hot so hot so hot so hot. In the 90s lah.”

And he goes and drop the mother of all bombshell, “Did you  know I met him before?”

I slammed both hands on the table, “WHAT?!? START TALKING!”

Here was a boy who grew up and lived in Subang Jaya, just like me. Attended the same primary school as me and secondary school as me and he had a once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting Michael Jackson.

It was a morning in 1996 and his mother was running late. The time was 7.15am and school was starting at 7.30am. The 10 year old Jonathan (okay lah, I think it’s okay to say his name… and it’s Jon Ooi for those who are wondering.) was fretting as he would be late for school. The 9 year old Jolene was probably doing some rounds as a prefect at that time in that very same primary school, all early and stuff. Anyway, back to Jon.

His mother then said, “Okay, no need to go to school already. We’re meeting Michael Jackson today.”

His eyes widened to dinner plates size.

This happened because he had an aunt who was a diehard Michael Jackson fan. She had some connections who knew that Michael was having a “Meet the Children” session at Hard Rock Cafe KL.  He only wanted children so for any adult fan to come see him, their only ticket to this golden opportunity was a child. It’s so amusing to think of my friend as the sacrificial kid! That’s so typical of Michael Jackson right. πŸ™‚ As much as I want to be his Lisa Marie Presley, and I’d even settle for a Debbie Rowe kind of post, it’s okay to have a giggle at Michael jackson’s fascination with children.

Michael Jackson was in Malaysia at that time as part of his History tour. It was quite a hoo-hah. Even a kid like me who didn’t read the papers and only saw a few bits of advertisement on tv knew that the king was coming!

So apparently, he, his brother, his baby sister, mum and aunt were there at Hard Rock Cafe. About 30 over children were allowed to roam around the venue but the parents were confined to the bar. I’ve never been inside so I don’t really know what’s the layout but apparently the bar is kind of restricting.

All Michael wanted was to come and make friends with the children and play some games. Parents were not part of the plan but they had to be there to watch over their children.

When Michael Jackson finally entered the venue, all the children swarmed around him. Most of them were on a mission, like Jon, who was made to get Michael’s autograph on a Michael Jackson picture book. He was promised RM100 for each autograph and after getting the first one, he went back to his aunt who scolded him and said, “GET SOME MORE ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!” LOL i’d probably do the same. I’ll definitely drag my nephew if I had one who can already talk. *waits impatiently for Ethan to grow up*

Jon said Michael Jackson did not say anything the whole time but enjoyed the company of the children for about 15 minutes. Apparently, the parents went ballistic. They were CRAZY. They were trying to climb over the bar to get to Michael Jackson. For the 10 year old, he had never seen adults lose control. And we all know what kind of effect Michael Jackson has on his fans right? Fainting, screaming, crying..etc. A crowd of screaming fans had already gathered outside the restaurant by then.

Michael was apparently, according to Jon, pissed off by the commotion as all he wanted was some quiet time with the children of Malaysia.

Even Jon’s mum (HI Aunty! I wonder if you’re reading this! :P) was slightly crazy but couldn’t go all the way cuckoo because she was holding on to his baby sister. The security guards wanted to take his baby sister to Michael to hold but she was crying. His aunt later chided the poor kid for the missed opportunity. LOL.

Jon’s younger brother was running around, quite oblivious to everything. He stopped in front of Michael and looked up at him. Michael reached down and ruffled his hair.

After that, his aunt continuously ruffled the brother’s hair going, “OMG MICHAEL JACKSON TOUCHED YOUR HAIR. HE TOUCHED YOUR HAIR! MICHAEL JACKSON TOUCHED YOUR HAIR!!” The ruffling continued.

I love his aunty, she’s so funny! Hahaha.

And just before they entered the venue, the aunt made sure Jon’s mum remembered to load batteries and film into their analog camera. The aunt was going trigger happy the entire time. When they wanted to develop the photos, they realized that the film was actually inserted the wrong way. -________________________________________- I’d go mad. So mad… I was actually very angry when I heard it at the dessert table just now.

I found Jon’s story so fascinating because he actually met the legend as a young boy. It’s just so amusing as you keep hearing all these accounts of children visiting Neverland and spending time with him. And Jon actually had the Malaysian version of it. How I wish I was one of the children at that little Meet The Children session. But won’t it be wrong for a 9 year old to be thinking, “Hot damn, if only I could tear off his clothes… that long white sleeve shirt and those black slacks…mmmmmmmmmmmmm”?

Kucing Mana Yang Tidak Makan Ikan

Ikan-ikan banyak di laut,
Kekadang berenang sampai ke sungai,
Menjumpai kucing, itulah maut,
Bila jumpa, cakaplah “OHAI!”

Cerita ini cerita tentang Si Putih,
Si Putih memang seekor kucing,
Ternampak ikan-ikan dalam air jernih,
Si Putih pun bersedia memancing.

Si Putih seekor kucing yang senang lapar,
Cuba lagi-lagi untuk ikan belaka,
Ikan terpikat, bukan satu tapi dua,
Ini kucing memang kucing derhaka.

Ikan bodoh, ikan buat tak tau,
Dua-dua pun ingin dimakan Si Putih,
Dua-dun pun Si Putih mau,
Salah satu hati ikan mesti pedih.

Si Putih bersiap untuk bersantap,
Ikan-ikan asyik menunggu,
Di goreng, di bakar atau di asap,
Tibalah masa untuk pilih satu.

Termakan ikan siakap,
Tulang banyak, rasanya beza,
Si Putih baling keluar tingkap,
Si Putih memang tak biasa.

Kini dipilih Ikan bawang putih,
Ikan siakap menangis tak henti,
Oh ikan siakap janganlah sedih,
Kucing seekor tidak semesti.

Ikan bawang putih dah lama menunggu,
Ternampak ikan siakap dipilih dahulu,
Walaupun sakit hati tapi asyik tunggu,
Si Putih memang pandai mengampu.

Wahai kucing-kucing sekalian,
Satu ikan, cukup sehidup,
Boleh ke tak makan ikan lain,
Walaupun tersangat ranggup.

Kecewa dengan banyak kucing. Banyak pelakon kucing yang handal dalam dunia ini.

BM SPM dapat B3. Kesalan yang paling besar. BM saya sungguh menghisap.

Lady Gaga’s Coverage On The Nuffnang Music Bash 2009

New Updates on The Sticker Monster:

Mini Mirror Stickers In A Plethora Of Colours



Finally found the energy to complete the post! This is coming from the girl who still has not blogged about New Year’s Eve. I’ve also been meaning to blog about ADSALympics 2008, a sporting event by my dental faculty and ADSAlympics 2009 is in two weeks’ time. T_T

Nuffnang Music Bash is by Maxis Broadband, if you don’t already know. πŸ™‚ Gotta love all these costume parties. There were plenty of Jason Mrazes and Katy Perries that night.

Here’s the link to the post about how much I spent effort I put into creating my Lady Gaga look.

So as usual, Soon Seng offered to drive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those girls who leach off boys for free rides. I offered to drive since my car was back in Subang with me. But Soon Seng is and has always been such a gentleman, so down the Federal Highway we went after his ACCA classes. He’s so hardworking, already working and yet he has his ACCA classes during the weekend. Joyce, your boy is made of stability and financial security. πŸ™‚

Just like the time I stepped out of my house as the Slutty Joker Nurse for the Halloween party, his expression from behind his window still made me laugh like mad.

I’ve been pestering him for a couple of weeks, “So what are you going as? What are you going as?” and he’ll be like, “I’ll think of something..just you wait….”

And Saturday rolled around and he was like, “I got a pair of sunnies and you know what? I’ll go as that dude who sings the bridge in Just Dance.” You guys should watch the video if you feel lost.

Totally loving the long feathery lashes!

Kim who came as a gay man trapped in a hot woman’s body. She’s one of the members from Village People. A thin moustache is quite sexy on her, don’t you think?

Kim and Susan from Maxis. She didn’t bring her two little girls along this time, would have been fun to see the little girls in costume. I first met Susan when I did the Maxis Broadband review
. πŸ™‚ I really like her as she’s very genuine.

Cindy and myself. If you can’t recognize Cindy’s costume, you’re probably like 5 years younger than us or something. Seriously, when the Nuffnang team went on stage to perform Let The Music Heal Your Soul, the crowd couldn’t sing along because most of them at the party were about 8 or 9 years old when the song was popular. I is old. Cindy is Britney Spears from Baby One More Time. πŸ™‚

This is Andy whom I met at a funfair 4 years ago! He is one of Liss’ close friends from uni and it was really strange seeing him at a blog gathering! I always feel like my world which is filled with friends from real life are not in anyway connected with the friends I have in the blogging world. Strange perception, I know.

The crowd warming up to the ever so funny Liang who is Nuffnang’s permanent MC.

PENNNYYYYY! I haven’t seen this woman in yonks!!

Julian who came as Bob Marley. Julian is soooo cool. πŸ™‚ I hope you become a Doctor In Blogging soon!!

Bob Marley and his bong. Do go to his blog to do a survey for his study on the Malaysian blogosphere if you’re a blogger yourself.

Another person whom I’ve not seen in the longest time as well – SERGE aka Dustyhawk. πŸ™‚ He’s supposed to be Jason Mraz.

A clearer photo, but no hugging. Awww πŸ™

Check out the awesome colours from Jem and the Hollograms!
That’s Nigel in the tiger coat, Joshua at the back with the chicken hairstyle, Hsu Jen smiling from behind and Andrew with the star. I love Andrew’s make up!

love love love the colours.

l-r: Aud, Myself and May. May thank you thank you for the video! No one else cared for Lady Gaga’s killa moves… πŸ˜›

Soon Seng wanted a photo too!

Kelz is part of the Jem and the Hollograms band. She is obviously, Jem. All PINNNK. I like!

I’m not sure who the girl in red is (please let me know!) and that’s Liang interviewing CopyKate who came as KatE Perry. πŸ™‚

Jolene meets Jolyn again, who came as Pink from the Lady Marmalade video. We’re both Ladies!

Nick so hiphop! I think he’s trying to tell you that his bling is real gold.

Soon Seng and Jolyn.

You guys shall call her Iris, but I will call her Lie Peh because I call her sister Lie Yuen. Feels weird to call you Iris lah, but PEOPLE this is Iris Heng Lie Peh. πŸ™‚ Lie Peh came as Victoria Beckham. You can see she perfected the scowl.

L-r: Carmen, Drunken Lady Gaga, Vivien and Wan Wei. Love your pink hair extensions! πŸ™‚

Carmen and Vivien came as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. You must guess which is which. I got it right. πŸ™‚

I’m doing something inappropriate with you but I forgot your name. πŸ™ sorry. It’s like I have alzheimers or something.

Jamie Chin came as Katy Perry and gosh, she is perhaps one of the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in the longest time.

Jamie Liew came as herself with an outfit her mother helped her put together. very glamorous! Why are all Jamies so goddamn beautiful?

Huai Bin who came as Eminem (and won the Worst Impersonator Award) loan me his caplang pasar malam toy gun to pose like a Bond Girl.

Huai Bin as Eminem! Should have gave him some hair from my wig. Eminem is platinum blonde as well, r ight?

I tell you ah, this couple is damnnnn cute one lor. At the last party, they came as Jack Sparrow and Keira Knightley. Hsu Jen’s pirate costume was damn sexy, love the cleavage, babes. πŸ™‚ Jen and David are both part of the Jem and the Hollograms band. I love how David’s hair colour is of that electric blue shade and how his shades can be of the exact same shade.

Soon Seng and Jamie Chin. Jamie wrote in her blog that her dress is from Velvet Ribbon!

Another blog couple..:) Copycate and her boy Hikaru. I think he was a Jason Mraz.

With Pink and KatE Perry.

Andy wanted one with the sexy Pink.

And there were people there acting like celebrities..

KY … I didn’t quite get your outfit. What was it?

There was a contest to see who could sing a chorus from any song and hold the last note for the longest possible time. After the bash, I’ve been singing randomly in the car, in the bathroom and trying to see if I can last more than 14 seconds. That’s the record made by this girl called Natalie who wowed the crowd with her Power Of Love rendition. I’m sure most of you have also been trying to see if you have got what it takes, don’t lie!! πŸ˜›

All the pros hard at work.

The winners got a pair of sunglasses each.

There was a nother game where the contestants had to dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Like copy her moves EXACTLY. Even professionally done, the moves are already so outrageous. Imagine it replicated. By guys. 0___0

Tim looked like he was having a good time. Wish I could say the same for Aud. Oops. πŸ™‚

The Nuffnang team took to the stage with the ever so nostalgic Let The Music Heal Your Soul. It is the one and only song that combined all the awesome boybands.

Must be Robb’s idea. Right, right?

The Nuffies danced to Jai Ho and thanks to them, the song is stuck in my head. *plays Jai Ho for the millionth time on ipod*

I was elated when they announced my name as one of the nominees for Best Dressed. Again, Liang couldn’t get my blog url right. It’s pronounced, JAY-ELLE-ANNE-NUR-LAI-YERL. It probably is not meant to be pronounced this way. But if the French can dictate that Cafe be pronounced as CA FAY, I can butcher up the english language and have my blog url being pronounced however way I like it to be. πŸ™‚

Pink, Lady Gaga and Britney.

For the guys, it was ‘Eminem’, Bob Marley and John Lennon. Soon Seng didn’t include Yatz in the pic! Poor thing. But look at that! All the nominees got a dot com each.,,,,, πŸ™‚ Nicee.

To generate some crowd response, the nominees had to do some booty shaking to show the audience what they were made of.

Eminem had his suave moves.

Britney was sizzling!

Gaga was just fucken scary. SOON SENG, BAD ANGLEEE. Anyway, I was quite worried that I embarrassed myself on stage, but after looking through the video a few times, it wasn’t THAT painful. πŸ™‚

*forces you to watch the video*

Video is from May!

The crowd was cheering and all, probably because I’ve got some good friends in the crowd who have mega lungs (thank you Kelz, Jen, Pam and gang!). I did my default dance moves (hands in the air, swinging hip) and ended it with a Shakira butt shake that I usually do to make friends laugh.

The cheers stopped adruptly. I think I shocked the audience on the right of the stage into silence.

And this was the only nice dancing photo I could find. Thanks Shaolin! πŸ™‚

Pink finished her number and we then waited anxiously for the winner to be announced.

Awww I’m smiling so sweetly at Liang. Who in this photo has the eyes of the Fortune Cat.

Julian Bob Marley waits anxiously for the results ot be announced. He would eventually win the Best Impersonator Award. He took home a SONY PS3. Damn awesome.

Jolyn won herself an iPod for her creative pre-bash video.

The Sony PS3 that Julian won. Jealous!

Huai Bin won the worst impersonator award. LOL.

Yatz won the best dressed male award. Like me, he won RM500 worth of Topshop vouchers. In a way it is rewarding because I could never afford anything from Topshop. But apparently the vouchers can also be used at Warehouse, Diva, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge. I’ve been salivating over the clothes at Warehouse for the longest time and now I have these vouchers! I’ll remember to treat all two pieces of my Warehouse apparels with tender loving care.

The only photo of Tim and myself from that night. Thanks for the vouchers, Tim! And thank you Maxis Broadband!!

Robb who was too busy to take a pic with me. πŸ™

Another photo of myself with Lie Peh.

Alex and myself. What did you come as, Alex?

I’m here with Jess who came as Amy Lee from Evanescence.

Oooh! Love the lighting in this one. Thanks Kim for posing with me again! πŸ™‚

I went up to check out the Maxis Broadband Live Blogging thing and saw Julian there. Had trouble loading my dashboard so I didn’t get to do any live blogging. Sigh.

With Simon, the retired hip-hop star.

Andrew’s outfit is so damn cool.

Oh finally a picture with Yatz. WHO DARE CUT OFF MY HAIR BOW?! WHO?!

Soon Seng, Jen and myself.

And this is Aaron/Cincau Hangus!! πŸ™‚ Couldn’t recognize him at first.

FInally a picture with Yee Hou.

And that’s ChrisTockπŸ™‚

Soon Seng and Kate! favourite photo of the night. πŸ™‚

Myself and the gorgeous Zoey!

Colby and Gaga doing it right!

l-r: Yenniedoll, Jolyn, Myself (watch the video lah, she does this hand thing too!) and Jess.

Poor Pam arrived so  late but thankfully I managed to get this shot with her. πŸ™‚

Thomas arrived late too. Was nice seeing you again:)

Compulsory car photo. Pity that the lashes were positioned weirdly and hence I look like I have black eyeshadow at a wrong spot.

There, better!

Proud to say that I now have an extra sticker to be added to my collection. πŸ™‚